Sunday, 8 May 2011

A letter to my mum

Dear Mama,

There is something special about you. Something very special that I fail to put into perfect words.
It was a very fortunate day when I first saw you beaming at me. I was crying and wailing when you picked me, a bundle of wrinkly and pink little thing. My existence was tiny and fragile but it meant the world to you. I remember that there was warmth and promise in your eyes that our relation would last beyond our lifetime.

The day you brought me into this world, the day I saw you, I knew you would always be by my side; sometimes scolding me, sometimes laughing with me, sometimes sharing my pain and tears. I have run into your arms in moments of weakness and come out with renewed strength. As a daughter I have disappointed you many a times, you have, however, never lost hope in me and always guided me through thick and thin.
It puts a smile on my face when I recall the many times I have put my head in your lap and looked up at your serene face and felt that my world is here, with you, in your warm and nourishing love.

 It was only the other day when my hair semi wet were rolled in an untidy chignon and mama you came with a brush in your hands and that annoyed look on your face. Like always you told me how lazy I have become and started brushing through my hair. I have read somewhere that having someone to brush through your hair is one of the pleasures of life and rightly so!

Though a grown up now, I still come to you when I m troubled and lost and without any shame, I shed my tears; you take them away from me.  Every time you lift your hands for prayer, I know you pray the best for me. I cannot imagine to have been through life so far without your wisdom and your caring heart.

For all the times that I have let you down, that I have not listened to you, that I have not been a good daughter; I want to apologize. Regardless of my short comings, you have always come to save the day. This piece of writing is only a small token of my love, nothing compared to your abundance of love that you shower on your children equally.  Mum, you are the best!

lazy mubi :)


Omri said...

: ) Lovely....

Mubi said...

sir, you read it :D thanks!
the only person who hasnt really read this is mum ehehehe

[[[ x Smiley x ]]] said...

This is so beautiful :)
My mum still combs my hair. I just cant do it the way she does.
You should print this out and send it to her.

PS: Hope you're well! Im not even gonna try to work out how long its been :D

Mubi said...

smileyy!!! i thought i have lost all my old blogger friends :/ and there you are...yes, its been loooonnggg!

thanks for your beautiful comments..i shall print this out and give it to her.. :)

khanumsays said...

Nice :)

MsDemented said...

That letter said everything that i would ever say to my mom too.. Good work ..Aneesa


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