Wednesday, 8 December 2010

i was regrets !

Another Islamic year 1432 has started and another year is coming to an end. Soon it will be 2011. Its a shame when I look back and see how few posts I managed in 2010. As I turn back the pages of 2010's diary, I feel how inadequate my reading has been. I turn red to see my long bookmarks and hardly finished to dos. And the list of unaccomplished tasks stares back at me...

The winter breeze turns some more pages back to chapters engraved on my heart. Pages I want to remember but I don't want to recall. Life is such. You try avoiding regrets but they keep coming your way. You protect yourself and your loved ones from happenings not desired and yet they never stop the chase. You prefer to leave some pages of life's book, empty and spotless but somehow, things go out of control. Somehow you lose your balance on the tightrope of life and fall. Lying down, back aching and heart hurting, you still feel yourself breathing. You are still alive, surviving even after the fall. Life is such.

Resolutions forgotten, promises broken, new relations born and faded out, old relations lying on the shelf like a cracked vase, dust covered stories some hidden and some not; all sit with you, contemplating the invisible wings of time. Memories, the ones you want to hold onto and the ones you want to forget, all take the shape of glass menagerie, delicate and sacred. One careless move and it will shatter.

When 2010 started and how time and faith drifted me off to different directions I cannot imagine to be true...I was only hoping for a regret free year...another day, another sunrise, another beginning. its time to unwrap another year and let life unfold itself.


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