Saturday, 27 November 2010

kia likhon, koun parhay ga?

For quite some time, I chose to indulge in a quick session of hibernation. Though I am out in the open now, for next winters I am going to plan another better, longer, and a completely isolated hide out. Unfortunately, no matter how far I take myself from the humdrum of life and especially from the never changing mess of Pakistani politics and problems (PPP), still some shouts and a spray of dirty politics and inefficiency of our leaders finds its way to my ears. Sometimes its corruption cases, other days’ highlights revolve around blasphemous people haunting our pious state, gas shortage is the chart toppers. Our noble caretakers even gave some ‘in your face’ and ‘how dare you…’stuff to the mighty Transparency International. WOW. Then there is the story of a grand and auspicious inauguration of a magnificent power plant with an entire band of politicians clapping and ribbon cutting running on the TV screens. Sometimes I feel I m living in a fairy tale. *dumbfound sigh*
In such circumstances, hibernation is a totally bad idea. I had to come out and find a positive angel to all of this and I did too. At least, the quicksand we are stuck in is never going to let us run out of topics/ issues/ problems to write and complain about before we take one last breathe and then totally succumb to the fragrance and pleasure and depths of it. Voila! What a wonderful life!

I thoroughly scanned through the newspaper and like a kid in a candy shop, nose pressed against the glass counter; I just couldn’t decide what should be scrutinized in my next essay. It was a tough one. Apart from just regular news of our politicians’ shenanigans, there is a collection of conspiracy theories by media and political analysts. Then there are those who are against them and have their own versions of theories. So the war Pakistan is fighting, is it our war or not? Or are drones just a way of showing America’s affection towards us? Does Pakistan really have a unique geographical importance that has made the superpowers plan their wars for? Or is it another attempt at a bogus theory?
While our incompetent and mysterious MEN’s cricket team is busy colouring their toenails, I m content that at least our FEMALE cricket team managed to win some competition and even our hockey team made it to the finals.
There is also a royal wedding around the corner. Ah the lavish lifestyles of Prince Williams and Kate Middleton. Oh wait, they are British and royal. We have to bear with the weirdly thick eyebrow-ed Bilawal, the apple of whose eyes. I think we should also have a public holiday when he gets married in Lal masjid, our equivalent   of Westminster Abbey…right?
Will I ever stop complaining? Oh I just spotted Mr President!  There is some gunk on your hands….err… uh oh! He’s coming this way!

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Ubaid said...

kyun nahi likhti tum :(
mai perhoun gaa naaa

Amna K said...

Not sure about PPP - Pakistani Politics and Problems... But you keep writing woman!

Sami Mughal said...

mainay thora sa perha hai :P

Mubi said...

ubaid, hehe i know u always do ! tx

amna, you keep reading ;)

sami, i feel honoured when you come on my blog! seriously ! :D thora bhi chalay ga :p


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