Sunday, 15 August 2010

lemons, clouds, ya ya

I think my reflections on life now and then are an extension of my once upon a time series of 'life and life backwards'. life gives you lemons and you have got to make some drink out of it and then dont throw away the squeezed lemon skin. you can even make use of that by grinding it into powder form and then mix it with a couple of other ingredients to use it as a face pack. voila !

However, i m not here to give away beauty tips for natural glowing face ( though i m saving the used lemon skins). there are more examples of optimistic approach to life phrases. for example there is 'every cloud has a silver lining'. life has a lot of lemons to roll your way. I have accepted it but its hard for me to come to terms with it. every time i m confronted with a situation that demands me to make lemonades or look for the silver lining in the clouds above, i just let the lemons roll away and the clouds sail away to some other destination.

It is usually after the lemons are gone and the clouds are far away that i realise there goes another chance for me to do something.

Doing the best with what life gives you is the key. the key is to keep living. the key is to never stop or lose hope. it is an indication that life holds many surprises for you. maybe that there are still many chances and opportunities to benefit from. Provided that you keep on your emotions intact and brain in use and most importantly use the lemons before they go rotten. if they do, toss them back !  or even better...


Sami Mughal said...

i like the cat.

can i let you have it?

Sami Mughal said...

also... there are limits to lemonades and silver linings don't you think. Certain situations just don't have any positives...

Mubi said...

EXACTLY! i know! there are so many situations where there isnt any room for positives!! but then i m trying hard to be an optimistic person :/

and the cat is mine!

Ubaid said...

It is usually after the lemons are gone and the clouds are far away that i realise there goes another chance for me to do something.

I join the club :D

Zeeshan Sattar said...

very inspirational .....and yes I really like the shoes of your cat

Calm Cool said...

what if life gives you lemonades with a real sour taste and you have to separate a few good taste drops of lemon from it? :S

shinday_ said...

gawd this post is oozing with optimism =p
reminds me of good ol' me but too bad I ran out of lemons ;)
still it was a good read .. well said & I do agree with most of what you've said :)

p.s. can I borrow some of your lemons please? =p

Mubi said...

ubaid, zee, thanks for liking post and the cat shoes respectively :p

calm, hmmm maybe..then when the sour is what the kitty is doing :D :p

shinday..hahaha i have tried to be optimist though i m not !! glad u agree gives me motivation hehe :p

shinday_ said...

oh great, i'm glad to be of any service =p
so can I have some lemons please? =D


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