Friday, 4 June 2010

pre graduate and post graduate conversations

pre graduation

mubi: when will i graduate???? such long years of torturous studies

mubi: it be only be celebrations once my research report finishes *day dreaming*

post graduation ( it means after graduation not post graduation as in post grad/masters blah)

mubi: NOW what? :/

mona: (comes online and cheers) congrats!!!

mubi: for what? -_-

mona: you have graduated

mubi: so? i dont feel any different *yawns*

mona: :@(angry) feel educated!! feel smarter !!

mubi: ha ha ha sometimes married women think differently :p

p.s i owe a thanks to mona for helping me enable my emoticons on msn! *phew* what a relief

but the question what -_-

moral: married women dont necessarily have the solutions


Nadia said...

Boht, boht mubarak ho, Mubi!

Now, take a little break, then enroll yourself in a Masters program.

Americanising Desi said...

hey congos :D

and I agree with Nadia - take a break and breatheeeeeeeeeee

Sami Mughal said...

mubarkain... married women may not have the answers... but it may jus be you who fails to feel smarter :P

Sami Mughal said...

btw weren't you part time working in journalism ?

Calm Cool said...

happy graduation :)

Mubi said...

thank youuuu nadia !! ji i am now going to prepare for the next degree

desi, hehe thanks :D

sami, lol i know :/ and yes coz my degree is in journalism and i write on and off from papers but havnt done it since last year :/

calm cool !! girls thanks a lot :D

Mubi said...

*since last year correction..hvnt written anything for newspapers since 2010 came :p

Anonymous said...

Married women know EVAAAREE THAAANG. True story.


Mubi said...

mrs specs (ahem) hahaha at least my post made you comment here :D

lost in rome said...

lol get mona to read this


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