Thursday, 24 June 2010

The Love Post

On a summer morning, when temperatures' indicating its aggressiveness for the day ahead; I sit thinking about a way to invigorate myself. Though petty a boost to one's ego through 'i love' list isnt the cruelest or selfish thing in the world. Thus i begin my tale in all modest intention . Pardon me if this is a repetition of any previous post. I need to cheer myself through weird ways. I don't have a self talking mirror or else I could be found in conversation with a please me mirror ( little birdy told me that zardari has that kind of a mirror, he stole it from snow white's step mother)

Back to me and myself post that I m a bit ashamed of but if you have come this far reading my blabbing, a few more words wont hurt your eyes :D

I love to buy stationery. The moment I step into a stationery shop, the long lost soul of a kid pops up from inside me and I drool over all kinds of nicely packed and displayed sets of highlighters, pens, post it notes, cards, files, decoration accessories, gift wraps, books. On my trip to England, I window shopped at all the stationery shops in the mall. Quite a fulfilling experience!

I love roller coaster rides. The thrill, the butterfly in the tummy, the excitement it arouses is like the kind of feeling love at first sight brings. Whether my analogy makes any sense is up to my patient readers ( and i see them running away from my blog)

Baking...somehow or the other makes me happy. I have tried it. Whenever I feel out of body and mind and soul, one shot at baking cookies or a simple cake sets things right. This fathers' day I baked cookies for my father, since he likes them right out of the oven. Too bad I forgot to take a picture of my cookies and their presentation; nicely displayed on a white and red flowered cloth in a cane basket with hand made tiny roses ribbons :D

Unsophisticated and lack of manners it may seem but I stare at random people sometimes.Period.

I have a collection of swing photographs for reasons unknown (currently my desktop) and I love collecting more of them. Maybe subconsciously its linked with my desire of going back to my lively childhood :/

I love grocery shopping. Though the idea of malls and super marts here in Pakistan is only a recent fashion, my interest in this sort of a domestic activity goes back to the time of my childhood, when I was made to sit in the shopping cart's red/blue/green fold-able flap :D cruising from one aisle to another in the cart was quite a romance for me at 5 :p

Last but not the least, I LOVE and crave for my mother running her fingers across my, sadly dry and unkempt hair. Its a heavenly feeling. Whenever I catch her on phone, busy in a conversation, I leave all my work and rest my head on her lap and get the VIP treatment until she glares at me with the look saying *i think its enough* :p


Nikki. said...

Ok so I can really, I swear upon Allah I can relate to almost all the stuff in your post.... though not the roller coaster thingy coz when I was little it kind of frightened me, but than NOW I think I should have tried it more often. I have only sat in a REAL coaster twice =/ shameful isnt it :P
High Five at Grocery Shopping (that makes us real women from inside ;) ) and *rolls eyes* I too stare at random people to the point they make me realize that Madam thats enough now get back to ur shopping :P
and the VIP treatment is always a treat :D I also love giving random kisses to my Mom and sister :D Its soooooooooo sweet, aint it?? ;)

Mubi said...

hehe nikki even if you didnt swear, i would still have believed you :p

roller coasters are YUMMM :p

aww i know these relations are adorable :)

Amna K said...

ahahah! You stare at random people! That's just plain hilarious! :-D

Americanising Desi said...

whaooo i do that staring but unconsciously it happens - that is why most of the time i have my head in the clouds ;)

Mubi said...

amna, ahem :p ya not for others i guess :p

desi, hehehe that point is so valid :D head in the clouds :D thanksss for dropping byy!!!

Ubaid said...

template change template change :DDD

and I thought this post was supposed to be lovy dovy per fit thee :p

lost in rome said...

ma sister n u r so alike when it comes to stationary shopping!!!

iv never got a roller coaster so far but im pretty damn sure id love it too!!!

thanks for reminding me to get all the baking ingredients i hav run out off n then bake somethinng

oh i stare at "specific" ppl.. lol.. so nw u kno what i did most of the day kal!!

Anonymous said...

OMG, I do the same! UK is heaven when it comes to stationery AND baking... please doubara England ana tou mujhey batana- we'll go out sniffing stationery... I know some good places.

OMG, that sounds perverted, hahaha!!!

I don't like grocery shopping, tho :-(

Mubi said...

hahaha rohma !! i know what u were ogling at ! tch tch i taught u better didnt i :p

specy! i agree! and hmm mujhay shak tha u are in UK :( haan :D haan sure i would love to stay in touch with another stationery sniffer :D


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