Monday, 14 June 2010

I glare at me

I stand and watch myself in the mirror. Stiff eyed I glare back at the image in front of me. Nothing happens. No words jump out of the top of my head covered with black brown unkempt hair. The air is empty, no words float above my head, darting around to grab my attention. I stand and stare back at myself for a while and then dropping all hope turn around and walk away.

I came to my dellu (my laptop's name, weird and cheesy ya but whatever we are talking about the block) and started googling stuff about writers' block merely out of boredom and a feeling of helplessness of looking at thousands of words everyday in books and papers but not being able to produce something on my own.

Google is like Vicki, remember the little girl robot from Small Wonder? I dont know the connection but its like today's vicki in a way. Something on your mind go google it, even if its your writers' block, go and ask google aka vicki. Pardon me if I dont seem to be making sense or else I pardon you for not being able to keep up with my blabbing.

I think it has answers to my temporary but seems like never ending writing problem now when i have all the time in the world to go on scribbling! Today I spent a good whole hour trying to write a letter to the editor and it was hardly 50 words or so. This is a nightmare. As for google, it has some tips which I have bookmarked with a strong resolution of going back to them. Hopefully...

I go back to my reflection and stare in hopes of peeking into my brain and see what is left of it...

i dont look THIS bad though!


Nikki. said...

hahahahah this DOES happen to everyone on this planet earth :P wonder if this is the same thing that happens to kids whilst giving papers, they get WRITER'S BLOCK :P
so here we have a new excuse for kids who fail to answer their questions :P

Ubaid said...

Finally SOME people UPDATE ;)

Mubi said...

nikki, thanks for dropping by and thats a good excuse :p

ubaid, hehehe kis ki baat ker rahay ho :p

Anonymous said...

I always have writer's block. I have writer's unblock with the frequency people have writer's block. :-(

lost in rome said...

oh i loved that sitcom "small wonder"wonder abb kyun nai atta


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