Monday, 19 April 2010

i know no name

the heart break has just begun
only a piece fell off
it broke and fell
i saw it going, down and down
getting smaller and insignificant
as it made its way to gravity

i fancied mine unbreakable
a dream i say
i never woke up from
until i heard the sound of a crack
tickling its way up

i thought myself a phoenix
rising up from the ashes
of my own ruins
what a fool i was

i m but a soul
trapped in my own
my pain an awful cry
bleeding a river flow
i hear a distant melody
its phoenix and her moaning

its just my human heart
bleeding and breaking
drop by drop
piece by piece
into nothingness

the bird of my dream
doesnt know that
the heart break has just begun.
it flies away on its wings
made of ash and smoke.
alluring me to come
mine are only little wings
and a million feathers
too light for the winds


Ubaid said...

Felt it....

loved it.... Especially the way you handled the phoenix!

Zeeshan Sattar said...

I hope everything is alright but your poetry is contradicting with my hope :)

Your little wings are not too light for the winds whenever we are in pain and get hurt, we forget our strengths and feel like most weakest but this feeling only stay for a while..........................

Cheers girl :)

Nadia said...

It's beautiful, Mubi! (hope everything's okay though)

Mubi said...

thank u ubaid, zee and nadia :) and ya everything's fine :$ ups and downs of life...i dono...but alhamdolilah alls fine

Marinela Reka said...

I like the way you write, really beautiful :)
Short Poems

Mubi said...

thank you marinela :) keep visiting and i hope to write real soon *embarassed*


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