Thursday, 28 January 2010

i m but inhuman

The pair of eyes looked at me through the wires running parallel to each other. I could tell they were intense, in a way observant of me and my movements. The tiny beady eyes remained static, motionless for a while. No matter how many languages I learn in the world i would never to be able to comprehend theirs. This came as an afterthought while I just stood there in front of them. There was a barrier between us, something that i could reach out to and break. Humans can be indifferent at times and i preferred being that. A skill that i had mastered unknowingly as the world around me grew into a hostile place, where only war became the answer to end another war.

The sun and the clouds above met our eyes. Everything was in place. The yellow hanging in the blue and the white carefully sailing past the yellow and in the process giving birth to my shadow. My kneaded eyebrows relaxed for some time. I felt every muscle in my body shiver. The sun's mild warmth had pulled me into a state of listening to a lullaby and fall prey to a deep sleep. I felt my jaw tightened as i made a failed attempt to curve my lips into a smile. A faint smile of pity and sympathy of a man who knows that he is the oppressor but it is fine because its for the good of the world. As this thought crossed my mind, i felt part of the bigger picture, content for my actions. Not wasting a single moment, I took a 180 degrees turn on my toes like a belle dancer, my back towards the expectant pair of dark, beady eyes and walked the walk of a carefree person in the world.

As the distance between me and the beady eyes increased, I grew smaller and insignificant for the life behind the wires. Beady eyes remained perched on the horizontal rusted rod in the middle of the cage. A free bird landed its flight nearby on the lawn swing and spoke a language I would never know.


Zeeshan Sattar said...


Zeeshan Sattar said...

actually didnt find correct words to comment here,

Mubi said...

oh why? is it not written correctly? maybe you couldnt relate to the thoughts in my mind?

Ghufran Ali Quresh said...

ہی ہی ہی

تو آج آپ نے جیو اور مرنے دو کا اصول سیکھ ہی لیا۔۔۔

دنیا سے ساری براءی تو ختم کر نہیں سکتے، اگر زیادہ برا لگے تو ٓانکھیں پھیر لینے کا اختیار بہرحال ہمارے پاس موجود ہے۔۔۔

ہم کمزور اور کھوکھلے انسانوں کے قبیلے میں خوش ٓامدید۔۔۔

ShutterRhythms said...
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lost in rome said...

nice.... first i thought u were looking at some lizard or other creepy crawly but thn it turned out to be thrid person...luved that part wen u say .. tried to smile the smile of an oppersor working for some grater good.. but i have to disagree its the caged person who gets insignificant for the oppressoe n not the oother way round


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