Saturday, 15 August 2009

between the wish and the life lies waiting

i have been waiting. i dont like waiting but i have realised that is all we do our entire lives. just look at the oft recited phrase "umeed per duniya qaim hai" "hope keeps us going" indirectly its suggesting that we 'wait'.
we wait for so many things. as Pakistanis we wait 10 to 12 hours daily for this one thing: Bijli, angerzi mai bolay tu 'electricity'

my friend calls and says: whats happening
me says: umm waiting...
my friend says: my waiting just got over, lights back yay
me says: no no i was waiting for the washroom to get vacant :P

so yes, its all about waiting
we wait for electricity to COME and sometimes for it to go.

pop says: what are you doing mubi
me says: pa, waiting...
pop says: but the light is coming, what are you waiting for
me says: pa!! i m waiting for the light to go..
pop says: but why would anyone wait for it to go? we are supposed to wait for it to come to continue our electricity related chores/work etc etc
me says: no pa, ab zamana badal gaya hai :p the world is changing now :p actually i have to ring my friend, so i will call her when the light's out, best way of shedding an hour of load shedding!! :D :D

apart from all this
we wait in a queue
we wait for our turn in an interview
we wait for our favourite program
we wait for our new clothes that the tailor never stitches on time
we wait for a table to get vacant in a restaurant and then we wait for the order that we placed, we also wait for the delivery boy who happens to be lost though hes been to our place like only yesterday?
we wait for our o levels result, a levels, college results and so many other results
we wait for the new movie to release
we wait for some spicy gossip about our exes from our so and so friends
we wait to be logged onto facebook, even though the time span is a few seconds
we wait for the restoration of peace
we wait for the baby to come in the world
we wait for the leaders to change
we wait for our monthly salary/ stipend
we wait for the rain, its raining right now, the wait is over :D
'haan' ya 'naa' honay ka wait, then the girl/guy is engaged, phir shaddi ka wait.
chuti honay ka wait
weekend anay ka wait though we know exactly how many days and hours will it take to be a weekend but we go like this

friend: i thought you planned that...
other friend: i have! but i am waiting..
friend: for what?
other friend: the weekend!!!

we are always waiting. waiting for the right time to confess our love to someone, or to give an equally 'rude' reply to get even with someone.

in fact, the idiom, 'strike while the iron is hot' refers exactly to the 'waiting' bonus we get in life.

lately i was also waiting.i dont know for what but i was waiting. my friends asked why arnt you blogging these days. i didnt know. but i think i was waiting for the right time. hmm

sometimes, the waiting for something takes an entire lifetime. we wait and wait and wait for that one thing to happen to us but miss out on the little happy moments of life. sometimes we just go through life 'waiting' for something to happen instead of making it happen.

so basically, waiting is the transitory phase we all have to go through to reach our dreams, our wishes, our destinations. the waiting phase, however, is not void of thorns and ugly hindrances. getting through it, is like surviving through a war; losing a limb or two in the end.

i never thought waiting could do this to us !!


Sami Mughal said...

i don like waitin either.. in fact if i hav to wait for somethin i loose interest and move on...

i dont mind waitin if it is good enough.. but if it is habitual s2pid waitin i m all for moving on!

or makin things happen in my own way!

lost in rome said...

it reminds me of waiting for godot oh n davies too frm the caretaker... err but what ws he waiting for

oh i have stopped waiting for smth to happen..jus told u abiut it...kismat ma hogi tuo bas warna....

mania said...

send ups
to end.

m.h.a said...

I dunno i thought of a very cheeky comment but as the post progressed it made me think. Dont you think sometimes its the waiting thing thats worth paying for? Like when you get to the point you've been waitin for you realise ohk maybe its not that good. I dunno i've felt this at some points of my life, and felt otherwise at other points. But waiting isn't necessarily bad. One advantage is that when you're waitin for something, you unknowingly get lots of other stuff done. Like talk to your friends. So waitin is ok.

Ubaid said...

buhahahahahahha.... LOVED THE POST!!

and woh end wali aunty aap ho naah ;) .... ghar waloun ko kaho, key kuch khanay peenay key liye dain aap ko :p

haaan i waited for my result like crazily... per shukar hai pass ho gaya, although umeedain nahi thein :p

and oh yeah am waiting for light to go as well... per stupid light kal sey gayee hi nahi, ab pareshani ho rahi hai when it'll go....


and oh yeah i replied to your comment .... i know you didn't waited for my reply per phir bhi i replied to your comment ;) and now am waiting for your reply :d

hayeeee intizzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrr intizaaaaaaaaaarrrr, mayriii subhouunnn koo tayrii shamounn kaa... mayri shammoounnn ko tayri subhounnn ka intizzzzaaaaaaarrrrr bus hai intizar

wait! waiting! waited!! and oh yeah the circle starts again :D

Zeeshan Sattar said...

Hahaha superb post...

Anonymous said...

Waiting is good if you use that time in doing something useful or productive, or fun :)

WarmSunshine said...

hey mubi... that was pretty random... me loved it! yea waiting can be fun or equally irritating... depends on us entirely, han? :)

Tazeen said...

waiting is soooo painful, its not even funny

Azra said...

I loved this's so true. We wait and wait and wait and we spend our lives waiting...

Most of the time we're waiting for something better, a light at the end of the tunnel, or for greener pastures, or better times. In the meantime, Life is what happens while you're making other plans...and while you're waiting.

Americanising Desi said...

waitin is a drag and yet people forget wht it feels like when u keep some1 waitin!

i have learnt to move on..
just that my thoughts think otherwise!

Mubi said...

Ubee, Zee, Sunshine, Azra thank you for liking the post :D
and ubee, ji nai thats not me :p Allah na keray coz i hate waiting too :(

sami, how you do make things happen? i tend to sink more into the depression of waiting :/

lost, oh ya..the cruel plays! lol ur waiting is in the least painful dont worry too much about it :p

mania, hehehe i hope you do well in them!

mha, hm maybe u are right...but i cant seem to survive through it :/

purple, i lack that art :s but i did write this silly post i guess it can be counted as fun :p

tazeen totally agree, it hurts!

desi, 'just my thoughts think otherwise' exactly! we learn to move on but we keep looking back! and thats a lot of 'ouch'

Sami Mughal said...

i just stop caring!

Mubi said...

and i bet thats not as easy as saying it is!

Sami Mughal said...

takes some trainin i suppos.. n lotta hurt is involved...

Ubaid said...

ufff mayray itnay lambay reply ka kitna chota sa jawab diya hai :p

Mubi said...

ubee, i like summarizing things :p


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