Tuesday, 16 June 2009

the mystery house

Back in the 19th century California, there lived a psychic rifle heiress, Sarah Winchester, who built a house continuously for 38 years to keep the spirits of the dead happy. watch the link. i would definitely want to visit this place !

something i googled: Winchester inherited more than $20.5 million upon her husband's death. She also received nearly 50 percent ownership of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, giving her an income of roughly $1,000 per day, none of which was taxable until 1913. This amount is roughly equivalent to $21,000 a day in 2008. WOW !


Anonymous said...

I don't get the National Savings website in this context... does it mean we now have to leave Defense Saving Certificates instead of comments?

Anonymous said...

oops/ ^that is what I get for making the windows teeny tiny so no one standing behind me can see what I'm doing... LOOOL

Wrong comment at the wrong site.

Anyways, What i wanted to say was...

I'm jealous of that dead rich woman.

Anonymous said...

i knew nothing about sarah winchester; winchester rifles are some of the best though, no doubt bout that ! I wish i could buy one ! :P

and you were proly at the work-place while you were having your windows teeny tiny ??! :D

uglyduckling91 said...

I'm creepy. =D

Mubi said...

specs, i dont like this :(

specs, i like this :p

cavaliere, then the spirits wud haunt you :p

AD said...

you spook me pretty woman :|

Mubi said...

aww seher am i ? :p i would love to visit ths house..wont u?

Anonymous said...

cavaliere84, but of COURSE! *scoff* ;-)

Anonymous said...

@ misspecs
you scoff at me ?!


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