Friday, 12 June 2009

first day at work

i talked to the guards outside and they gave me a fancy little OLD overused card that i had to touch it to the oooooooooohhhhhhhhh device and the tada the door opens!!!! ooooooohhhh
the guard took me to a wrong office of a tall and beautiful lady, where the plate said "marketing and planning". she saw me i saw her and we both were like 'eerrrr'. then i told her what i am here for. so the only female person in the building took me to a door, pointed towards it and then made her way forward. for a second i was lost and i was like ''err this door?'' she turned slightly, kept walking at the same time and with her lovely smile said ''yes''.
i stood there disappointed thinking thats the end of the journey for me and the beautiful lady?
the door awaits to be opened. i open it and then follows the conversation

me: er AOA, is so and so here?

he: no hes not

me: err but he told me come here at 1 pm

he: but hes not here

me: then where is he...

he: hes in karachi for a month now

me totally baffled but hid my expression: umm thats weird coz i talked to him only yesterday

he seriously stares at me for a while

i stare back

he chuckled and said: come in come in, i m so and so

me baffled again and then haha hehehe haha i go (exaggerated)

first day of internships are boring. at least it was for me. it involved a lot of waiting for the reporter guy who i was supposed to work with. thus i just sat and sat and read and read all the newspapers they had. the so and so monitering cum funny guy tried keeping up a conversation and we got along well. but me being me didnt say much since he kept telling me that a little more wait and the reporter will be here in no time and so will be the other interns. he tried giving me a good company until he started smoking. then came another reporter. he hurried towards his desk and typing away he went with a cigarette in one hand. that made it two people smoking.
i was afraid i would get cramps by just sitting there forever. to move a muscle or two i turned a bit and inspected the room. i noticed one really really old guy sitting at the end of the L shaped room with huge thick glasses with really weak eyesight doing what? engrossed in reading something and..... yes smoking. so that made it three men smoking and the fourth a passive smoker, that would be me.
when i was done reading papers, counting the number of people in the room, counting the montiers in the room, i was left with one more task - counting the ACs, three they were, SABRO but quite old. i was amazed they were still working. oh and there was one tv as well. which was turned on later when we heard about a blast in Garhi Shahu a busy residential and commerical area.

finally the reporter whom i was waiting for arrived and i was handed over to the non smoker reporter. we chatted a bit after which i said ''okkaaay that means i am at the wrong place'' and he said maybe, its upto you. i was so bored that i felt no way am i going to do this internship. while i was still thinking of running away from the ancient, cobweb ridden room that the senior reporter cum monitering cum funny guy called me to meet their resident editor. i excused the non smoker reporter and rushed to another office. my legs were stuck from sitting in two chairs one after the other. i really wanted to get out of the room. more than pleased i walked to the resident editor's office where he was SMOKING bingo! and watching the recent blast news. i had a little chit chat with the editor and by the end of our conversation cum interview cum i dont know what he gave me an assignment to work on with the deadline for this tuesday. and i said ''hmm thats more than enough time'' mental note mubi try to keep your mouth shut! so i put myself into handing over my report by tuesday when i know i am the lazinest person on this planet for the time being.

it was finally chutiiii time wohoo, yay! home sweet home here i come. so i exchanged 'cyas' with the reporters and editor and rushed out the building but only after i scanned the entry card on the security screen. the end of my first at work. oh and ya the two other interns didnt turn up who happen to be some girls from the same college i go to.

this is the card i got and something funny caught my attention :p

did u notice? ;)


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

yup I
how creative we're:P
*detailed comment coming up later..gota rush for now*

Zeeshan Sattar said...

@Card... hahahaha

By the way where u have gone for internship....I am impressed by the creativity of visitor card

Ubaid said...

lol, oye where you doing internship me looking for one too :p

khair, should i expect you to smoke as well ;)

DPhatsez said...

nice card ;)

First day of work..such a long time ago..i feel old!

Anonymous said...

Besta luck for the assignment! :) Tell us about it when it is completed.

AD said...

whaooo.. y did you have to make me feel like an oldie :)

Mubi said...

shinday, hmmm :p be bk soon :P

zee, hehehe i think its more to do with the over usage of the card than creativity :p

ubaid, nai yahan per achay log kaam kertay hain :p i dont think newspaper is your interest for an internship...

Dphatz, yes u are old :p lol (j/k)

saadil, tx. to begin with i havent even started..m a lazy bone

seher, :( aw, did i? how

Mubi said...

@ shinday...its you illusion? :p hehehe ok

Anonymous said...

My, what an interestingly exciting day you had! Hope it doesn't get more exciting than this :)

lol @ the card. Some people are just so creative.

Anonymous said...

yup that be me;)

Anonymous said...

my first day was a miserable thing at the academy...and it feels like it was a loooooooooooong time make me feel old ...
nyway..good luck with your assignment ! :)

m.h.a said...

Oye where you workin mubi baji? What company? The card is nice though any idea if the cheeky creativity was aimed at the current user of the card? :p :p..anyways, you know people who hate something get caught up in the middle of it, like you've been caught up in a company full of smokers, but guess wat, i'm goin to a tobacco company too inshaALLAH so we can discuss and relate our experiences, :p, only yours will be more hands on...mubi baji mubi baji...cute mubi baji..

P.s. I miss mark

Anonymous said...

nuthin to miss

boy am here ! ..mubi baji DAWN ke daftar mein kaan kar rahi hain ! .. aiween zayada hi efficiency mar rahi hain ! ..marney doo !

m.h.a ... tobacco company mein kyun

aur waqai hi mein mubi baji bohat cute hain ... itni pyari hain :P :P

Mubi said...

shinday, detailed comment? when? ;p

cavaliere, aww you are old face it :p lol, no no i dont want anyone to feel old...

mha, i think i will tell them to go smoke in a smoking room or smth :p i dont wana be addicted :p
and hey whats with the baji thing uncle? i mean only little girls call me that and m sure u are a big girl now :p

ami, out of are not allowed on my blog..and hey m ur granny not baji :p show me some respect lady

Mubi said...

purple, ahem ya me too..i cant take so much excitement in a day anymore :p

lost in rome said...

lol at the card i wonder what word it wud hav been.. assistance..anyways u still going there...feature ka kya bana

p.s my word veri is

m.h.a said...

Mubi baji ap pyari hain to apko mubi baji kehte hain na

and amina i got an internship in pakistan tobacco company, want anything? I can smuggle some smokes if you want

p.s. Mubi baji kitni cute hain
p.p.s. I'm danton

Mubi said...

lost, we talked and u know where my feature stands :p

mha, aw that means u are still a little girl...awwww

and my word veri is: angspopi :D :D

uglyduckling91 said...


Hahaha! You get to meet beautiful ladies. =(

Kitni dair kaam karti hain?

TehBoogieMonsterMan ^_____^ said...

Mubi Bajaaaay!
I got an internship too =D
The desk-work is freakin' boring. I felt like I would die if I stayed another hour =D
But the running around part is fun, although it gets really hot outside =/

Congrats on the job! Hope you enjoy it and gain good experience =)

Anonymous said...

mubi baji ?! oh ... ! you ve a fan club, wow !

Mubi said...

beaugly, ya my luck :p

boogie, lol thanks..and good u got one too :p

cavaliere, hehehe no its no club :p


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