Sunday, 31 May 2009

some conversations...many upon a time

on a hot summer day when standing in the kitchen is unbearable let alone cooking...

Pa: aj khanay mai kia hai? whats for lunch today?

Ma: mattar gohst. mutton and peas

Pa: aur jis nay gosht nai khana woh kia khaaye? and who doesnt want to eat mutton?

Ma: woh mattar khaaye. they can have peas

Me: aur jis nay mattar nai khanay woh? and those who dont want to have peas?

Ma: woh apna sar khaaye! they can have their brain!


me (in a nostalgic tone): i so want to go back to my alevels days...

brother: start being dumb again

me: what? that was the only time when i wasnt!


me: salam, A say baat kerni thi...

A's bro: ya sure, hold a sec

me waiting for many seconds while theres a lot of screaming and shouting on the other line. finally A comes on the line

me: eerr hallo?

A : (shouts) dont wana talk to anyone right now, BYE!

hangs up the line

me: okaay....bye.....whatever! hmpf!


mubi: how could this be? can life ever be fair? hmpf!

Ma: why what happened?

mubi: its only 10: 55 am !!

Ma:( trying to be funny) hmm now thats tragic! tch tch! aisa roz roz nahi hona chahiyay

mubi: m not joking! can you believe it? they cant even be a little punctual !

Ma: (sees discomfort and annoyance) eerr are you expecting someone?

mubi: WAS! i was expecting someone but no! its either early or late.hardly ever on time!

Ma: it one of your imaginary friends from the past?

mubi: (looks at ma weirdly) what? NO ! are you sure you are alright?

Ma: i think i should be asking that !

mubi: well in that case no i am not alright. life is so not fair

Ma: yes you just said that...but i want to know more about who came early...

mubi: the light ma, the light! these wapda people will never learn anything about punctuality now, will they? how could they be so careless. if it goes for one hour why is it already back at 10: 55? i dont want any more surprizes hmpf !

and she walks out of the room while Ma gasps in shock and horror at the way WAPDA works...

someone said it so aptly that " All serious conversations gravitate towards philosophy"


AD said...

you have been up to a lot of good ness havent you!

wow i loved it!
lol.. loved the ma and pa cooking conversation :D

OG said...

LOL!! I loved your brother's witty answer about being dumb!! :D

uglyduckling91 said...

LOL! The translation part is funny. xD

Zeeshan Sattar said...


"mubi: its only 10: 55 am !!

Ma:( trying to be funny) hmm now thats tragic! tch tch! aisa roz roz nahi hona chahiyay"
tumbs up for your mom... a very good reply

Mubi said...

AD, an angel that i am LOL :D hehe ya i overheard the conversation and mum was curious of what my 'smug' expression was about :p

OG, hahaha, and i thought my reply was witty :/

beaugly, of all the things u found the translation funny :p come on!

zeee, hehehehehe she takes it from me you see :p

misspecs said...

Ee, that's my problem with matr gosht. :( And that's what my mum says too.

enjoyed this peek into the day to day working of Mubi's life! :-)

TehBoogieMonsterMan ^_____^ said...

Mubi (Baji?)

Mubi said...

specy, actually i hv no problem with them but was kinda teasing mum lol..

boogie, chalo kisi ko tu pata chala mai cute hoon :p wud that be apt if i say 'khoob jamay gi jab mil baithay gain cute do (you n me)' :p

uglyduckling91 said...

NO! I was imagining how that would be like in real life! xD


saadil said...

Did you made A realize about her behavior on phone, later?
She dint know twas your call, I guess? ..

Very indecent on her part, anyways ..

Mubi said...

saadil, ehehe no she knew and thats normal of her :p kinda used to it :D

TehBoogieMonsterMan ^_____^ said...

=D Mubzie! I always found you to be cute!

cavaliere84 said...

Lol ! they seem like excerpts from all in a day's work in reader's digest... :D

Nando_Villa said...

jis ne bhi A aur tumhari convo likhi hai na mubi ..usko ek thapar marna hai maine ... happy slapping

Nando_Villa said...

bass itni himat hai .. aab A jab khud own up ka rrahi hai ..aur tum ko thapar marney ke plan baan rahi hai ( saturday ko lagaye gi ek Inshallah ) .. why dont u comment back ! ...

cutie mubi baji ..bolein na ! ...

BTW ALL ... 'A' is ME


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