Saturday, 9 May 2009

Ma kay naam


but on a serious note this song touches my heart. many have sung this piece of poetry of Shah Hussain but no one sang it better than Hamid Ali bela.


AD said...

finally you showed up!
what took you so long :)

misspecs said...

Hahahaha, so funny!

The first one, i mean, not the second. That reminds me of my sister.

The first one I mean, not the second.

Video, not sister.

I need sleep.


Ubaid said...

loved your post... =) !!

kahan ho yaar aaj kal ??

uglyduckling91 said...

Where are you? =o

Mubi said...

AD, ehehe :D was in a hiding :$

specy, lol. your comment is funnier

Ubee, m here :D tx for the post :)

beaugly!!! aww m here :$ ehehe just away from technology :p

Ubaid said...

which post :s

TehBoogieMonsterMan ^_____^ said...

I thought I left a comment saying I love you Mubi Baji =(

Mubi said...

aww, boogie, now you did :D *hug*


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