Monday, 27 April 2009

this and that


i intend to write more

the summer heat is doing its work

the fingers are slowing down

eyes are heavy with sleep

toy bombs are being sold to children in swat

shoe throwing has lost its charm, another politician was a victim of the missed shoe shot. i hope next time someone picks up his/her shoe, they target properly.

the compact laptop is neat!

there was a turkey on the loose in the neighbourhood. i will soon put up two pictures of the lost and bewildered creature.

there is quite a confusion regarding the thesis topic. how is the theory supporting the research? its nerve racking and i have no intention working towards it...not at least today, tonight, tomorrow or the other morrow.

a woman with neck length boyish hair, clad in a track suit walked past me as i trudged myself towards my block. for a second i couldnt figure out if the person walking past me is a guy or a woman.

the Dunkin Donuts shelves were almost empty today. the desire to treat my taste buds with a boston cream donut increased even more as i felt lazier and slow than before.

a few days back two people saw me in their dreams. the same night even i saw myself in my own dream. thats quite rare. talk about being popular in the dream world eh...

i plan to eat ras malai, falooda and a cheesecake in the coming days.

probably the last 'this and that' of the day. i saw Andrew Symonds on t.v the other day and even right now as i see him bowl (against Pakistan in Dubai) i let out a tiny shriek, almost a whisper "what happened to his beautiful locks?" where did all his hair go :/

to be continued till the day lasts


Ubaid said...

waisey good to see you back :D !!

Anonymous said...

my my... you are lucky to treat ur taste buds, my diet says NO SUGAR!
so imagine the madness!

lost in rome said...

hey good to have you back girl.... really look forward to reading what u got to say babe....feeling

i agree compact is neat.. love mine baki jitna rands ma na dekha hain sub chota chota lagta hain..

oh dont remind me of thesis atlest u know what u r doing.. i dont even hav the slightest idea with a captical i, k karna kya ha..havnt even thought at the topic uggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

oh n aj env society k tutorial attend kiya tha tm na...MOBY I TOUCHED AN ALIVE HUGE GIGANTIC THICK PYTHON!!!!! HOW COOL IS THAT...IT WAS SO SOFT N SLIMY N COOL....

Mubi said...

thanks Ubaid :)

desi, not so lucky. they were out of donuts :/

hehe lost, thanks yar. you have no idea how bad my situation is regarding the thesis blah. WOW u touched a python? when, where? why? another exotic trip? :/

lost in rome said...

at our very own COLLEGEEEEEE, there was a snake show kind of thingy...was an env ka tutorial..i missed da entire thingy, went right in the end when the man was struting with that huge python on his shoulders..yar bohat mismanagment thi nobdy frm ma klas turned up , all we knew was k its on tuesday..we had this monday off but we ask our head k call the people again i think this was the most interesting tutorial to date..they showed all kinds of snakes cobras, rattles phtyon....nt many ppl knew k kya ho raha hai

Zeeshan Sattar said...

i plan to eat ras malai, falooda and a cheesecake in the coming days.

It means I just heard a rumor that some blogger called Mubi was trying to do running / jogging to become fit.

DPhatsez said...

so much food mentioned in the post that im HUNGRY! :)

Azra said...

No donuts? Thats a travesty :P Oh please have a slice of cheesecake for me too....

Mubi said...

zee, lol did i ever talk about that? :p

Dphatez, hey thanks for dropping by :D i dont really talk a lot about food on this blog :p

azra, sure why not :p

DuFFeR ڈفرستان ۔ said...

you should have ended it like
اب تک کے لئے اتنا ہی، مزید خبروں کے لئے میرے ساتھ رہئے

Zeeshan Sattar said...

@mubi.... Yeah, as I remember you have made a blog post about it.

Calm Cool said...

NEWS khatam ho gayen , etna chota buletin ? :P

Anonymous said...

whatever Duffer said...

Anonymous said...

I want falooda too! I can't find a good one in Dubai.

Anonymous said...

Symonds had beautiful locks?
What do you think about Nathan Bracken eh?:P


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