Friday, 6 March 2009

we need bad people...

...yes we do. How else would we tell good from bad if there is no bad anymore? How else would we be able to prove the halo above our heads? We definitely need some villains in our lives. We have a sack full of them here. the beloved land of the pure. In films the ugly, loathsome villains get enough retakes and makeup and other stuff to add glamour to their character. In real life villains are ugly, full stop.

One of my favourite villains from the fictional world has been Uriah Heep. Remember the cunning, albino looking, snake like ultimate antagonist of David Copperfield?. His hands are cold and slimy. He wears a clever smile and masks it with a 'umble smile'. His wriggly motions, cold heart and subtle yet treacherous moves towards his enemy make him the famous villain from the literary shelves ever created by Charles Dickens.
Who is your favourite villain from the world of fiction (books/movies) ?

The other day I was watching Spiderman 3 and Eddie who becomes the victim of alien symbiote said the following lines/ dialogues:
I like being bad. It makes me happy

It made me wonder for a few seconds. It is so apt, isn't it? However, how many times do we hear that from our real life villains; the open, straightforward acceptance of how they enjoy their
'villainhood'. Hardly ever I think, take Zardari for example.

The concept of alien symbiote intrigued me a lot when i first watched spiderman 3 ( my brother's a comic books' fan, while i just watch the superhero movies :p) The idea of such a vile alien creature is so aptly applicable and relevant to our current politicians. Either they are the alien symbiote while we are its host for survival. Or maybe they are the victims of the refugee seeker alien. Either way only if loud sound could finish of the bad gays..guys i meant!

Apart from the political villainy and symbiote analogy there is one more thing to shed light on. We also find ourselves ranting about how many people are jealous of us, or complaining about how our friend is such a pest or how people poke their nose in whatever we do. We whine about how someone cheated on us, how someone lied to us, how every time people hunt us for our 'innocent nature' or take advantage of our 'honesty'.

Isn't it strange how no one ever admits that they themselves were the bad guys? Why is the bad guy always someone in the shadows. A scary shadow lurking in the dark. A censored face, always talked about but never seen. Someone we always hear about from the apparently 'good guy'.

If we all are the good guys then where do the hell bad guys come from? who are they? why don't we ever see them? What is there story? Are we the bad guys for the people who we think are the bad guys? And most important of all what would we do without the bad guys in our lives? nothing to rant about?

Moral of the story, totally unrelated. The end narrative from Spiderman :D

" Whatever comes our way, whatever battle we have raging inside us, we always have a choice. My friend Harry taught me that. He chose to be the best of himself. It's the choices that make us who we are, and we can always choose to do what's right. "


Anonymous said...

dont you think we have enough of em around us?
i already wear that halo!

Mubi said...

lol thats exactly my point..where are they? we all chant how good we are, so where are those bad guys :p

uglyduckling91 said...

Is Sherry Rehman a bad girl?

WarmSunshine said...

guess we have a little share in their being bad to us too.. :)

a good thought Mubi :)

take care.

Zeeshan Sattar said...

You made my day by giving example of Zardari........

Zeeshan Sattar said...


Ask Zardari, he may have different opinion :D

lost in rome said...

moby how can u forget voldermort? hes my favourite... uraiah heep reminds me of english lit classes n sir omer..remember we also read papers on dickens... khair totally

if there were no bad guys then there wudnt be any good ones either, we wont kno the difference then. n every good guy isa host to a bad guy parasite, its just that some are extremely bad n some ,mostly the case dont acknowledge their bad selves is liya the blame game.. yin n yang always exist together

m.h.a said...

Actually its the bad people mostly who have to take the cover of halos mostly. In our world, its either that, or people who pretend to have mended their ways. Take all our politicians for example. When in power, they wreak havoc, when out of it, they wear their halos.

Anyways, my favourite villain would probably be Sauron from Lord of the Rings, but he wasn't the deadliest, if you notice, Brutus, mir jaffar, mir sadiq where far more successful in their missions of the evil. While Sauron failed, they didn't. Proving that people who wear halos are far more dangerous than people who're bad out in the open. Enemies from inside your ranks are the deadliest things in the world!

¤Ü•B¤ said...

buhahaha ... am a bad mannn :p ..

hey can i be a villain ??

Mubi said...

beaugly, no shes not coz shes a woman not a girl ahem! :p

sunshine :D thanks and i agree, its like 'taali do haath say bajti hai' btw you have such a lively name, brings a smile every time i read it. keep visiting :)

Zee, hehe m glad i did that :p

lost, um ya voldermort..but he was the usual kind of a villain, no? though to admit it, i think i lost him somewhere :p lol

mha, you are only one to mention your fav fictional villain :) oh ya Sauron. as for Brutus i he was led wrongly by cassius so for me the real villain for Julius Ceasar is Cassius not Brutus..brutus was only the victim, a weapon in the hands of the mastermind..what say?
i agree to the politician part!

U.B, LOL are you kidding me? please dude i have a lot of respect for the villains ;p i mean un kay standard ka tu khiyal kero

uglyduckling91 said...

Oh.. =o
I don't like bad women.
Girls are okay. ;D

¤Ü•B¤ said...

kya matlab ?? can't i be bad ?? =( !!!

Azra said...

I definitely believe in choices. We choose the paths we take...

I think the definition of Bad guys differ from one to the next...for some people its criminals, for others its men in general etc. lol

Mubi said...

i would go for 'men' in general :p

Ghufran Ali Quresh said...

Bad ppl, u mean really bad ppl ... no thanks :P

Bad guys are something i can deal with, but bad men of 30+ age are not some thing to mess with.They are really scary in real life and The price to mess with them is just too high to pay.

Though, less good ppl and more good ppl can also serve as a criterion to tell more good from less good.

Mubi said...

ghufran, lol whats the story with bad guys above 30? :p seems like you have messed up with one of them :p

Ghufran Ali Quresh said...

Mubi: hehe, no personal encounters yet, but still...See, if i have to face some wannabe teenage gangstaa, then its no big deal, as at it is one to one. He wud be as much a guy as i (supposedly) am, 2 hands 2 legs and stuff, u know. ;)

By 30+ i mean, that he is in this dirty business long enough. He will have strong relations with other of his kin , he will not be alone, he will have ppl doing job for him + he can pull some strings and make one's life difficult and depends on how bad the guy is,this fight can spread to one's home and that is the price i was talking abt.

actually when i was little i saw a drama ,ummm...''wapsi'' perhaps it was. may be u know of it, then u can see where i am coming from. Yaah, more recently ghajini pretty much sums it up.

DuFFeR ڈفرستان ۔ said...

my favorite villains are
salman tasir
all ministers
all time favorite
Mush the great


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