Friday, 6 March 2009

silence we shared...

it was while you were sleeping
that i stood by the door
secretly peeking
as the moon
cast its white sheen
on your dreamy face

it was while you were sleeping
that i felt
the softness of your cheeks
the smile on your face
the ruffled hair
messed up in the pillow

it was while you were sleeping
that i whispered in your ear
and something twinkled in my eye
i smiled to myself
i don't know why...

it was while you were sleeping
that a song came along
being played outside
somewhere in the distance
into the dark night

it was while you were sleeping
that i ran out of words
stared out the window
while the moon hung in the sky
i sat there praying
for the night to last long

p.s i have no idea where this came from : /


Anonymous said...

"it was while you were sleeping
that i ran out of words
stared out the window
while the moon hung in the sky
i sat there praying
for the night to last long"

You took me away with those.

m.h.a said...

For someone who says she doesn't understand love, atleast you're taking a step into the realms of love and accessories...congratulations...Lol...though mubi lets be honest isn't this is a little cheesy?

Mubi said...

specy, thanks

mha, lol. i tried keeping it off the cheesy track :p and hey you are telling me i am being cheesy? take a look at ur fb status dude :p

[[[ x Smiley x ]]] said...



this is simply beautiful Mubi.

ps: love ur profile picture =]

¤Ü•B¤ said...

am speechless yaar

i can never right the way u do !!


Anonymous said...

it came from deep within the nurture you hold :)
yes yes!!! it is an ode to being woman :)

Mubi said...

smiley, aw thanks girl!

Ubee, um well ya you cant 'right' the way i 'write' :p

desi,aw thats such a nice way to put it:D

m.h.a said...

Han na to i am all cheesy and btw facebook is separate stuff lol...and i only said i'm in love, i didn't say i'm in love and i cant sleep and i watch you sleeping and the moonlight on your face :p...sorry couldn't resist

Mubi said...

@ mha, even if it is a separate thing, the cheesy factor remains.and i think you are forgetting all the comments you wrote there,that adds to the 'cheeziness' :p
at least i have contained 'cheesy' to a genre of literature :D

m.h.a said...


*Points two fingers at you* i like your style.

m.h.a said...

Btw i really like your dp wait till i accessorize my wrist you're gonna burn...i'm looking for a perfect dp somehow i cant bring myself to replace this one its such a sweet memory :(

m.h.a said...

I mean the profile picture

Zeeshan Sattar said...

"it was while you were sleeping
that i ran out of words
stared out the window
while the moon hung in the sky
i sat there praying
for the night to last long"

this last stanza is the most beautiful one

Mubi said...

@ mha, :S you like my style? :p thanks...and lol no way, i m not gona burn if a guy is going to accessorize his wrist :p so go ahead, work on it..and ya your current dp..its cute

Zee, hmm seems like the last one has worked for most of you :D thanks

¤Ü•B¤ said...

oh yaar sorry typo ho gaya tha :p !!

Anonymous said...

I love how you don't know where this came from, it reminds me of me- I write stuff that doesn't always come from emotions of my own. They're snippets of lives around me which I feel that my words can relate to.Make sense?

Anonymous said...

I wanna accessorize my wrists too and put it as my dp.
I'm such a sheep.

uglyduckling91 said...

I'd paste the last stanza here laikin udhar zyada acha lag raha hai. =s
I'm confused now. =|~ Sorry. Lol!

Yes! The last stanze was awesome. Esp the last two line. WEeeeeeeeeeeooooooo o_O

I like the new header. =D And the clour. =D~

m.h.a said...

I like your style is a dialogue you're such a tubelight, i hate explaining one liners...anyways, hmmm, how about i accessorize my goatee? You'll burn then? Lol...atleast hfm you cant grow a goatee, neither you...haina?? i'm at an advantage there...but yes mubi you guessed it i wanted you to praise my picture...:p :p...Acha Nae Nae i was still thinking k kya karun kon c pic lagaoon.

Mubi said...

rainy, exactly! you have put it the right way for me :D

beaugly, thanks for noticing the header :D

mha, you are so mean :/ as for you 'goats' and 'cows':S do you realize that girls would have no interest if you accessorize it or not :s
and ya stick to the post, would appreciate that :D

m.h.a said...

You know you're mean.

Summer Cutee said...

whoooaaa!!! time out kids...nap time :P

Summer Cutee said...

and ur poem reminds me of my future babiess!! :D

lost in rome said...

no matter where it came from its too good yar..

n i likes ur new picture if thats whatits called

Mubi said...

mha, totally ignored *rolls eyes*

summer, hmm its open to interpretations :D

lost, hehe ya the header. thanks for both.

Daanish said...

amazingly beautiful thought in simple and heart touching words.

BoogieMonsterMan said...


Anonymous said...

that was amazing...wherever it came from...

Mubi said...

daanish and Utp, thanks. m glad you visited :)

and boogiemonster, your shift noticed :D

DuFFeR ڈفرستان ۔ said...

absolutely marvelous

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Anonymous said...

You've been awarded for great attitude. :D


Calm Cool said...

hello from me, after a long gap :)
first of all: good dp.
second: nice post, i wish i could express my feelings too in such a beautiful way.
third: "One ship sails East, and another west"
thought provoking!
n pretty in the sense of ur font color selection n pic .
n finaly see ya :)

Anonymous said...

The fluency, I like that.
It wasn't cheesy by my standards at least !

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and soothing!

A good one!

Mubi said...

Dee, thanks!

Ghazala, thanks :)

calm, good to see you:) thanks for the dp, the posts :D

cavalier, hehe you have made my day. and welcome to the blog :D

saadil, :) keep visiting

Anonymous said...

loved reading mubi..loved it!

Anonymous said...

Loved this one!


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