Monday, 23 March 2009

25 things i hate about FB

Although I claim myself to be a facebook addict, I m sure I am the last person to see this funny and so true video by Julian Smith. Most of you must have seen this before. Since I saw it only today, (though the mail was sent to be on the 6th of march) its something good, funny and absolutely true and worth passing on.

I just don't agree with the bumper sticker part, I like them :D

Hes so right when he mentions the "people you may (not) know" option that lingers on the right hand side...i keep getting names of half the people i dont even know :p i think for me that list works as "remember all these people you never want to add" because there are a few people i know that are always there in that list and its a good reminder for me not to add them :p *evil me*


Abdul Sami said...

this was good :D

Anonymous said...

:D:D i was gonna post my reasons for quittin it soon!
now u inspire me ;)

Bengali Muslimah said...

omg i used a fb addict too. but after creating a blog, i spend for time bloggin, and go on facebook maybe like 1s in 2 days =/ lol

lost in rome said...

whats left that he doesnt hate, it was good though

Mubi said...

smacula, yup indeed :D

desi, lol waiting for ur post then :p

bengali Muslimah, welcome to my blog :D and hehehe there was a time i was addicted to blog...hmm i think its the same time :p

lost, hehe ya

Calm Cool said...

atleast 15 reasons out of 25 r true for me :P

Anonymous said...

i can't remember a single day, spent without checking my gmail, facebook and my oh-so-useless tweets hehehehe

Facebooks shakes if not rocks my world :)

Ghufran Ali Quresh said...

Ummm...Youtube's banned here so cant see what's in the vdo :(

BTW, Nice theme and the header is just great . Did u design it o.O

¤Ü•B¤ said...

i love the video !!

Anonymous said...

Facebook ?!
I dont like crowds.

Anonymous said...

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Tazeen said...

this is the man after my own heart.

I seriously dont get poking.

DuFFeR ڈفرستان ۔ said...

i hate social networking
its just a killer
disaster for precious time
though firing ultimatum from my office has provided me nothing but only facebook and facebook
I want to provide them a solid reason to fire :D


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