Tuesday, 31 March 2009

A moment of eerie

She lay on the bed. A thought or two bothering her deep into the sleepless night. No toss and turns, a crease less sheet suffocating beneath her mass. She just laid there, still. Static, almost lifeless. The fan above cooled the summer air around her. There were no beads of sweat on her forehead. An unusual night. Her eyes bubbled in tears that slowly traveled from the edges of her eyes to her temple and fell silently on the pillow covers - quickly absorbing the tear dews. The mild , cold wet spots tickled her right temple. The memory rested by her side silently. It seems like Seasons came and passed, leaves fell and grew again. Storms and winds bashed against her open window. She stayed there, there in a frozen moment.Her deep set dark eyes haunted her face and a serene smile danced about her thin cracked cherry lips.

Silent sobs and wrinkles of worry and grays of life push us towards a dark tunnel. lets just not stand here. the key to getting out alive of such moments is to keep moving.

Monday, 23 March 2009

25 things i hate about FB

Although I claim myself to be a facebook addict, I m sure I am the last person to see this funny and so true video by Julian Smith. Most of you must have seen this before. Since I saw it only today, (though the mail was sent to be on the 6th of march) its something good, funny and absolutely true and worth passing on.

I just don't agree with the bumper sticker part, I like them :D

Hes so right when he mentions the "people you may (not) know" option that lingers on the right hand side...i keep getting names of half the people i dont even know :p i think for me that list works as "remember all these people you never want to add" because there are a few people i know that are always there in that list and its a good reminder for me not to add them :p *evil me*

back to back awards post

Thanks to Seher. she awarded me with the following award a long time back :$ and i never got around to publish this until another award came along and i thought its time for some back to back award displaying.

The rules of the award:

1) Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design.
2) Show the 7 winners names and links on your blog, and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with "Honest Scrap." Well, there's no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon.
3) List at least 10 honest things about yourself.

time for some honesty to pour out :

I once said the F word and later regretted for being such a loser.

I sometimes crack my knuckles and thus have 'teri meri' fingers :p ugh

There are times when I want to say whats on my mind but somehow i just choose to be silent..ugh again

I have tried to control my temper and have failed miserably :p

I always come back from the beauty salon and hate my disastrous hair after every cut and trimming :p

I so glad I am down with 5 honest things. Honestly speaking this sounds so much like deja vu :$

Orkut and Facebook are total time waster sites and they have succeeded and i have given into the addiction..

I hate the British Embassy

Sometimes I think I would do anything to travel around the world :p

I have failed not to feel prejudiced against some people...

I don't know Urdu counting after 35.

I cant really tag any of you, most probably because i think i am the last person on blogosphere who still had to do this tag :$

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Fame here i come :p

Pakistani Spectator recently took my interview for their fabulous website, thanks to smacula for recommending me.
so heres my down to earth rendezvous :p *humble me* *yay*

heres the link or down the page.

Would you please tell us something about you and your site?

I blog by the name of Mubi aka scarlet wings.

By profession I m still a student pursuing my Honors degree in media studies and hope to delve further in my field along with my interest in poetry and calligraphy which I am still planning to start off with :D

Its been a year since I have been blogging. So far I have only one blog which I would like to call a not so personal online journal reflecting my perspective towards life and little, everyday happenings that include some emotional experiences through prose and poetry both, some related to the political mayhem in the country garnished with benign humor and at times dark emotions.

Do you feel that you continue to grow in your writing the longer you write? Why is that important to you?

Yes of course, I have seen a lot of improvement in my writing style from what I used to write a few years back. It’s like the more you write, the more you are able to explore and expand yourself and your limits. For any writer be they popular or not, getting better at expressing oneself is an essential part of catharsis.

I’m wondering what some of your memorable experiences are with blogging?

All the times that I have been tagged by fellow bloggers remains to be one joyous aspect of blogging. Also I think I have met some really interesting people through the world of blogging. Their regular visits to my site have been overwhelming (in the positive sense). Not to forget some of my silent followers who have contributed equally in building up my motivation to write.

What do you do in order to keep up your communication with other bloggers?

I might sound a bit lazy and unconcerned when it comes to my communication with fellow bloggers apart from blogging itself. I have joined twitter but I don’t remain up to date with that. Most part of it, it’s limited to blogging.

What do you think is the most exciting or most innovative use of technology in politics right now?

In Pakistan I don’t think we have any advancement of that sort right now. Parties like Imran Khan’s Tehreek e Insaaf have been establishing their website where people can register with the party. This gives the general public a better chance to get to know the party they support and remain up to date with their agendas etc.

Do you think that these new technologies are effective in making people more responsive?

Technology in any field has proved its effectiveness and I think bringing a new change in politics like this would definitely gather a much better response from people especially those who have lost faith in Pakistani politics and those who don’t even go to vote during elections. I guess online voting system should be promoted in Pakistan.

What do you think sets Your site apart from others?

Do I really have to see my blog as different from others? I think it’s pretty much like many of the blogs I follow. What would make my blog and others different could be the difference of perspective towards life in general and how the encounters with life affect me.

If you could choose one characteristic you have that brought you success in life, what would it be?

It would be my realization of the fact that I used to be very nonchalant. I realized I needed to work hard and gave myself a good nudge but I wouldn’t say that I have succeeded in life already…

What was the happiest and gloomiest moment of your life?

*sigh* hehe *totally confused* I don’t know if I can put a finger on either of the moments in life. For the gloomiest it was perhaps the time when I lost my Nani (grandmother), I loved her dearly. As for the happiest, have had my share of happy moments and I know there are a lot more to come inshaAllah J

If you could pick a travel destination, anywhere in the world, with no worries about how it’s paid for - what would your top 3 choices be?

Cool! Without any contemplation they would be:

Italy :D

Cedar point, it’s an amusement park somewhere in US, can’t recall. I have an absolute LOVE for thrilling rides. Since there is no money problem, I think I can add Spain, a place I always wanted to visit to see its walled cities and do their flamenco dance :p plus it’s got an exciting theme park to offer too!

And Alaska? Perfect I say :D

What is your favorite book and why?

Just one? Aww ok…For this year I think it has to be Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom- reason, it says a lot about life, hope and value of it and in simplest of thoughts. Plus it is a story about a teacher and a student and for some reason its really close to my heart. I can read it any time and every time. Apart from this (I can’t resist the temptation) Harper Lee’s To kill a mocking bird and Life expectancy by Dean Koontz :D

What’s the first thing you notice about a person (whether you know them or not)?

Hmm I don’t scrutinize people so doesn’t really matter. Though recently I have started to notice people’s accent when they talk, have heard many funny versions of English accents :p

Is there anyone from your past that once told you you couldn’t write?

No, no one apart from myself :p

How bloggers can benefit from blogs financially?

So far I can only think of the advertisements that bloggers can put up on their blogs to earn. I don’t know how much that benefit in terms of money but it’s a great idea even if it isn’t a lot.

Is it true that who has a successful blog has an awful lot of time on their hands?

Not necessarily. I think

that depends on the quality of writing and the selection of topics that are brought up on blogs. I know many bloggers who are blog enthusiasts and write a lot but that’s not because they have ample time on their hands. It’s because they are very passionate about what they write and thus successful.

What role can bloggers of the world play to make this world friendlier and less hostile?

Bloggers right now are doing a pretty job in representing their countries on a certain level which I think is a good step in removing any prejudices we hold against each other. Also blogs that write solely about their culture and politics etc are a good way of attracting people from other religions and countries to get to know the exotic side of places they never knew about.

Who are your top five favourite bloggers?

Seher who blogs here http://apromisepledged.blogspot.com/ Through this blog she has indeed been touching our lives plus she also maintains three other splendid witty blogs.

Tazeen who writes at http://tazeen-tazeen.blogspot.com/ her writing is blunt and witty and amusing.

UTP from http://www.umarpirzada.com/blog/ Umar aka UTP has categorized 3 days of the week and writes under those titles with thought provoking stuff and something to put a smile on your face. He also maintains other blogs one of which is related to sports.

Destitute rebel has a photography blog http://lahoredailyphoto.blogspot.com/ His blog narrates a new story, a new face of Lahore through his photography.

Duffer is one of my favourite because he’s one person in my list who has been maintaining a very interesting Urdu blog here http://www.dufferistan.com/

Is there one observation or column or post that has gotten the most powerful reaction from people?

Yes, once I wrote a conversational post http://goldenpages-mubi.blogspot.com/2008/10/to-be-or-not-to-be-p.html about the load shedding problem in Pakistan with an element of humour in it. It has gotten the most powerful reaction so far: p and I think my latest post as well :D

What is your perception about Pakistan and its people?

I am one of the Pakistanis myself and I see a lot of flaws in us as a nation like we end up electing the wrong people all the time. From a political point of view, we are facing quite an unstable time in the history of our country, struggling for our basic rights against dictator like politicians. Keeping the political mayhem and vulnerability state Pakistan is in due to pressure from superpowers and terrorist groups, I think people of Pakistan deserve some kind of an award or a standing ovation for their undying patience and level of hope.

Have you ever become stunned by the uniqueness of any blogger?

Not just one but something from all the blogs that I follow amazes me. I have been awed by their writings and ideas at one point in time especially those who are younger than me.

What is the most striking difference between a developed country and a developing country?

People in developing countries are still fighting for their basic rights like availability of food and sense of security.

What is the future of blogging?

With so many blogs mushrooming up in the world of internet, I see a very bright and long lasting future for blogging. A lot of competition for bloggers to maintain their individual style and distinctiveness

You have also got a blogging life, how has it directly affected both your personal and professional life?

I think there was a time when I used to talk A LOT about my blogging world in my professional and personal life which was quite an imbalance hehehe :p

What are your future plans?

To maintain a GOOD GPA, this may sound insignificant but it’s really crucial at this time. Besides that there are a lot of wild dreams which I really hope to see come true.

Any Message you want to give to the readers of The Pakistani Spectator?

Don’t miss this issue, it’s my interview in it :D On a serious note I think Pakistani Spectator deserves an award for their individuality and efforts in representing our country. Now to the readers – I m no saint myself so I can just add that try to forgive others coz life’s short. Also I read in a book that ‘there’s always cake’ which means there’s always a brighter side to things in life, try to see that.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

lemonade award

First a big thank you to Specs for this award :D *jumping around in joy* i love being tagged :D

The Rules:

1. Thank the person who was so thoughtful for giving you this award by linking their blog to this post.

2. Put the logo on your blog or post.

3. Nominate 10 blogs which show great attitude/gratitude.

4. Link your nominees to your post.

5. Comment them to tell them about the award they’ve won.

All rules checked! :D aww i just checked many of my fellow bloggers have already been tagged by this cute award. so i will pick those who are left and award them for their incredible blogs


Zee for the poems he puts up
mha, its been long i didnt give him any :D
exquisite, though hes been missing from his blog :/

Friday, 6 March 2009

silence we shared...

it was while you were sleeping
that i stood by the door
secretly peeking
as the moon
cast its white sheen
on your dreamy face

it was while you were sleeping
that i felt
the softness of your cheeks
the smile on your face
the ruffled hair
messed up in the pillow

it was while you were sleeping
that i whispered in your ear
and something twinkled in my eye
i smiled to myself
i don't know why...

it was while you were sleeping
that a song came along
being played outside
somewhere in the distance
into the dark night

it was while you were sleeping
that i ran out of words
stared out the window
while the moon hung in the sky
i sat there praying
for the night to last long

p.s i have no idea where this came from : /

we need bad people...

...yes we do. How else would we tell good from bad if there is no bad anymore? How else would we be able to prove the halo above our heads? We definitely need some villains in our lives. We have a sack full of them here. the beloved land of the pure. In films the ugly, loathsome villains get enough retakes and makeup and other stuff to add glamour to their character. In real life villains are ugly, full stop.

One of my favourite villains from the fictional world has been Uriah Heep. Remember the cunning, albino looking, snake like ultimate antagonist of David Copperfield?. His hands are cold and slimy. He wears a clever smile and masks it with a 'umble smile'. His wriggly motions, cold heart and subtle yet treacherous moves towards his enemy make him the famous villain from the literary shelves ever created by Charles Dickens.
Who is your favourite villain from the world of fiction (books/movies) ?

The other day I was watching Spiderman 3 and Eddie who becomes the victim of alien symbiote said the following lines/ dialogues:
I like being bad. It makes me happy

It made me wonder for a few seconds. It is so apt, isn't it? However, how many times do we hear that from our real life villains; the open, straightforward acceptance of how they enjoy their
'villainhood'. Hardly ever I think, take Zardari for example.

The concept of alien symbiote intrigued me a lot when i first watched spiderman 3 ( my brother's a comic books' fan, while i just watch the superhero movies :p) The idea of such a vile alien creature is so aptly applicable and relevant to our current politicians. Either they are the alien symbiote while we are its host for survival. Or maybe they are the victims of the refugee seeker alien. Either way only if loud sound could finish of the bad gays..guys i meant!

Apart from the political villainy and symbiote analogy there is one more thing to shed light on. We also find ourselves ranting about how many people are jealous of us, or complaining about how our friend is such a pest or how people poke their nose in whatever we do. We whine about how someone cheated on us, how someone lied to us, how every time people hunt us for our 'innocent nature' or take advantage of our 'honesty'.

Isn't it strange how no one ever admits that they themselves were the bad guys? Why is the bad guy always someone in the shadows. A scary shadow lurking in the dark. A censored face, always talked about but never seen. Someone we always hear about from the apparently 'good guy'.

If we all are the good guys then where do the hell bad guys come from? who are they? why don't we ever see them? What is there story? Are we the bad guys for the people who we think are the bad guys? And most important of all what would we do without the bad guys in our lives? nothing to rant about?

Moral of the story, totally unrelated. The end narrative from Spiderman :D

" Whatever comes our way, whatever battle we have raging inside us, we always have a choice. My friend Harry taught me that. He chose to be the best of himself. It's the choices that make us who we are, and we can always choose to do what's right. "

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

One ship sails East, and another west

The sky was azure.Flawless. Complimented and graced with pristine chunks of clouds spread as far as the sight went. The air was light, cool and fresh. A perfect morning she thought. A beautiful day, nature at its best with the right amount of coolness in the wind and the right amount of sunshine in the sky.

The tall trees stood in groups around the campus. All towering around her as she took fast paced steps through them. she wondered what the sinless trees of nature must be whispering to each other while they swayed to the breeze at the top of the branches. They were green, unusually green and alive today. Like they look after a monsoon shower, washed and bathed with drops of nature from above the heavens. What took place outside in the land of the man was in stark contrast to what God's sinless nature displayed. Ironic she thought -- a mesmerizing weather to compliment the actions of man. Aesthetic beauty against the ugliness of the forbidden.

Nothing bothered her today. She wanted to follow the rhythm of nature. The peaceful aura it displayed while the chaos filled the air outside. Somehow that didn't plague the rest. She continued walking, sometimes stepping into the tiny puddles of water gathered from watering the lawns, sometimes stepping on the fallen leaves. They weren't autumn crisp. Quietly they crushed under her feet. She listened to the sound of the mime crushing of the leaves as the sirens of ambulances sped through the roads...

Today in Lahore....life continued as usual, with God's nature unusually at peace, as if He had given up on Adam's children..


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