Sunday, 8 February 2009

Happy Idiocy

Sometimes happiness finds weird, unexpected ways to get to you. This is one of those craziest days when happiness got me off guard. I am elated, ecstatic, and jubilant. The word is crazy. I am SO happy that I was waving my hands frantically in the air, laughing and dancing. Now I m not a dancing person yet I am going wild and doing some horrifying dance moves. I know because my brother shot an exasperated look at me. I just hope he doesn’t call 1122, the rescue team.

After every sentence I jump off the bed and run around in frenzy and feel so light. So jovial, so weightless like I have all the time in the world! I had a lot of soda/ Pepsi and that makes me high. There is a very nice word for people who are drunk. Yes I think its inebriate. I am bent on my stomach, one leg under me and one hanging down the bed. There is a hair clip in my jacket pocket sandwiched between my stomach and lap. It’s disturbing me, pinching me in ribs with its pointed side yet I haven’t changed my position.

Its euphoria all over; around me, above me, beneath me, beside me, in me, out me- everywhere! Do you think it’s normal to feel so out of skin and grin from ear to ear and from chin to forehead after midnight?

I am like a noodle when I try a dance move. I just realized that. Because I stand, drop my pencil on the bed, raise my wobbly arms in mid air and wriggle them, nod my head to some music only I can hear and then drop back to the bed like a noodle falling off the fork.

This is absolutely beyond my comprehension that a dose of highness can be triggered by a soft drink to this crazy, idiotic extreme! I feel like someone who just won a lottery. A drunkard’s laugh in the background...

p.s I really don’t know if this qualifies to be on my blog but can anyone expect something sober from me right now? No. exactly.

update* watch this song..i youtubed the word 'happy' later when i was sober and this is what i got.. : /


lost in rome said...

lol lol u really are high...escatic ..euphoric... what happened apart from pepsi

lost in rome said...

im first for the first tym

Abdul Sami said...

haha... caffiene overdose

happens :D !!!

enjoy it :D

thepurplejournal said...

It can't be just Pepsi? :)

KimyaShafinaaz said...

ok all the happy sounds emanate from this post... i was giggling while reading it :) and im stuck on 'inebriate' just cos words are thiingsss.... hmm... what else... oh the metaphors rock! (but the clip pinched me too, please get rid of it!)

seher's shenanigans said...

whaoo i love the jumpiness in this post.
i am actually now jumpin around myself.
good energy!
actually no

Mubi said...

lost, hehehe congrats for the first ever comment :p. errm nothing happened apart from pepsi :$

sami, lol ya enjoyed a lot. though i dont exactly remember what i did after i drained all my energy jumping and dancing..:p

purple, hehehe it was only pepsi :$

kimyaShafinaaz, welcome to the blog!! :D hehehe thanks for your comments :)

shehr, do u know what my word veri is right now? 'recklest' sounds like reckless ;p hehe your jumping too? cool!

Maryam said...

Pepsi? PEPSI makes you THAT high?! What happens to you after Redbull? =D

Maryam said...

Haha the word i got --> "joysical"
LOL whattay appropriateness =D

Azra said...

lol...that kind of euphoria is always nice to have.

Enjoy it while it lasts :D

Mubi said...

maryam i have never had red bull!!! lol

azra, m glad this post didnt irritate any of you :D *hugs*

uglyduckling91 said...

I've never had a redbull either. *high five* B)

¤Ü•B¤ said...

hey am loviiiiiingggggggggg the sonnggg ....

anyways am back ;)

Maryam said...
You've been tagged!

m.h.a said...

Yo yo i love pepsi it gets you high lol...and try sheesha with pepsi you'll love it even more and then write the post.

Btw, your post reminds of this song by Nirvana where Kurt Cobain and company get fishing high on cocaine and then scream their heads friend, who apparently loved getting high too told me about this any plans of going on those lines? :p

Summer Cutee said...

weve already established it was psychological :D

and i love the song....esp the screw u part :D:D:D

Summer Cutee said...

lol i cant do this man im not happy :D

DuFFeR said...

in a mail i read such things happen beacuse of
Mentos/Coke :D

DuFFeR said...

if you please enable the Name/Url combination to post the comments.
thanks in advance :)

Mubi said...

beaugly, chalo at least im not the only one who hasnt tried it yet :p

Ubee, hehee ya songs great :D

maryam...oooo tag? yay i love being tagged:D

mha, lol no thanks no sheesha! :p hmm i will hv to watch the song then..

summer, yup all psychological..but i dono yar..i think it was more to do with the drink :p haha i love the song too!! ahem

Mubi said...

Dee, :D :D :D lol nai it was just pepsi ;p and as for the url..sure i will :)

secretdhaka said...

Hm, you should try Mecca Cola, then

Daanish said...

a case of PEPSI sugar overdose or withdrawal,but on the positive note you had good exercise,cool !!
see there is no diet happiness :)

Mubi said...

secretdhaka, lol thanks for the does the worse effect huh? :p thanks for visiting though :)

daanish, you found ur way to my blog again :p hahaha ya good exercise indeed, didnt see this from this perspective though :p

hfm said...

Your happiness is contagious.

captainjohann said...

I agree with hfm.It is contagious. be happy always

A.y.l.a said...

hahah im sure there must be somethigng else with the pepsi..

i often have these weird "happy moods" , one second ill be jumping around going completly crazy, and then i'll be all sober wodnering what happened to my enery..
i have noticd that this enery drains out quiteeee quickly..

waise the song, momentarily put me off happiness =P
but yes ure post made me smile, soo thankyou :D

and i hope you stay happy like this humesha =]

An ILLuS|On said...

I still couldn't understand what made ya happy at the first place? *roll eyes*
okay let me read your post again *confused*

M. Umer Toor said...

Something must be there, in the sub-conscious or unconscious, perhaps. Marijuana?

Better than zoning out, though :DD

Noddle metaphor... interesting and effective, actually!

And. Thanks for providing artistic entertainment.

Mubi said...

hfm n caption, hehe thanks :P

ayla, thankz girl :p

illusion, come on! *making faces*

umer, aw thanks

An ILLuS|On said...

haha..where to?:P

p.s. you did get my email right?


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