Saturday, 28 February 2009


My pop's (father) gets forward messages from random numbers on his cell phone off and on. Today was one of those days when such a forward message sent us into hilarious fits when he read it out to me. Here's the message. Note that not even a single word of it has been changed. un edited un altered and un leashed. behold.

"Salam, Any gals or ladies lookin for a life partner, no pass timers plz reply through sms, dont call, serious persons only, sorry to disturb ya, best of luck"

cool!! now marriages wont be any problem :p
no chance for pass timers!

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

carried by the wind

crack your knuckles
give a little chuckle
squint as you go..
out in the sunny day


lost on the track of time
carried by the wind
sit under the shade
the breeze plays around
with a few loose locks
that dance about your face


the music
fades in
fades out.
floating in a vacuum
with gravity beneath


the twists and turns
not of life or fate
but of death and dreams.
your hands are your claws
right on your throat..
on the verge of something
surely not insanity..

Monday, 23 February 2009

scribble or type, cross or erase

the pen on the page
and ink on the door
a few lines scattered
pages abused and
keys punched hard
some words hanging in mid air
back space it all
a push on the button
and there you are
its all blank...

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Happy Idiocy

Sometimes happiness finds weird, unexpected ways to get to you. This is one of those craziest days when happiness got me off guard. I am elated, ecstatic, and jubilant. The word is crazy. I am SO happy that I was waving my hands frantically in the air, laughing and dancing. Now I m not a dancing person yet I am going wild and doing some horrifying dance moves. I know because my brother shot an exasperated look at me. I just hope he doesn’t call 1122, the rescue team.

After every sentence I jump off the bed and run around in frenzy and feel so light. So jovial, so weightless like I have all the time in the world! I had a lot of soda/ Pepsi and that makes me high. There is a very nice word for people who are drunk. Yes I think its inebriate. I am bent on my stomach, one leg under me and one hanging down the bed. There is a hair clip in my jacket pocket sandwiched between my stomach and lap. It’s disturbing me, pinching me in ribs with its pointed side yet I haven’t changed my position.

Its euphoria all over; around me, above me, beneath me, beside me, in me, out me- everywhere! Do you think it’s normal to feel so out of skin and grin from ear to ear and from chin to forehead after midnight?

I am like a noodle when I try a dance move. I just realized that. Because I stand, drop my pencil on the bed, raise my wobbly arms in mid air and wriggle them, nod my head to some music only I can hear and then drop back to the bed like a noodle falling off the fork.

This is absolutely beyond my comprehension that a dose of highness can be triggered by a soft drink to this crazy, idiotic extreme! I feel like someone who just won a lottery. A drunkard’s laugh in the background...

p.s I really don’t know if this qualifies to be on my blog but can anyone expect something sober from me right now? No. exactly.

update* watch this song..i youtubed the word 'happy' later when i was sober and this is what i got.. : /

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

a beautiful garden

I have come here countless times. Stared at this sufficient white space and felt empty. Nothing to write I wondered these many days. I thought pulling out a few strands of my hair would do. Excessive hair fall puts an end to this wild a need. Thus my frail hands fall down on the keys and aimlessly and recklessly dance about the board. It’s all in here I know but refuses to come out. The mind refuses to obey the commands. The stubborn thoughts are determined to stay in. I am waiting for them to explode someday...

Meanwhile a few drops down the cheek, banging fists on table tops, hiding under the blanket for sleep to sweep you away, earphones plugged in your ears with random songs on the play...nothing helps. Whats inside is gasping for life. It neither dies nor survives. Just stays there, stuck in a moment, rather in various figments of moments scattered inside. Thus every day the burden is carried around, up and down the stairs, during the long walks, lying alongside as you glance up the invaded sky. Sleep hovers; a groan in the stomach protests for food but the mind is heavy with the weight of the stubborn thoughts brutally crushing any hope for survival.

The horse runs wildly along the shores, blue sea touching the yellow horizon while I try not to fall. The wind hits me at every angle and horse gallops like there’s no stopping. A shrilling scream and a few running steps snap me back to where I was- within seconds, even micro seconds I am here, sitting under the bus stop a bit past noon. The hazy sun hangs in the freshly polluted sky, voices loud and whispers, excited with gossip and speedy chatter, tongues licking melting ice creams, cell phones ringing fanatically all cushion around me. Eyes set on the book but not moving. I am distracted by the conversations nearby and most obviously by a pair of legs 'vibrating' nonstop. My eyes dart the few words again and again. The pages seems endless, the words countless and my eyes frozen. The chubby girl sits next to me and constantly shakes her legs. The only pause, though brief and quick, happen when she takes a bite of her ice cream bar. I turn back my attention and stare past the crowded college gate. I stare hard. For sometime more. I can’t really figure out if there are a lot of lazy flies buzzing on leftovers or people hugging the gates...why do I feel so out of place? Alice in wonderland...I remember falling down a deep dark tunnel, only not intrigued but utterly tags guiding me, no drinks no cakes and no beautiful gardens. I think I am not past the tunnel journey.


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