Sunday, 25 January 2009

rapid fire riddle time

Pre script: i am bad at doing translations :p especially with translating riddles. those of you who can read urdu dont try reading the orange brackets.

In conversation with mama on a Saturday morning.
Setting is dinning table, breakfast finished, with me engrossed in the political columns while mum chooses something light.

mama: aj tumhara test ho jaye, chalo yeh sunno aur jawab do. [ lets check your intelligence. listen to this and answer] a brilliant childlike smile on her face.

mubi: with a little groan under my breath. o ma not now, m reading something :p. okayyyy what is it?

mama: paheliyan :D [ riddles!] a wide mischievous smile brightening her face.

mubi: oo I am kinda bad at guessing them...

mama: challenging me. kalay ko jab tao ay, sar per woh gori ko nachayay. [when something black gets furious, its makes the fair one dance]

mubi: ummm koila? noo kandoor? noo no wait i know its coffee? i think its toaster!

mama's expressions changes from being skeptical over my level of intelligence to a victorious smile for my lack of being good at this :p

mama: maintains her enthusiasm while being modest. nahi, tawa!! Acha ab yeh bujo. [nope, its griddle!. ok now answer this]

mubi: I have geared up and taken the challenge. Sure sure go ahead.

mama: safaid gaar mai peeli rani, ird gird hai us kay paani. [ yellow princess in a white cave surrounded by water]

mubi: makes faces. thinks hard. narrows her intelligent eyes, looks clever and says. kawal ka phool. [ water lily!]

mama: with an innocent and a teasing look. ahem kawal? us mai safaid gaar kahan hai? [ water lily? and where is the white cave?]

mubi: eager and slightly irritated. acha koi clue tu dain na.. humaray paas hai? [okay then give me a hint. do we have it?]

mama: being very secretive, she purses her lips. umm haan kuch aisa hi. [hmm, ya something like it.]

mubi: kahanay wala hai? [ is it something to eat?]

mama: her expression unreadable. haan keh saktay hain. [ ya you can say that]

mubi: confused. then suddenly a bulb lits above her head. EGG!!!

mama a little disappointed for she knows the tables have been turned..but shes continues the game

mama: ok yeh guess kero tu jaanuu. chaao say is ko galay lagaya, laykin us nay gala dabaya. [okay now lets see if you can guess this one. we hugged it with love but it grabbed us instead]

mubi: within a second blabbes out. TIE!!

mama: continues quickly, giving me no time to celebrate, like its a rapid fire. aik hay shai aisi jo jamay bhi, bahay bhi aur rahay bi.. [ what is it that freezes, flows and evaporates..]

mubi: smug look. thats easy, WATER!

mubi wins the riddle game with 3 correct answers and the post breakfast, saturday morning chit chat comes to an end. fireworks dance as a beaming and victorious mubi and content mama leave the table to do some chores.


Maryam said...

Awww sweet! And btw, the riddles were sort EASY. Lol.

Anonymous said...

4.With thieves I consort,
the vilest in short,
I'm quite at ease in depravity,
yet all divines use me,
and savants can't lose me,
for I am the centre of gravity.
What is my true form?

What is it?

¤Ü•B¤ said...

ok these were very hard for me :p ... lolz !!!

but congratz gee U WON U WON HURRAY HURRAY ;) lolz

uglyduckling91 said...

You forgot to translate the word jaanuu! It means dear/darling everyone. :D

You're welcome. ^_^

Mubi said...

maryam. hey thanks for dropping by :) ehehehe ya they were easy :p

hfm, lol. you wont believe it but i have been trying to unriddle it ehehe..i give up :(

Ubee, lol. aww come on they were this easy? thanks for the hurrays though :D

beaugly, LOL..nai its jannoo as in guess it :p and i did translate that. so i m not taking your welcome hehehehe

Anonymous said...

mubi is smart
riddles always scared me

Mubi said...

i see you're pulling my leg exquisite :$

Anonymous said...

I'm terrible at guessing riddles :(

Congrats on the victory! :)

Much love,

Anonymous said...

I am bad at PAHELIs REALLY BAD!!!

Anonymous said...

D'you want the answer?

Mubi said...

purple and Utp, now i know i m not alone :D :D

rainy. of course i want to know!!! :p

lost in rome said...

lol i also came up with water lilly bt nt with da egg n tie... what can i say... i already know im brain dead!


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