Monday, 5 January 2009

in conversation with kids

scene one

saad is sitting on the lawn swing placed in the corner of the small lawn. his legs swing to and fro along with the 'jhola' as he likes to call it. Mama (my) walks out in the lawn and is about to sit on the swing with saad, when he plainly refuses to let her.

mama: (still sits, half smiling) let me sit with you saadi

saad: (reluctant and concerned) no, you cant...

mama: (already sitting with him, both swinging together in the as the winter sun shines mildly above them) why cant i?

saad: this is phopo/ aunt's(me) place. she was sitting here. just went in...

mama: ok i will get up when your phopo comes

saad: promise?

mama: yes

phopo walks out by this time.

saad: phopo is here, ap jao ab/ you can go now


scene two

Phopo all dressed up, with long earrings dangling from her ears and a pink lip gloss on her lips. she goes to visit little Bia.

Bia: (looks closely and after some thinking) phopo why is your lipstick so shiny?

phopo: because...

the child cuts in, ready with another question

Bia: why is your lipstick so pink?

phopo: it is...

Bia: (almost touching phopo's lips with her tiny index finger) oooooo its sooo shiny!


Anonymous said...

isnt it always exciting to see the kid-ism in kids.. it leave me in awe sometimes, esp at the pace this world is growing up and not being child for long!

Anonymous said...

That's so adorable!
Love how the lipstick's so shinyyyy!
I was constantly mesmerised by make-up as a child, guess its after effects haven't worn of yet.

uglyduckling91 said...

I have a picture with makeup on. :$ Wanna see? :D

Anonymous said...

LOL, that lipstick remark is so cute!

DuFFeR said...

d4scene-1: kids' love is so innocent and unconditional
scene-2: what a curiosity level :D
@duckling : please share ;)

Mubi said...

seher, good times come to an end soon. besides like you said, even children today are growing up so fast!

rainy, so you were one of those kids who embarrassed adults :p

beaugly, we would love to see that picture!!! put it up on ur blog :D

specy, hehehe and the expression on her face was even cuter

Dee, so true, kids are so straightforward... and lol, ya shes a veryyyyy curious child :p

uglyduckling91 said...


Anonymous said...

I used to apply thick coats of petroleum jelly when I was a kid because I wasn't allowed to use lip gloss.


Anonymous said...

The women in my family didn't really wear much make up, but I did plenty of embarassing just on my own!

Hira said...

That was so cute:)


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