Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Flashback time

It feels terrible to grow old. I used to hear my mum say bachpan aur jawani kay din baray achay hotay hain. Now I can hear myself say bachpan kitna acha hota hai!!! I used to believe that age is just a number. Yes its indeed only a number but it gets scary year after year! Days of tween and teens seems like a dream. Its like those years are now lost in a thick forest of my past. something blur but something to cherish. I have heard people lament over the bitter fact of life that time is irreversible. Its impossible to turn back the pages of life. whats gone is gone, whats done is done. No U turns in life. Now i realize the weight of those words laden with wisdom. Now i know how terrible it is to grow old. ITS ALL SO NOSTALGIC..i might need a hanki...


wait a sec.

I think i m going a bit overboard with my sentiments and emotions here. I'm not THAT old now. Just the beginning of my twenties. Its better than being stuck in your acne filled, freckly freaky hormone changing teens. Actually its a lot better. At least i am not in that age where at one point in time you feel like an ALIEN. There's a time in those terrible teens (t2s) when one can find nothing in the market that would fit. You go out to buy a shirt, a shoe, a sweater and everything in the world would refuse to be your size. You try outfit after outfit, shoe after shoe, it would be either a size big or a size small. The salesman would scrutinize you and say: dont you look a bit big for your age eh? or you are underweight or you would get your size tomorrow when we get fresh stock. And that never happens, fresh stock of clothes and accessories pour in but never your size. I'm out of those confused years of my life where every thing forbidden tempts you. where there are a thousand rules to follow. where everyone knows you are going through your troubled years- emotional imbalance. rebellious and stubborn are your second names.
wow! this feels amazing. *ear to ear broad evil smile* i never thought positive thinking works that well!!

*warning****: reflections on life that may not be suitable for the faint hearts or for under twenty people. if any teenager was reading this, dude you had to read this before reading the post!!!

Anyhow, without further ado, as per my title suggests, its flashback time. since an early age i was an active person, always engaged in one activity or the other. to prove it here's what i got, days of my glory and fame. behold!

I was such an avid reader, always buried under heaps of books:p

Sometimes i was that shady character. Lived a gangster life. There was a time when i ate, talked, walked and slept the life of a dangerous mafia leader. The picture is of the days when i was introduced to the underworld for the first time.

Went in space.

laughed and jumped
*pics censored*

Won many gold medals in Olympics. This is one of my golden moments!!!

Went around the world, met Arabs. we exchanged gifts.

Invented the first computer. The picture is taken by bill gates :p

Worked as a spy and later mentored James bond.

happy birthday to me :p tween and teens bye bye :/


Azra said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Heres to many more years filled with joy and peace and memories.

Life is meant for living...so Live it up as best you can :D

Mubi said...

thank you for the wish Azzi (hope you dont mind if i call you that) :D

DuFFeR said...

Happy Birthday
and lolz @ second last image description :D

Abdul Sami said...

a heartfelt tale indeed :P


once u get in the professional groove of things then beleev me age is just a number... its only wat u think u can do and what u do do is all that matters... !!!

Anonymous said...

Many Many Happy returns of the day :)
May God Bless you year after year and every day be a piece of cake :D yummicilious to have a totally filling :D [just dont get fat ;)]

Bless you!!

Anonymous said...

guess what my veriword was? sonicu
see it too agrees with your stamina :P

Anonymous said...

many happy returns of the day mubi..may your all dreams & wishes come true..may this year of yours be full of happiness & success *Ameen*
i know its the same ol' typical style of wishing but sometimes you've to be typical..have fun yo;)

p.s. stay tuned for the part 2 of my comment..for the time being enjoy your birthday..cheers;)

Awais Naseer Keyani said...

hmm! its really very interesting to recall the childhood!
Meray bachpan k dinnnn...!!!

uglyduckling91 said...

Lol. The pics are so cool. ;__;

Anonymous said...

You're so sweet!
Happy Birthday (apologies for being late)

May every yr be filled of happiness.

Destitute Rebel said...

Happy Birthday Mubi! Hope you had a great one, and this was quite an interesting post.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday
May you have several many more and wishing you always happiness and joy. Ameen

cute pics :)

Mubi said...

smacula, my life story so far, thank for the praise :p

seher, ehhee, loved ur wish. advice noted! :D thank you:)

illusion, typical? no problem at all! thanks alot. and p.s yes looking forward to the part 2 :p

awais, i remember theres a song that meray bachpan kay din :p will look it up. thanks :)

beaugly, thanks a lot :D

rainy, better late than never:p ehehe thanks a lot girl!

rebel, hehehe, i made it a point to prove how self obsessed i am:p *blush*. thanks!

exqui, aw thanks yara!

Daanish said...

Happy hatching day!
I liked historical trivia.
I never knew that Bill gates,James Bond learned so much from you?How about any space travel pic?The other day Neil Armstrong said ...mubi:)

Mubi said...

daanish, thank you for the wish :p but hey come on you cant all my flashback a trivia ;p

m.h.a said...

Very cute mubi...you're right it feels strange to look back at your life and realise you've already gone thru 20 years of your life...doesn't seem like that...how does it feel to be out of teens now? When i got out of teens i felt......NOTHING...lol, i mean age really is a number...lets stay kids at heart, lets never grow up (ask my mom she'll tell you i only grew up till i was 15, from there on there was an age regression, and i continued to grow DOWN lol...i can see that happening to you as well haha)

my word veri is "ingrig" sister of aragog?

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!

Your pictures are so cute!

I loved the diaper wearing James bond one the most.

lost in rome said...

"I'm out of those confused years of my life where every thing forbidden tempts you. where there are a thousand rules to follow. where everyone knows you are going through your troubled years- emotional imbalance. rebellious and stubborn are your second names."
babe u really think we r out of dis??? wink

n ya happy birthday again.... luv ya

lost in rome said...

thus in our case age is surely just a number.. cheers!!!

Ubeee said...

Hey happy birthday ... i guess am late ... but still wish you more years ahead filled with love, peace and happiness !!

and it was a cute post !!

Calm Cool said...

Happy Birthday Mubi :)
and a very Happy New Year as well...
ur spying abilities are priceless :P
Nice Post!

Best Wishes and Best Of Luck.

Anonymous said...

Love the captions that went with the pictures. "Exchanged gifts with Arabs" :)

Are these pictures framed and hung on the wall? There seems to be a reflection. Looks like a cellphone.


The Luscious one! said...

Good show!!

I recently started a blog of mine. I would love it if you would add me to your blog roll and vice verse. http://luscious69.blogspot.com

Mubi said...

MHA, thanks a lot :p yes the child should always live within us :D :D :D lol :@ aragog (the spider something from HP :p) brother and ingrig sis :p

SPECS, thank you! hehe thats my favourite too!!

LOST, aww, i know you know that but...:p

UBEE, thank you so much. like i say better late than never :p

CALM, hehe thanks. now those abilities have rusted over time :( lol

NADIA, hey thanks sis! and lol, shhh about the reflection thing :$ indeed a cell :(

LUSCIOUS one, thanks :)

Anonymous said...

so teenage over?

Anonymous said...

I keep coming to your blog in the hope you've blogged agian.
I think I've read this blog a dozen times and aww'ed at the pics just as many times.
{confused smile}
I'm having withdrawal symptoms from Mubi.

Mubi said...

seher, yup :p

rainy, aww thats sweet. LOL @ withdrawal symptom...actually i came and commented on a few blogs but then the electricity failure happens every alternative hour and sometimes unexpectedly..such a break in my blogging habit :(


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