Thursday, 22 January 2009


I lay among the gigantic, towering mountains around me as the moon and the stars glow and twinkle from on high and I feel the nature embracing me in its mysterious, breathtaking beauty.

A pair of feet make their way through the wild plants in a dense green forest, walking away from the rhythmic river flowing surrounded by trees.
Lost, the bare feet walk among the mesmerizing aura in the labyrinth of trees as the sound of running water grows distant and melodious . There's a pleasure in being lost, away from the eyes of the world. Sun light illuminates the leaves and finds its way through the entwined branches and wise tree trunks as they await the lost footsteps approaching towards them.

The cold transparent water flows through my palm as i half dip it in the middle of the ocean. Abandoned with nothing but a boat carries me through a narrow gap between the giant walls of rocks. The boat and the narrow canal passage is missing from the picture. i think i got my geography wrong. all i can picture now is the Corinth canal from the boston site :p

I sit under a warm blossoming shade of a maple tree. The vibrant red leaves and the pastel shades among them cast a wonderful shadow on the lightly fluttering pages of the book lying on my lap while i sit back with my skin touching the wood...

Pics are taken from flicker and Google


uglyduckling91 said...

1st comment. =D

uglyduckling91 said...

There really is pleasure in being lost.*sighs* This was beautiful. ;_; I wanna run away. Yes I'm all teary-eyed at the moment. Heh =)~

You're good with words. :D:D

Mubi said...

what does that 'lol' mean in the end? hmm

uglyduckling91 said...

I'm going crazy. ;_; I'm loling and crying at the same time. You know in my mind, I "loohool" :D Sounds more natural.

thepurplejournal said...

I was reading the words slowly, imagining the scenic beauty, getting lost and starting to feel the breeze - when suddenly - "The boat and the narrow canal passage is missing from the picture."


Back to reality!

Please remove those lines from there, or add it at the end of the post :D

Much Love,

[[[ x Smiley x ]]] said...

i really like the last picture u painted! probably the one place u would find me! =]

u have a way with words!

lost in rome said...

so u back again..good good

the river passing through mountains reminds me of kalam.. i wnna go there.. not thats there is probably much left of it...sigh...

M. Umer Toor said...

one needs not tell anything more than one can observe which is subject to imperfection. i think or should i must say, i must, which your descriptive writing style made me aware of!

hfm said...

.. and then you woke up to the harshest moments of reality.

Fantasies only remind me how dreams are so much better.

Love your post mubi :)

Word verification:floopop

DuFFeR said...

Ah fascinations :(
the last scene is just breathtaking

Calm Cool said...

ohhh i got lost in these pretty fantasies, like imagining the scene with the eyes of an artist; ready to paint or sketch!

Mubi said...

beaugly, hmm ok thats hysteria. why would you fee hysterical after reading this post :(

purple, ehehehe..sure i will change it.

smiley, lets look for it together ehehe. thanks girl!

rome, yep. i think its swat valley in the picture.

umer, i m a bit confused. i think you meant there are things that words cant do justice to?

rainy, hehehe floopop...sounds something funky :p thanks

Dee, thanks :)

calm, thanks for coming girl!

exquisite said...

beautifully articulated
a vibrant fantasy indeed

i've enjoyed picturing every single bit of detail painted by your words

Zanzibar Nights said...

wow...very visual!....cud almost feel that i was part of it....

¤Ü•B¤ said...

mubiii ufff hai yaar i was totally lost in your words ... U WRITE NICCEEEE !!!

Mubi said...

exquisite, zanzibar and ubee *hugs* thanks a lot...i think i do a very bad job writing seriously! :$


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