Monday, 29 December 2008

love for food

*updated* this is a benign post, garnished with a slight humour, not to be taken seriously at all. enjoy the food talk.

When do we eat the most?

When is that golden, greedy time when we eat like there is no tomorrow?

What is that time when we see a lot of delicious food together at one time, in one place?

When do we get free food?

One final question that is perhaps going to reveal the answer: What is the time when we waste food like we have oceans of it?

All these questions have one perfect example.

SHADI ( weddings)

I know its an old rotten topic read and talked about a zillion times now particularly for the bloggers who come from Pakistan. It is, however, ever green. No matter how much we write and preach about the way people wildly react when they see food, nothing changes. People continue to pay least attention to the issue. They keep going to weddings one after the other but thats not a problem. If you are invited its rude to decline the invitation. However, going to weddings ONLY with objective of eating is wrong.

The time when i am least hungry is at the weddings. Its the opposite for others. I see people running and jumping and salivating their way towards the food, my taste buds start to turn low. When i see them grabbing plates and spoons while pushing everyone aside, as if just released from a zoo, i become reluctant of going to the food table to fill my plate. The amazing part is how most of the guests fill their plates more than it allows with some of the chicken/mutton/beef kebabs slipping off it. While they are filling their plates for eternity, they never forget inspecting my plate and asking me in disbelief: " aray tum itna kam khati ho?" " you eat so less?"
while i think to myself :"aray ap itna khatay/khati hain, did u just replace your stomach with a mini version of well?" and then i think to myself, almost wanting to say it aloud: "..err i hope its not my last day on this planet, i can eat more tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow and so on."
The time when i most want to shout out to the guests, sometimes even the people i know, in reply to their curiosty of why i eat so little is "..simply because i dont like leaving food on my plate.."
Horrifying part of all is when people dont bother finishing all the food on their plates and then immediately rush towards the desserts. With the meetha/sweets still on the plate, they keep an eye on where the waitors are setting up the Kashmiri chai/tea tables.

Weddings in winters bring along another item on the food menu and that is Kashmiri chai/tea. The idea is great. Soups and teas are ideal for weddings. there is a big BUT. The whole idea of serving tea becomes a disastrous battlefield, especially if you are not going to an elite wedding. I'm not saying that in elite weddings people are sophisticated enough to maintain their civil behaviour but the only difference is that they display their wildness over food in a subtle manner. They maintain their outward appearance of extreme mannerism but make their movements quick. The techniques? none that i can think of or that i picked up after my observation...but now that i think there must be some excellent basic tips for the beginners(like me) on how to grab, eat and waste food on weddings.

Coming back to the tea. The perfect chaotic scene over getting a cup of kashmiri chai from the originally big water coolers turned chai/tea container coolers is a nightmare. Everyone is in a jovial mood and take delight in pushing you hard and then giving you their humblest of smiles. The only distinctive part of the water cooler turned chai cooler i didnt mention is the tap. Yes the tap to let the tea flow out. The messy part. People are in such a frenzy that they get confused as to where the tap would close and where it would open. i remember attending a wedding of my cousin where her relatives came from a village. very nice, warm people. very hospitable. However,when they saw food and especially the water cooler turned chai cooler, they went crazy. The young girls i had exchanged salams/greetings and pleasant smiles with earlier, refused to recognize me as i waited by their sides/behind them( imagining a queue) for 'my turn' to get a hot cup of chai in the freezing december wedding.

There is some element of being-in-a-hurry-state every time guests are hovering around the food tables. i really dont understand what the rush is all about? are you going to miss your train? are you afraid there would be no food left if you are a few minutes late? are you going to die of hunger? is it some sort of a competition- who eats and wastes the most? the last one could be a possibility...

All i know is that Punjabis' love for food is unconditional, ever green, very strong, deep and intense. However, i should not be prejudiced about this. Fair would be if i assume that Sindis and Balochis and Pathans are all equally mad about food, especially the food being served on weddings.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, i SO agree with this.

Most people think its odd habit number one for me but i NEVER take food in the first go at weddings; I don't want salan on my clothes, thank you.

And the good part is, the food's never finished. There's always more and fresh that comes when the first dish finishes.
To be fair, the salad finishes but NOT the food or the tea, not even at village weddings.

I just don't understand the rush, i swear. Its embarrassing to witness... and embarrassing to read but someone needed to point this out.

Abdul Sami said...

i can say as a fact that i hav lost my apetite since i hav left lahore... i think its all in our paani :D !!!

Anonymous said...

agreed and signed!!!

people dont have anything else to do at weddings do that. khao khao and only khao... no one eats to lives.. and we all know that pakiland and its eople just affirm that on and offf...
never the less... pakis are pakis.. proud to be one!

uglyduckling said...

I only eat in Lahore. =(

DuFFeR said...

lolz @ misspec's perfect observations, seems to hold great experience of "walima jaat" :D
what happened two days ago?
dont know?
ok i tell you,
i was standing near to dish and the person who had filled in his plate never wanted to leave the spoon. rather he was calling one of his companion "Come here, come here"
i have never been one of those to exercise "push ups" for food at parties. but i just grabbed the spoon from him and said "this is not a local bus or train, that you have kept a seat for your buddy"

Mubi said...

specs, i wonder how i missed to mention the salad scenario. thanks for adding that! :D

smacula :)

seher, hehe thats weddings are for. if its not of your close relative or friend, its the food that matters :D but again whats the rush :p

beaugly, you dont eat when you are in islamabad?

Dee, hahaha i loved your timely reply to the guy!

m.h.a said...

You know wat i'm sorry i posted a comment about this on the other fog wali post...i cant copy and paste it from my cell :( sorry for messing up

Anonymous said...

I rarely go to weddings, Duffer. :p

Its just that I wear abayas so i have some nicer ones to wear at weddings and stuff. And no, they are sadly NOT black. So, it would be a tragedy to get a salan print right down my lively beige 5000 ruppee abaya: I just cannot afford it, frankly. upper sey, to add icing on the cake, all my abays are plain with no patterns on them so if there's even a little salan dot, its visible from ten feet off and that's so yucky.

Bas yar, shaddiyon key dasay hoay hain hum. :P


Mubi said...

mha, i figured it out :p thats alright

specy, i know the stain on plain abayas and the silk clothes looks awful!!! and seriously the abayas are soo expensive now!!

m.h.a said...

Beta Abaya Shop se abayas na lia karo na. I saw one for 12k! Dont raise eyebrows man on my info about abayas.

Mubi said...

no eye brows being raised mha :p, coz even i saw abayas for as much as 15k.

DuFFeR said...

now dont expect k i'll tell you of seeing a burqa of 20K, never
i think 2000 is more than enough
itnay mehangey to shadi k dresses bn nai hotay hon gay

Abdul Sami said...

abaya :o

ninjaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :(

Abdul Sami said...

@beagly... but u liv in isloo :(

lost in rome said...

oh i wud love to eat but i dont like da part of gettin my clothes n hands dirty n im speakin from a personal expereince.. i remember dis girl at a shadii who wiped her dirty hands off ma moms dupatta!! n ya somehow my appetite really diminishes a degree or two.


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