Monday, 29 December 2008

Lahore in Fog

Winters is an amazing season of the year. I have mentioned my undying and ever increasing love for it umpteenth times now and fog is the bonus we get. Its bonus time in Lahore!!!! It is so foggy right now that when i went out on the terrace, i couldnt see the house opposite ours. I couldnt make out where the dark night sky was starting and where the roofs of the houses around me were ending. I stood out in the night for a couple of minutes smelling the clouds of fog. It smells heavenly, fresh and welcoming. it is freezing cold, a little breezy, the top branches of the trees around floating in the night sky, very slowly, a bit rhythmically. I fantasized what it must feel like getting lost in a thick forest of tall, old trees when hours are late, night is dense and darkness so deep that you could drown in it. Right now Lahore is embraced by thick fog. It is humanly impossible to drive from Johar Town to any other place in Lahore for example. i have a few pictures of fog i took last year. For the time i have uploaded something i found on google :)


Abdul Sami said...

of all i miss in lahore... i miss fog the most... next is food and that is your next post... :P !!!

Anonymous said...

i have intentionally been lost in the fog. but he found me. i dont miss it because it is inside me :)
thanks.. u truly do wonders with my nostalgia!

Anonymous said...

OMG, I went to Lahore recently and when we were coming back, the fog was AWFUL. I wanted to just stay there till 12 and brave the rush on the roads instead of that fog...its so creepy. Upper sey garian bhi nazar nahin atee. *brr*

DuFFeR said...

i love fog
the real winter season to enjoy is with fog.
the fog in night is just breathtaking

Mubi said...

smacula two posts of your interest :p

seher, hey i liked what you wrote..i dont miss it because it is inside me..hmm :)

specs, you mean awfully great right? :D

Dee, totally agreed!

m.h.a said...

You know i was driving back from lums the other night, and i was totally clueless, at a point the road diverged into a fork, and...i just followed one of the cars blindly...was scary...but you know i like it when such things slow life down you know gives you time to breathe

m.h.a said...

Lol you know you depict it so well, for so long i've wanted to describe it all, but couldn't have done better. Seriously, people wasting food is disgusting..and piling up Chopsticks after thing more, CONCERNED MUMS are often seen saying "haey bete ye lo khao" and you look at the kid you wonder isn't that kid as healthy as the whole cow? Why'd he need that much food...but the best part is where like you said people turn away and stop recognising incident i wanna quote, there was this wedding where the food was served on tables and each table had a revolving centre. Now this aunty, sitting on the table, greedy enough to not wait for her own turn, got up and reached out to the quorma. She didn't realise she put all her weight on the table and the next moment, the whole table and all its yummy contents were on her...i dunno what can be more embarrassing...Damn...she must be mortified though i think she was in too much pain to be mortified at that moment...but she looked so cultured and sophisticated before food was SET FREE...LOL

good one mubaaai

uglyduckling said...

There's a lot of air pollution in Lahore too. :( Jou something like fog hai :P

Mubi said...

mha, i need life to speed up a bit :p or maybe not.. hmm
and as for the shadi food, lol, poor aunty :p

beaugly, thats true..its smog or something..

Abdul Sami said...

oh mha u shud come on ride with me in fog :D !!!

i lov drivin in fog... n m bloody good at it :D !

Abdul Sami said...

@specy.. us lahoreeez... we can drive blindfolded :P

Anonymous said...

yep, i remember... it was foggy in Karachi too during that time

lost in rome said...

oh i love fogs and winter however i just hate it k mujhe itni sardiii lagti hai yar...i spent da tym thankin God that kolg was off or i wud have frozen

Mubi said...

sami, i so agree! i remember my dad drove the car from canal once..and it was like totally blindfolded!!!

exquisite, fog is everywhere yay!!! :D :D

lost, hehehe, i think it wud be fun to go bk to college,,the trees, the phoolon kay guldastay our college is so expert in...:p i only thing i love about our campus :p and it looks so good in winter mornings :D
you wear double triple pair of socks right :p


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