Tuesday, 30 December 2008

2 aur Dau Char

This is a simple fun tag. Thank you smacula for tagging me. I jump and dance around in joy, my favourite ritual on getting tagged.

Here goes 2 aur Dau Char.

4 Places I Go to Over and Over Again

4. Readings
3. Terrace in the fog
2. Chocolate brown blanket on the bed (if that counts as a 'place')
1. College

4 People Who Mail Me Regularly

4. Speed Date (some junk that keeps coming to my inbox, lol. recent was a private note:p)
3. Funny Bunny( this one's new)
2. Cousins
1. Brother

4 of My Favourite Places to Eat

4. Gol gappay wala anywhere on the roads, streets
3. The seethay wala in college
2. Food street( not a favourite since i havent been there. yes yes i live in Lahore :p)
1. Home

4 Places I’d Rather be Now

4. In my old home,where i was born...
3. A theme park taking all kinds of crazy rides.
2. on the terrace, lying on a charpoy, under a summer night sky, with a myriad of stars twinkling down at me.
1. anywhere near the sea or in some beautiful valley

4 Favourite TV Shows

4. Friends
3. funniest animals on animal planet
2. The IT crowd
1. Full house ( loved this sitcom)

4 Movies I Could Watch Again and Again

4. Step up 1, 2
3. my best friend's wedding
2. DDLG, Jab we met
1. you've got mail

and lastly 4 people to be tagged

4. exquisite

3. Dee(duffer)

2. nadia

1. lost in rome


Anonymous said...

ashhhhhh so you finally did it :)
like your movie picks.. havent seen step up though.. heard no good about it!

DuFFeR said...

very interesting tag post
and thanks for choosing me to tag
surely, this tag decides my today's post :)

uglyduckling said...

I wanna watch step up. :/

Mubi said...

seher and beaugly, step up is really cool!

Dee,thats great! :D

DuFFeR said...

posted the tagged post :)
and UD: if you need Step Up i have the movies, but can transfer you only torrents :d

uglyduckling said...

Stomp the Yard daikhain ;(

Awais Naseer Keyani said...

See "Eagle Eye". BTW nice post! :)

Mubi said...

beaugly, thanks for a movie suggestion..i wonder if it was for me..but anyhow, its added to my list hehehe

awais, thanks for visiting! the movie's added to my list, i remember my friend recommending me this movie a while back as well. must watch then :)

Abdul Sami said...

n i always wondered who the hell watches the 'funniest animals' thingie!!!

its yooooooooooooouuuuu !!!!

Mubi said...

hey come on that show is sooo good!!! no one else watches it? *baffled look* :p

Anonymous said...

For once, I agree with Sami: who on earth watches funniest animals??it's ridiculous!



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