Monday, 10 November 2008

Raving Hellions part III: Mutley visits...

Characters: mubi( was at peace until...) Mutley arrived and Amna's notebook( where the convo came alive)
Setting: Its a cold, winter morning( arrival of a new a season), a pallid sun hanging in the sky. Mubi drifting away to another zone during a lecture on media theories when she is suddenly visited by Mutley, the cartoon character!! Absurd as it is, stay if you can go crazy or leave if you think you are too sane for the following...

Mutley: hey mubi
Mubi : hey :p what are you doing on Amna's notebook pages?
Mutley: (sotto voce)shugum fushim #&*%$
Mubi: Thats all you can say huh :p I dont really like you :/
Mutley: Yes! i can say a lot! Why didnt Gerarrd go to the kanye west concert? and i hate you too!
Mubi: (thoughtfully) you're working for Amna, arnt you? *sarcastic look*
Mutley: And good people work for her.*sarcastic look back at yer*
Mubi: LOL, Good and Amna are two words i never thought i would listen in one sentence (copying amnas words of wisdom aka signature line)
Mutley: yeh and fashion and mubi are two words never to be written in one sentence.
Mubi: OMG. i dont believe mutley is talking of fashion to me:p
Mutely: Mutley can cause he doesnt wear shoes worn by truck drivers!
Mubi: hey! are you a spy? you filthy cartoon character, stop keeping an eye on my footwear. by the way, you are indeed an interesting lets make a deal
Mutley: hahahaha, say something i dont know. ya DEAL! ( didnt even ask what deal:p)
Mubi: what if i invite you to my blog?
Mutley: (sotto voce) shugum fushum! no dont come to BOORRINNGG website!
Mubi: *suspicious* i can see who is behind this conspiracy against me, but you know what, this conversation is going to go on my blog :D

to be continued

Mutley: Dont blame Amna!
Mubi: Ah Ha! you do work for her eh?
Mutley: Kill mubi! yahaaa!
Mubi: :@ shugum fagum &*%#^%&*^
Mutley: copy cat (weird to hear that from a dog :S)

Long silence. mubi dosed off for a while. was poked and nagged by the stupid spy blah

Mutley: (announces heroically) Mubi has been fed to the hippopotamus freed by amna when she was spreading anarchy
Mubi: (wakes up shocked) stop spreading rumours about me, i am still here! Thats the problem with cartoon characters, they imagine/do a lot of stuff that never happens :p

suddenly changing the topic

Mutley: Do you know why amna didnt come to college yesterday?
Mubi: probably she lost her way! Apparently she had some "important" pending work to finish*rolling eyes*
Mutley: *nods* she freed animals and spread anarchy for 4 hours while you were at the press club.
Mubi: *disappointed* I cannot believe you, you evil thing. the anarchy was our joint plan :(
Mutley: who are yer?
Mubi: *arrogant yawn* you dont ask that to people who own a blog!
Mutley: Amna told me mubi's a bit *censored* LM-AO
Mubi: *geniunely serious* mutley, im feeling a bit down actually...
Mutley: what happened? you aint getting the notebook anyway.
Mubi: well you have already made the deal with me. remember? *evil grin*

Long silence again...

Mutley signed off with this message:
End of conversation! mutley was bored by wooden mubi and fed her to the lions (think! a dog feeding me to the lions!)
his last words were (muttering) shugum fushum &%$##*&^
while he was busy with his doggly ways *mubi snatched the notebook and ran*
hence the post :p


Abdul Sami said...

see this is the sort of thing that i like readin

plz translate shugum fushum :D

Mubi said...

lol, you liked it?
well shugum fushim blah cannot be translated :D

Abdul Sami said...

like??? lol.. as i said earlier... this is exactly the sort of thing i venture blogs for all day long !!!

uglyduckling said...

Shugum fushim stuff? =p

lost in rome said...

lol mobe, shoes like truck driver.. ya i can imagine where dats comin from. n i loved dis cartoon.. ya wo racing wala hain na

Anonymous said...

errrr..whats going on?
:S :S

Anonymous said...

"shugum fushum" I love this word!!

I liked the conversation. VEWY VEWY MUCH. For reasons best left undisclosed, hahaha.

Lunatic.... said...

I got to understand it in bits and pieces :S

Mubi said...

smacula, beaugly and lost :) glad you enjoyed it :p

Illusion, ehehehe :$ its just a crazy conversation me and my friend had during a lecture where my friend took up the role of mutley :D u didnt like it :(

Specy i have begun to like shugum fushum too :D will help me a great deal coz i fall short on those special words that come out when ones lost their temper ;)

Lunatic, chalo kuch tu samaj aya na

[[[ x Smiley x ]]] said...

i love this shugum fushum!
how cool is that!?!

:D x10

m.h.a said... it mubi...and loved the character too, wasn't he great...stabbed right in the back of his master, what was his name ? I forgot.
Anyways do you really wear truck driver shoes...thats actually that means you can drive trucks too? Sorry lame...

Anonymous said...

this was fun and totally useless...

want more please :P

feed this unworthy brain with entertainment :D

shugum fushum something... means: ?

Anonymous said...

m.h.a she does wear driver shoes n so does rukh ..their fashion taste is sumthin tht i am no even going to talk abt ... hahahah and the name of his master was DASTARDLY ..... i 've actually started watchin it on youtube ..haha ''mutley you snikerring flappy ear hound when you r most needed you r not around...''
and mutley ,DASTARDLY , roadrunner and woofie were in convo on tuesday but tht convo kinda died prematurely.... haahahahahahha... mutley , dastadly, woofie and roadrunner are all very happy today since they all got A+ in their PR presentation.... and mubi is still not found and the last time she was seen was when the Lion freed by Ami n mutley was eatin her up near MACDONALDS on jail ROAD.... LMAO

Mubi said...

hehe thanks smiley jeeti raho:D
mha lol, well ami's given the details on us wearing the 'driver shoes' :p glad u liked it :) n ya that was lame :p
haha exqui yeh acha, you saying its useless :( hehehe, hopefully more entertainment on its way ;)
AHA! welcome my friend,who are you again? mutley? no o ya amna!
the reason u havent found me, is coz i am hiding in a cave, planning my next move :p

Anonymous said...

haha..nah it was okay..mujhay tou kuch bhi samajh nahi aa'ya siwae shugum fushum k:P

Mubi said...

awww illusion, why so :(
lol, chalo shugum fushum tu samaj aya na :)

Anonymous said...

lol i don't know:S
maybe the work's finally started to take its toll on me:(
mujhay tou shugum fushim-fushum-fishoon-whatever-the-fish-it-is ki bhi samajh nahi aae:D

Mubi said...

lol..illusion,,i can tell you one thing..its nothing related to the fish :p
thats alright, you can chk out my other posts :p

Anonymous said...

hehe..will do:S
I know i've been too much work & routine's been very grinding.
anyhoo can i use this "shughum fushim" as a swear word?:S
bara mazaa aae ga:P

indusvale said...

Dastardly and Muttley, didn't ever think I would read it on a blog, least of all yours ! well come to think of it never thought there'd be blogs. Were you old enough to actually remember it? my comment 'dahhh' and this had nothing to do with the fact that I've always dispised these cartoons... the flying machines... saw too many re runs on ch 33. Don't let me stop you though

Mubi said...

of course illusion you can :p :p

hehehe indus i dont like these cartoons either,,not my fav..but brainless lectures tempt us to indulge in conversations we never imagined off :p

Anonymous said...

nahi useless as my brain perceives it... and my brain is numb these days

i'm sure this deserves to be in the Hall of Fame :P


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