Friday, 28 November 2008

a day in the life of mubi

My life's always been very predictable. i am not the sort who has to face unexpected, sudden, bizarre comic moments. so out of curiosity i ask has there been some shift in other people's life? or maybe our fortune cookies got switched :p
How bad is it that your day starts with a bad, scary, terrible, terrible dream. then you wake up to find you have to complete some unfinished things before the dreaded deadline.following that revelation, a bundle of other tiny but irritating mishaps confront you with a big bright smile.
as soon as i regained my consciousness from my intoxicating slumber(cell phone went on beeping with smses) i glowered at the tiny gadget and realized i am short on time. i hopped onto the computer and began using the printer. as luck would have it, in complete rush and panicky state i made things worse. after a few seconds of peaceful encounter with the toaster look alike printer( i can hear my brother groan at this description of the canon printer:p) i was caught in a furious battle. with good intentions of feeding the printer cum toaster with sufficient papers for the print out, i very conveniently ended up with a bundle of pages horribly stuck inside the machine. i let out a shriek of horror and thus started the* shugum fushum* moments! Once out of the paper printer battle, lost and wounded, i found myself trapped in yet another technology related disaster. Somehow i failed to merge two extra slides to my 2007 power point. and its no rocket science now, is it ?
Already late for college, pulling my socks up( literally) and dragging my bag behind me plus juggling a few(make that around 20) loose pages in my hands, i made a stop at the photocopier to whom i had half the mind of yelling the IT Crowd lines in thick Irish accent "are you from the past?" Then it hit me that i am no better than the poor guy trying to bind my print outs. only a few mins earlier i came out of a printer, powerpoint mess which humbly led to my inflated ego deflating immediately. after a superhuman patience of around 15 mins i got out of the shop with the presentation hard copy in my hands safe and sound.

The drive to college was invested in talk with my pops who insisted on buying me a new pair of shoes. he's annoyed to the point of disgust at the sight of my weinbrenner dusty sandals but i LOVE them. i feel no comfort in any other pair of shoes than those and the idea of disowning them and buying new ones results in goosebumps. the topic under discussion has been this and its no little, run of the mill matter. its serious! so my pops goes on like this "so when should i take you to buy new sandals/shoes/proper ones that you could wear to college" and i followed " ummm hmm papa, what about next semester?" and so the conversation went on....

Last year i was determined to hit myself into the speedy vans and cars on the side lanes while trying to cross it to get to the college gates. this semester i didnt brave to that an extent and have comprised only on dropping certain things off my lap. well i can very easily put all the blame to the forces of gravity right? ah so as i got out of the car, my precious highlighters tossed out in total oblivion. i collected them hurriedly while pops glowered at me and my clumsiness.
getting to my department didnt turn out to be an ordeal, except for the fact that one girl walking beside me, kept staring at me sideways; i thought what better way than to engage her in futile conversation :p
The rest of the day wasnt eventful anymore. all i had to do was give occasional forced nods to the presentations i had to bear with until my turn came.
on my way back home, the sun was unusually burning our skins despite the wintry mornings and chilly nights. well its not that cold. my test for real cold is when you breath out air to find a faint trail of smoke leaving your mouth.
menu of the day instantly lit me up. mum had prepared vegetable soup and mooli wali rotis. at lunch i indulged in a hot bowl of soup with spicy mooli wali roti. yum yum.
the last of the day's highlights were dairy milk chocolates :D :D i still havent touched them, which is so not me. chocolate and me in one either of them has to survive and its always me who survives, the chocolate goes in, melts in with my taste buds and reminds me what an idiotic sweet tooth i have. amazingly not today, which is a major major indication of my unpredictable day! the post wasnt meant to emphasize on the unpredictability(which is no where to be seen) but just my craving to type something...


Nando_Villa said...

so i thought since no one has commented yet i'll be the first one ... well mubi in a short form
mubi wakes up
mubi makes a mess
mubi cums to college
mubi makes a bigger mess
mubi follows nando and cutee around
mubi goes home
mubi visits blog
mubi eats food , eats chocolate and MAGNUM and mubi blogs sum more ....
bottom line mubi is ------------------as nando n cutee would put it .................. nope not sayin it .... mubi is ------------ oh forget it ..lost track of wht i was writing ...ciao

Daanish said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Daanish said...

let me say it,mubi is what mubi is :)


seher's shenanigans said...

a day in the life of Mubi does sound like a girl's life.. where she has too much to do and yet so little time to do it in...
and there cant b any compromises!
is it?

Abdul Sami said...

lol... so its a day in your life worth writing abt... but its not every day is it..

loved the whole printer/toaster anology ;D

Poisoned Apple said...

I'm back after a long week of exams =D LOL!
Well, this was quite a fun read..and imagine, on top of this already bad day, if your mom/dad really sarcastically tell you, 'Aur organized na ho, yahi hoga!'
Tan badan mein aag lagjati hai..UFF! It's like, DUDE! I AM organised I'm just having a bad day! UFFFFFFFFFFFFF!

For days like these-
Runaway- Avril Lavigne

Mubi said...

nando, LOL loved ur comment :p

daanish, hehehe, am trying to digest that :p

seher, well i agree to half of ur comment :D so little time to do in is so true! but i have too little to do sometimes hehehe

smacula, thanks for liking
something from the post:p

apple!! i think longer than a week, no? i hope you did well in ur exams:)
hehehe, uf exactly these lines are like the universal dialogues, nai?
good song suggestion ;p

thepurplejournal said...

I had a huge smile on my face while reading this post, reminds me of my college days deadlines :)

misspecs said...

Aw woman, you're so super!

Mooli walee rotee...yummsville!

You have a pretty full day! Its making me tired just reading of it!

Azra said...

I always have hose unpredictable, comic days...where I'm always the fool.

Luckily, I always manage to laugh about it later.

Hmmm....I LOVE chocolate...a little too much :)

Mubi said...

purple, aw :)
specy, lol are you being sarcastic:p
azra, i LOVE chocolates too! way too much :$ ehhee

Ammara said...

i dnt like mulli walli roti mom doesnt make it spicy enuf..nd y did u wana hit the vans nd vehicles? kya bigara hai driver ney..?


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