Friday, 28 November 2008

a day in the life of mubi

My life's always been very predictable. i am not the sort who has to face unexpected, sudden, bizarre comic moments. so out of curiosity i ask has there been some shift in other people's life? or maybe our fortune cookies got switched :p
How bad is it that your day starts with a bad, scary, terrible, terrible dream. then you wake up to find you have to complete some unfinished things before the dreaded deadline.following that revelation, a bundle of other tiny but irritating mishaps confront you with a big bright smile.
as soon as i regained my consciousness from my intoxicating slumber(cell phone went on beeping with smses) i glowered at the tiny gadget and realized i am short on time. i hopped onto the computer and began using the printer. as luck would have it, in complete rush and panicky state i made things worse. after a few seconds of peaceful encounter with the toaster look alike printer( i can hear my brother groan at this description of the canon printer:p) i was caught in a furious battle. with good intentions of feeding the printer cum toaster with sufficient papers for the print out, i very conveniently ended up with a bundle of pages horribly stuck inside the machine. i let out a shriek of horror and thus started the* shugum fushum* moments! Once out of the paper printer battle, lost and wounded, i found myself trapped in yet another technology related disaster. Somehow i failed to merge two extra slides to my 2007 power point. and its no rocket science now, is it ?
Already late for college, pulling my socks up( literally) and dragging my bag behind me plus juggling a few(make that around 20) loose pages in my hands, i made a stop at the photocopier to whom i had half the mind of yelling the IT Crowd lines in thick Irish accent "are you from the past?" Then it hit me that i am no better than the poor guy trying to bind my print outs. only a few mins earlier i came out of a printer, powerpoint mess which humbly led to my inflated ego deflating immediately. after a superhuman patience of around 15 mins i got out of the shop with the presentation hard copy in my hands safe and sound.

The drive to college was invested in talk with my pops who insisted on buying me a new pair of shoes. he's annoyed to the point of disgust at the sight of my weinbrenner dusty sandals but i LOVE them. i feel no comfort in any other pair of shoes than those and the idea of disowning them and buying new ones results in goosebumps. the topic under discussion has been this and its no little, run of the mill matter. its serious! so my pops goes on like this "so when should i take you to buy new sandals/shoes/proper ones that you could wear to college" and i followed " ummm hmm papa, what about next semester?" and so the conversation went on....

Last year i was determined to hit myself into the speedy vans and cars on the side lanes while trying to cross it to get to the college gates. this semester i didnt brave to that an extent and have comprised only on dropping certain things off my lap. well i can very easily put all the blame to the forces of gravity right? ah so as i got out of the car, my precious highlighters tossed out in total oblivion. i collected them hurriedly while pops glowered at me and my clumsiness.
getting to my department didnt turn out to be an ordeal, except for the fact that one girl walking beside me, kept staring at me sideways; i thought what better way than to engage her in futile conversation :p
The rest of the day wasnt eventful anymore. all i had to do was give occasional forced nods to the presentations i had to bear with until my turn came.
on my way back home, the sun was unusually burning our skins despite the wintry mornings and chilly nights. well its not that cold. my test for real cold is when you breath out air to find a faint trail of smoke leaving your mouth.
menu of the day instantly lit me up. mum had prepared vegetable soup and mooli wali rotis. at lunch i indulged in a hot bowl of soup with spicy mooli wali roti. yum yum.
the last of the day's highlights were dairy milk chocolates :D :D i still havent touched them, which is so not me. chocolate and me in one either of them has to survive and its always me who survives, the chocolate goes in, melts in with my taste buds and reminds me what an idiotic sweet tooth i have. amazingly not today, which is a major major indication of my unpredictable day! the post wasnt meant to emphasize on the unpredictability(which is no where to be seen) but just my craving to type something...

Tuesday, 25 November 2008


I have no idea what I am going to write (LIKE ALWAYS). All I know right now is that I have one heck of a fast typing speed. Weirdly it slows down when I occasionally take a peek towards my dusty keyboard and becomes faster when I glue my teeny weeny eyes to the screen and see the words appear rapidly filling the white blank space. I have to write an essay of around 2000 words minimum on something very philosophical and I can’t bring myself to form the ideas( some ideas and arguments that I surely have somewhere in my grey matter) into coherent thoughts and then translate them into proper grammar. My deadline awaits me just 4 days ahead. I am on the verge of panic but I know that panic would take a back seat as soon as I take a look around 60% of the room (rest of the 40%, I have very generously given to my brother. This computer where I spend most of my time comes in his tiny part of the room and now I realize that I have written enough in the brackets and that I should stop doing that and come out of the bracket)[WHHEEEE!!! I am out of the bracket: p] and in no time I will find something to indulge myself into and then totally become oblivious to the threatening deadline.

*oo i have to finish reading that book!*
*something good in the fridge to eat i wonder*
*my bed and chocolaty brown blanket...zzzzzz*

moral of the story: temptation is good and deadlines could kill but we always survive

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Rapunzel! Rapunzel!

i was looking through a folder of mine and this is  what caught my attention. Three cheers for the Rapunzel of today :p

"Rapunzel! Rapunzel! You've cut off your hair!
Your billowing tresses are no longer there.
That mohawk you're sporting is spiky and pink.
I'm really not certain just what I should think.
"I came here expecting to clamber a braid,
ascending your tower to come to your aid.
Instead I have suffered the greatest of shocks
to find that you've cut off your lovely blonde locks."
"Prince Charming, Prince Charming," Rapunzel replied,
"I have no intention of being your bride.
We will not get married.  We will not elope.
I've cut off my hair and I've braided a rope.
"You came here to visit me once every day,
and promised that soon you would take me away,
but you were too clueless to even concieve
of cutting my hair off so we could just leave.
"I cannot believe you were such a big dope.
I come and I go as I please with my rope.
And so, I'm afraid I can't give you my hand.
In spite of the fabulous wedding you planned."
From then on Rapunzel was known through the land.
She toured the world in a rock and roll band.
And silly Prince Charming, with rocks in his head,
rode off and got married to Snow White instead.

--Kenn Nesbitt

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Man of the match dude

Edited: this post was to hit the page yesterday..but it got a bit delayed

Alright, i never really thought i'd write about cricket on my blog. But hey here i am typing away all about it! There has been a lot about ICL, the famous, the trouble maker thing for the our players who went over there and then ended up getting banned over here! I dont understand whats the big deal? Well i m not really in a sensible position to say anything at all, but its just that if someone is getting good money and may i add, a hell lota good experience why not? I mean they are going over there and playing and still be known like 'hey theres Inzi, hes from Pakistan' or like 'oye thats Imran Nazir, again from Pakistan'
Without furthering my loose talk on the oh so serious talk on the ICL controversy and our players, this post is about the above mentioned Imran Nazir, the hero of the day, the man of the match of today's game between Lahore Badshahs (like that name :p) and Hyderabad Heroes that was played in Ahmadabad. The crowd roared and hooted and cheered and sang while the players enthusiastically maneuvered their way to victory.
Star of the day was Imran and he did play some great shots. His hits displayed his command and control over his batting which was good to see after a long time. Every other minute i nagged my brother with questions and exclamations of this sort: "aray haaaaaan Azhar Mehmood bhi tu team mai hota tha kabhi!" and "oooo bhai, Imran Nazir where did he come from? was he in hiding or something?" and i was a bit surprized to see Saqlain in the field playing after a LONG period!
The only thing that irritated me about Imran Nazir was his swaying of hair to and fro like some glamourous Bollywood heroine. Then after some repeatitive swings of head and hair i realized there is something weird about his hair....YES!! He had straigthened them and no wonder he was flaunting them so much!! LOL.. That was some sight but he was the man of the no complaining about those over excessive flaunting in celebration of his victory :p

Friday, 14 November 2008

a lil of this and a lil of that

I sat next to her and thought what would my friend say if she got to know.LOL. i know we would both laugh hard later for being in the 'privileged' company of a nuisance. I feel its important to add here that my friend Amna and i share this mutual hatred, no thats too strong a word, our mutual annoyance towards this girl i refer to as she. I know sometimes i am so bad i make it a point to take something bad out of that girl. i mean after all she isnt that bad...its just that she doesnt.. umm errr.. hmm..*thinking really hard actually* !!!! ah well alright i quit. i dont like her and thats that! *waving out to my friend*
Hmm so where was i? yes well i was sitting right next to her in the front row of the classroom today. If shes not secretly watching you from across the room, she would probably be trying to engage in a conversation with you. By conversation i dont mean the normal, civil conversation but something that attacks you and you grow hysterical almost crying out loud 'bibi could you not talk gibbrish sometime?' However, today she decided to spare me the idea of her conversation and our exchange of words went like this:
She: mubi what does confirm ( the actual word was conform) mean there *pointing to the LCD displaying the text in microsoft word*
*putting on my specs* i was actually already wearing them. i was bit groggy from last night. i tried to target the word 'confirm' there but to no avail.
Me: umm i cant see where confirm is written...
She: yar there *she reads out the sentence to help me*
ME: ohh conform! It means to conform, to agree to rules or norms you know...
She: (philosophically) achaaa matlab fit in kerna...

and i had three rounds of tiny conversations with her * fanatic exclamation marks*

We are a group of four friends in the same major and we make it a point to sit right at the back of the class. Unlike the usual backbenchers, we break the convention and participate in class discussions with quite a bundle of fervour. On other occasions we cant help missing the opportunity of being the bane of our teachers lives *angelic smile*. but we always raise hands before saying something *such good manners* This way we not only manage to avoid the frequent curious glances of hers but also indulge in our scribbly crazy conversations that come to life on pieces of paper, notebooks( usually amnas) etc.

Break even. neither loss nor profit. Thats the kind of situation i am in for like the past 2 years! I have been able to maintain this tremendously annoying graph of As and Bs in such a quantity that i end up like a break even at the end of every semester. I hate that! I hate Cs and Alhamdolilah so far no Cs *phew* but i like Ds better than Cs. However, thats not the point here. The disturbing point is why, oh why do i end up getting equal numbers of As and Bs? Now i have exactly 3 As and 3 Bs and thats like deja vu over and over again!!!

The lazy bones that i am, everyday is a resolution making and a resolution breaking day. I think the things that i had to work on at the start of the year are still pending!!! yikes! thats so true it freaks me out! Freakiness makes me feel sleepy :S i think i will call it a day....zzzzzz

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

guess where the rainbow is :p

well the above picture is in response to Smacula's pic of a rainbow. If you are wondering where is the rainbow, dont worry, its not easily visible to the eye. Now is the part where i want you to use your eyes a bit and guess where do you see it :p
By the way, rainbows here in Lahore are RARE actually absent! thanks to the pollution factor :( but this year in august, during the end of monsoon, i couldnt believe my eyes when i saw a rainbow peeking in. Next thing i know, i was clicking away only to find out later that its was so faint it didnt come in the shot : /
still its a rainbow *jumping around in joy*

Kiss the Rain

I have been listening to this lately( a lot). I dont really need to say anything, listening to it says it all.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Raving Hellions part III: Mutley visits...

Characters: mubi( was at peace until...) Mutley arrived and Amna's notebook( where the convo came alive)
Setting: Its a cold, winter morning( arrival of a new a season), a pallid sun hanging in the sky. Mubi drifting away to another zone during a lecture on media theories when she is suddenly visited by Mutley, the cartoon character!! Absurd as it is, stay if you can go crazy or leave if you think you are too sane for the following...

Mutley: hey mubi
Mubi : hey :p what are you doing on Amna's notebook pages?
Mutley: (sotto voce)shugum fushim #&*%$
Mubi: Thats all you can say huh :p I dont really like you :/
Mutley: Yes! i can say a lot! Why didnt Gerarrd go to the kanye west concert? and i hate you too!
Mubi: (thoughtfully) you're working for Amna, arnt you? *sarcastic look*
Mutley: And good people work for her.*sarcastic look back at yer*
Mubi: LOL, Good and Amna are two words i never thought i would listen in one sentence (copying amnas words of wisdom aka signature line)
Mutley: yeh and fashion and mubi are two words never to be written in one sentence.
Mubi: OMG. i dont believe mutley is talking of fashion to me:p
Mutely: Mutley can cause he doesnt wear shoes worn by truck drivers!
Mubi: hey! are you a spy? you filthy cartoon character, stop keeping an eye on my footwear. by the way, you are indeed an interesting lets make a deal
Mutley: hahahaha, say something i dont know. ya DEAL! ( didnt even ask what deal:p)
Mubi: what if i invite you to my blog?
Mutley: (sotto voce) shugum fushum! no dont come to BOORRINNGG website!
Mubi: *suspicious* i can see who is behind this conspiracy against me, but you know what, this conversation is going to go on my blog :D

to be continued

Mutley: Dont blame Amna!
Mubi: Ah Ha! you do work for her eh?
Mutley: Kill mubi! yahaaa!
Mubi: :@ shugum fagum &*%#^%&*^
Mutley: copy cat (weird to hear that from a dog :S)

Long silence. mubi dosed off for a while. was poked and nagged by the stupid spy blah

Mutley: (announces heroically) Mubi has been fed to the hippopotamus freed by amna when she was spreading anarchy
Mubi: (wakes up shocked) stop spreading rumours about me, i am still here! Thats the problem with cartoon characters, they imagine/do a lot of stuff that never happens :p

suddenly changing the topic

Mutley: Do you know why amna didnt come to college yesterday?
Mubi: probably she lost her way! Apparently she had some "important" pending work to finish*rolling eyes*
Mutley: *nods* she freed animals and spread anarchy for 4 hours while you were at the press club.
Mubi: *disappointed* I cannot believe you, you evil thing. the anarchy was our joint plan :(
Mutley: who are yer?
Mubi: *arrogant yawn* you dont ask that to people who own a blog!
Mutley: Amna told me mubi's a bit *censored* LM-AO
Mubi: *geniunely serious* mutley, im feeling a bit down actually...
Mutley: what happened? you aint getting the notebook anyway.
Mubi: well you have already made the deal with me. remember? *evil grin*

Long silence again...

Mutley signed off with this message:
End of conversation! mutley was bored by wooden mubi and fed her to the lions (think! a dog feeding me to the lions!)
his last words were (muttering) shugum fushum &%$##*&^
while he was busy with his doggly ways *mubi snatched the notebook and ran*
hence the post :p

Friday, 7 November 2008

the pen wrote...

When death takes its toll

The horrors of mortality rolls

The embrace moves a step closer

We live many lives

Beginning with I

Ending with I...

In the middle was a world

That pushed me, pulled me,

Held me, left me

Followed me,

Nurtured my ‘I’ and held my hand

My ‘I’ abandoned ‘me’

The pen went on writing

Telling stories

Of flesh and blood

Of Is and Mes

Of rises and falls,

Till death takes its toll...

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

"One cannot step twice in the same river"

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Some scrawls and scribblings wander off my page again..

By the window a cradle rocks to the moon shining outside. A flesh, pink and wrinkled- a new born sleeps cushioned inside, oblivious to the vicious world around. Pages will turn, many suns will rise and fall, and moon will covers its countless journeys from crescent to full. Another unpredictable journey would take it from cradle to coffin. From on to the inside of the earth, the mass of body would embrace itself with tiny grains of earth...

Regressed tears gave way to the sparkling film covering the hazel of the eye. Her heart played a different rhythm in her chest, she could feel it throbbing impatiently. Outside the moon floated in the velvety sky like a fish in vast oceans. Inside she sat, consumed by the surrounding vacuum.
Somewhere across the waters, a different tune was being played. Some different acts being performed, a different life being lived, in total oblivion to the regressed tears.
She woke up with a sudden jerk, lost her balance and almost fell off the bed. Again. This dream had been haunting her with a strange continuity. A girl, tears, lonely. what could that mean? With so many pending chores, appointments to catch up with, she tossed away the bothering thought of the recurring dream..
It meant nothing. what could a static dream such as that mean anything significant; nothing ever happened to the girl she had dreams of..all she did was sit there and be amused by her own tears?
She was was not a dream...sometimes life plays strange tricks on us.

to be continued forever....

Dark brown eyes, deep in their sockets sit on a broken bench under a thick trunk, towering tree. The sun shines through the branches and a flock of bird flies off to their destiny. Crisp winter leaves fall from a wise tree adjacent to a row of green benches. A foundation without water stands anciently in the center of the piece of lawn. A winter wind blows past the quietly occupied bench and whispers to the tiny specks of dust, as they too take their flight. The eyes static and deep, aware of the secrets being whispered sits there and waits..

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Mubi a la McCain

Need i say i m overwhelmed with joy on being tagged once again (that reminds me i still have another pending tag post :/) Here and now, i was tagged by Specy to write of 8 such places within Pakistan where i would want to own a house. This is going to be fun!


The McCains own 13 cars, eight homes and have access to a corporate jet. If you were as insanely rich as them, where would your eight homes be and why?

The only rule is: The homes must be within the borders of the country you live in, so as to utterly emulate the McCains.

When you’re done, tag 8 people, so that they may join in the self-indulgence, forgetting about the crappy property market and the equivalent of The End of Pompeii on Wall-Street. You could spend your time hammering your doors and windows shut in preparation for the Apocalypse, but this meme is so much more fun!

1. A city by the sea remains one such place where my heart melts. Since i have Pakistan as the only choice, it has to be Karachi. just cos it has a sea :D

2. I have never really been to the northern areas of Pakistan but i'd LOVE to be there. So the first one that always comes to my mind is Hunza Valley :D How beautiful and serene it would be to live among the ice capped mountain peaks.

3. Somewhere in Pakistan( no idea where, suggest please :D ) where there is a breath taking view of mountains with a river flowing along side, or a lake or a tiny body of water( whatever comes next to a lake :p)

4. Lahore. i live here yes thats right. But i have always wanted to live a life in the, Androon Shehr, the walled city of Lahore. Now its a bit in ruins, congested like never before. Whenever i visit the narrow, maze like streets and find myself going into one after the other, i get a feeling; a strange bizarre feeling of travelling back in time. There is a lot of history embedded in those wooden doors, huge narrow strair cases, the marvelous gates of which only a few remain now.

5. Village. i dont really know which village ( a detailed post on this later perhaps) I would want to own a place in a country side, sit somewhere among the fields and then read out the poems of Wordsworth to myself, or some folklore, listen to some melodious flute being played at a distance.

6. Shimshal. I googled a place where i would find fields of barley. Shimshal is the place, near to Hunza i think, so practically it would be easy for me to commute between shimshal and hunza :D What joy it would be to live near barley fields, listen to Sting's song fields of barley. Not only that Shimshal has mountains, river, good trekking place, home to snow leopards and other such exotic animals. Perfect i say :)

7. Peshawar has to be on the list. For a couple of reasons, one of them being Chitral and Kalash people residing there. I love the clothing, their black robes with colourful embroidery that their women wear( nothing else, they have weird customs!)

8. Haleji lake. A beautiful place to the eyes and especially on this list because it is a wetland bird sanctuary.hence a great place for bird watchers :D I would probably find some piece of land to build a small place there( illegal?)

i invite summer/illusion/lunatic( summer n illusion never continued the previous tags so i tag lunatic), lost, exquisite, duffer, rainy(HFM), smiley, A.joe, walking through to make their wish list.


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