Saturday, 11 October 2008

Top most gratifications

I am in full form and spirit to sing to all about my not so guilty pleasures * not so embarrassed*.Extremely delighted and ecstatic at the thought of being tagged, i take another plunge into the realms of tagging and the excitement it brings :D
well i have been asked and tagged by exquisite to list down some of my guilty pleasures(perhaps not very guilty, i hope i am allowed to twist them to my own genre/ recipe of pleasures?). Here they are as they come in swiftly.

1) Ok i have had a hard time deciding which one is going to take the first place on my 7 deadly pleasures' list. It had to be a tie since i just could not bring myself to leave out either of the two. Chocolate and Cheese remain to be two items of food that i cannot imagine my life without. From Nutella and Ferero Rocher to even a local Jubliee bar, it just has to be chocolate! As for cheese just let it be cheese any kind. Immense pleasure, life's good.

2) Second pleasure is something of a fantasy. Since i was born with a love for mountains and seas (my first baby word was sea!!) i often picture myself on a bright sunny day, indulging in a good book under an umbrella, white sand cushioning me underneath while the entire ambiance dances away to a synchronized rhythm of the distant sea waves. Well it would give me a high dose of pleasure but right now its just a thought.

3) I love amusement parks and i am deeply and tirelessly in love with roller coasters. Though i didnt have any of those rides in recent years but i did experience one of those tiny butterflies feeling. It was last year near river Thames where they have this trampoline bungee jumping thing. In one word it was thrilling! I live for amusement parks and intensely dangerous rides ( i might invest in one of these theme parks soon)

4) Well there has to be fourth one. i am notorious for exceeding BEYOND the word limit in essays and i feel obliged to exceed here as well in order to maintain my signature style. Horror movies. They have turned out to be a recent passion. Goosebumpy pleasure all the way:D

5) This one might count as a real guilty pleasure. sniffing books before reading them or right after buying them is one of the pleasures i cannot deny but only get some uncomfortable glances for. The smell of the smooth textured pages, specific scent of the paper and the binding is just lovely.

6) I spend fortunes from my meager pocket money to invest in good branded shoes. well make it joggers (as we say it here) / trainers etc. There is a rush of adrenaline and shoe full of pleasure, of course extremely guilty conscience haunts me later. But its worth the money, i mean then i use them for years :D pleasure justified :p

7) Excessive use of emoticons is perhaps one of the sins i am now ashamed of but nonetheless use them as is evident *evil tongue out*. i wonder if MSN has designed any new smiley for *evil tongue out* hmm( thoughtful absorption.) They really add some spice and flavour while typing and then hitting the magic buttons in the end to see some really cute, yellow cuddly emoticons popping up.

P.s. these are not typed out in the order of preferance. ( wow, that was a precautionary note or something? ) :p I tag Nadia, summer cutee, A.joe, illusion, smacula, beaugly, sista( if she accidently drops by here) . Also i invite all my followers and blog readers to please accept the open tag invitation( i think most you have already done this post) and dive hard in your guilty pleasure stories. Looking forward to surfing all the blogs to take a peek :)


Anonymous said...

mubi for the addiction part in the essay why dont u write abt ur blog... i am writin abt U KNW WHO so u write abt ur blog...done deal

Anonymous said...

Yay! I get to play tag again! I love being tagged.

But why, oh why, does our guilty pleasures have to be similar in nature?

Now, I have to think hard :D

Abdul Sami said...


your first was C ? or perhaps u had eaten too many chillies??? :D

lol... jokes apart... hmm... interestin

but sadly for once i was hoping nobody would pinpoint me... i hav had a thought about this and do not seem to be gettin anywhere with my list.. .havin said so... gimme a few hours and i may hav done a lot of things i would b guilty about later... hence an ideal blog post... lol !!!

Anonymous said...

Chocolate IS definitely a guilty pleasure... u should be ashamed... muwahhahwa

well we're all culprit in this crime of indulging our sweet tooth :)

i love cheddar cheese... mozzarella was ruined for me ever since i landed here in khi :S

awww,.... u'll get there... it's not really that impossible to achieve your dream fantasies... especially if it achievable... (i'm have the weirdiest of fantasies, like time travellling... oppss silent talking :S )

and hurray for the horror movies, what we'll do without them... :D

and i am with you on this, emoticons should be excessively used... because in this digital platform, wrong impressions can so easily be conveyed and at least emoticons are there to limit those misconceptions :)

by the way, they aren't really seven guilty confessions, are they now?... i count more than ten, at least or more maybe... :P

glad to see this tag thing on full swing :D

UTP said...

i will as i cant help leaving this comment on every tag-related post...

"i hate tags"

even though this was one the better ones i read...

Anonymous said...

Haha, I agree with sniffing books and horror movies. Even though I find myself shaking and closing my eyes. sometimes even pausing the movie to take a breath, I can't stop watching them lol :D

Mubi said...

purple, i love being tagged :p looking forward to ur list
sami, aw you dont really have to do the tag if you dont want to. i m not forcing or anything :p
are you telling me my ideal blog post or are you talking about urs? :p
Exqui!!, aw why, what dont you get mozzarella in khi? and time traveling is a big big fantasy *sigh*. lol ya high five for the horror :p and i am glad someone else agrees about the importance of emoticons :D
UTP, i was actually going to tag you but then i didnt, wasnt sure. now i think i am glad :D btw thanks for dropping by :)
pearl, you too sniff books :D *high five* lol

Anonymous said...

no no we do but not that same one... it is Pakistani washed down version of mozzarella, imagine :S

[[[ x Smiley x ]]] said...

choco would have to be at the top of the list for mojo of the taggers :D
u simply cant live without it!

as for fantasies, make sure it has a touch of reality in it :P

im with you on the emoticons! some are just crazy and u just have to use them


sista said...

Mubi, it boggles me how wanting to lie on a beach and read a book or riding a roller coaster can be a *guilty* pleasure. Fine - you cheated there, I guess. And sniffing books, aw come now! Those are one of the nicest, most sterile things to far as sniffing and nuzzling goes.

Mubi said...

@ smiley
lol, here comes another darling to agree with the awesomeness of emos:p

@ sista
well, yes that why i mentioned in the start that my pleasures are 'not so guilty'! lol

A. Joe said...

**a.joe screws up her face in concentration.** what are my guitly pleasures? :S

lost in rome said...

mobe hoe can u forget da smell of freshly photocopied paper n ya petrol.. bt u don like it hannna?

Anonymous said...

Awww, I love reading these tag posts since I find anbother thing which I find pleasure in too!

I love daydreaming, I feel like I'm most inspired and in my niche once I'm off in my own world.I used to be able to daydream and do other activities at the same time.I find myself making notes on a lecture and daydreaming at the saem time!
Absolutely crazy, but it's awesomee!

I love horror films, but it's a whole lot more exciting watching it with someone who's scared, it just intensifies the fun!

Emoticons all the wayyyy. I love them but I agree with exquisite who says that that emotions can be misinterpreted online, as I've had this happening to me..but it's all good. Excessive use of it just irks me.I hate conversations which are filled with emoticons, I'm like:'Have words failed you that the only way you know how to communicate is via emoticons??'

I love shoes, but I'm more of a heels and boots kinda girl!

Ooooh, I love walking into a bookshop and sniffing brand new books.Yumm!

I'm going to shut up now, since my comment is getting into a blogpost!
Stay smiling!

Daanish said...

Just A blast when you write, sniffing book....
I confess,I love smell of new pak ruppee better than Channel or Prada.

uglyduckling said...

Amusement parks scare me. =(
I'm always the last one to comment. =(
I don't know a lot about the me. =(
My breath stinks. =(
I like the 2nd one. =( Sun, sea, palm tree, sand, sea-breeze. =(

Anonymous said...

hey duckling...

c'mon , let's see a smile in there somewhere =)

Mubi said...

daanish, ehehe i wud have to disagree, currency smell over chanel or prada :p.
as for the books,,thats what i like about tags. u think ppl wud think of you as stupid and weird but it turns out that you have so much in common with ur blog fellows :)

exqui, lol that is beaugly's signature style i think, he likes to wear that =[ smiley when hes actually making some weird expressions *me thinks and wonders if thats so*

beaugly!,, eww ur breath stinks? get a mouth wash :p

Anonymous said...

for the sake of duckling, i hope u're right mubi =|

Anonymous said...

This seems fun!
Chocolate and cheese? My definition of pure sin...yummy!

Loved your list!

indusvale said...

Chocolate and Cheese, yeah sure the smell on new and old books, distinct all together all book lovers must associate to this !!

Anonymous said...

#1 -- takes a lots of time to melt, doesn't it? :D LOL!!

#4 -- Horror movies and pleasure??!! :O if you say so! :S

#6 -- Make that stilettos for me! :)

#7 -- They should make more emoticons...emoticons for every emotion. I also love them.

Mubi said...

specy, good to see you, thanks :D

indusvale, welcome to th blog. i think cheese mania is heredity:p

soul, heheh, well horror is pure evil form of pleasure :D, oo and i m glad there more ppl to support emoticons :D i think i have started to like stilettos as well but i cant carry it well.

thanks for dropping by everyone


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