Friday, 3 October 2008

to the show off gurus, i follow!

I tossed and turned and blinked and stared hard at the ceiling fan. Sleep wont come last night. Restless, i kicked my summer blankie, punched my pillow, lied down straight on my back but sleep wont come. SIGH. I am thinking to myself "why didnt i do it today, in the day time..."
Realization and shame crept my body and tickled me in the ear and a voice said " how could you put your show off gurus to shame? "
Thus after much time already gone by and eid almost an old news now, i am here with my mehndi design!!! why its so important is because i applied it myself and i am no henna expert. The last part of the sentence is stressed on! People hide and run to save their precious hands on chand raat from me for the fear that they would regret it later. While i hunt hands and more hands to put my experiment to practical application *evil grin*
To my disappointment and to others vicious relief, chand raat came unexpectedly, sudden and short on time for my evil plans to work out well. Alas i just had my own right hand at my disposal. Without further ado, here i present to you all, my right hand and self applied creative henna design by me, me and only me :D Behold and stare in awe and delight and be mesmerized by the beauty of the pattern and the magic of my hand.

P.s. I couldnt sleep another night with the haunting voices of my show off gurus ringing in my ears. Just couldnt let the gurus down. i had to, had to, all in the extreme show off intentions. peace!


Abdul Sami said...

would the show off gurus be the girls of your group???

i had nothin to show off on eid :( !!!

so i put up my job description instead :D

Poisoned Apple said...

And you have smexy hands =D

Anonymous said...

I love the way you began this post, anticipation was building up inside me and they *popped* when you mentioned henna!
Don't get me wrong, waiting for the colour of henna is exciting too.

Show off guru?
hahaa, it's quite amusing to hear it put that way!

Daanish said...

The crown goes to you,your immagination is just getting the best!

Lunatic.... said...

wow its very goood mashAllah :)

Mubi said...

@ smacula
nah!! its imaginary, or perhaps a tiny lil handsome creature hammering inside my head :p
ya.,,i can imagine you are so boring:p hv to read that..

@ apple pie
lol,,thanks but my hands are ugly:p

@ hfm
hehehe,i began it very typical of what R.L stine's books used to be:p
i like henna best when it gets all dried

@daanish and lunatic
*blush blush* lol

Anonymous said...

Mubi, your mehendi looks beautiful! I try to create designs myself, but NEVER on Eid! I got mine done by my younger sister :)

The aunties at the beauty parlors here are asking for 300 dirhams for mehendi on chaand raat!


[[[ x Smiley x ]]] said...

oh wow! ur henna designs are beautiful! :D
i aint got a hand for henna, it makes me soo sad :(
i think its such a talent, when u can just go on, squeezing the cone, and the design just pours out beautifully!

loved the high dramticness in the post! (is that even a word) :P

m.h.a said...

Wow not bad mubi...dont be modest yar, its pretty...achi to lagai hai...

And btw Ek to larkian kbi khush nae hotin apne haton pe no matter how many people say they're thankless creatures... :p...

Daanish said...


Mubi is a town in Adamawa state, Nigeria.

Mubi said...

hehehe, three cheers to the show off gurus ;)
300 dirhams!!! :S wow, that is expensive..i wonder how much they take here in parlours hmm.
hope to see more of you :)

@ [[[x smiley x]]]
lol, didnt u read people hide away if i volunteer :p
dramaticness is no word but i likes :p

@ mha
:D i wonder what gave you the idea that i m being modest, post title says i follow the show off gurus lol. come on ab itni bhi thankless nai, shukar hai do haath hain :p

Mubi said...

o and Daanish!! lol, i know a town has been named after me *modest n humble look* :p why dont you read my post "googleland found mubi" i did a detailed research on my name...:D talk about being self obsessed :p

Anonymous said...

ewww mehndi..yuck ..osrry mubi u n i wont be sittin together in any of the classes till this mess clears of ur hands...yuckie..... wht is the trend goin on ....its u n rukh i am juss waitin for zahra n hina to show thier hands..yuck yuck yuck ..... huh!

lost in rome said...

yup urs is way better than mine... i used to make or try to, nai wasay acha banta tha, designs bt de i "sort of drifted away" n for the last two years or so i just put dat simple gol wala design.

Calm Cool said...

oh wow its beautifull.
if u r not an expert then blimay its an excellent job :)

well due to enexpected hurry hurry chandraat & eid i also missed my mehandi. bt aftr two days i tried to do it myself & being a beginner it was a big disaster...
(thanks God i experimented only my left hand palm, & can hide my great creation :D )

Anonymous said...

Its looking beautiful mubi..seriously yaar!!

sista said...

very pretty mubes!

Anonymous said...

" mesmerized by the beauty of the pattern and the magic of my hand."
Are you so confident! :)
Khair, I like the way your words 'flow'...swiftly! and, yes! the design's cool. i wonder y people 'hide and run' away from u..

ڈفر said...

khabchooo ?

Mubi said...

its not the trend..its always been like this silly :p
golla design is ever green and i have been messing a bit with that one too :p
@ calm cool
good to see you :) nevermind the disasters,,something is better than a blank hand on eid or even slightly after eid ;)
that coming from a guy :D thanks!
@ sista
:D :D :D no, no i was just being modest *smirk* ppl do that coz its just the first time i did this well :D
@ duffer
LOL,, ya khabchoo :$

mayG said...

oooh i like! you're really good with mehendi :)
thanks for dropping by our blog!

Daanish said...

Mubi,seeing your right hand pictures,I wonder are you left handed?

wow your speech center and intelluctual brain is the same right brain,cool!

uglyduckling said...


I don't know much about mehndi. =(

Mubi said...

@ mayg
good to have u here... *big colgate smile* the mehndi was a sheer coincidence :p i hope to get pretty results on the next eid :p
@ daanish
lol, well yes,,its cool ? :D great!

beaugly!!! welcome back!! where were you? :D :D of course you dont need to know anything about mehndi :p

Anonymous said...

i was a bit late to reply and the occcassion has long gone :)

that henna looks gud,btw :)

uglyduckling said...

I wasn't here. =[ Been busy. School. =[ And basketball. =D =D

Mubi said...

aww you are forgiven beaugly ;) :p

Anonymous said...

wow!! Not just beautiful henna designs but pretty hands as well :) you are an expert, girl! I am impressed! :)


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