Thursday, 23 October 2008

to be or not to be :p

We sit in our cozy little home and indulge ourselves in some SERIOUS talk of the month now and hopefully only the next year to come. The table is set with cakes and pastries. The curtains are drawn, chandeliers hang majestically( not lit) ( not even there,hah!) Nah!
we are just there, talking, yes indeed on something highly significant. silence please. listen or else you wont be able to digest the intellect :D

Mama: chali jaye gi, fikar mat kero (...dont worry it will go in no time)
Papa: (coming out of the washroom) kab jana hai? i am waiting... ( i wonder about what?) (but when will it go precisely?)
Bhabi: Lagta hai janay ka plan nai..ajeeb baat hai (looks like there are chances of it going, thats wierd)
Me: *groans*
mama: jaye gi (it will go..)
Bhabi: nahi jaye gi (no i am certain, it wont!)
Bhai: (with great wisdom) jana ho ga tu chali jaye gi warna nai jaye gi, kia masla hai (if it has to go it will go, whats the problem in that?)
Me: *rolling eyes* *stepping on an ant*
Papa: Roz kis time per jaati hai? (what time does it go everyday?)
Mama: koi time nai, apni marzi hai, jab chahay chali gaye, ap ko kia? (there is so specific time, it goes when it wants to, when it feels like, what do you have to do with that?)

the clock ticks 7
we wonder and wait
the clock ticks 8
we are worried and uncomfortable
the clock ticks 9
we want it to go! by the way still *wondering*
the clock ticks 10
we finally switch on the tv since we can no longer bear her company
the clock strikes ELEVEN!

Mama: Laddo bantoo? (should i distribute sweets and celebrate?)
Papa: Nai reh saki, chali hi gai (it couldnt resist, it went...)
Bhai: (scratches his head and yawns)
Bhabi: Ab shor much jaye ga (Now the noise is going to start)
Me: Ab tu chali gai, now we have nothing to talk about :( ( now that its gone, we have nothing left to talk about)

Somewhere beyond the merely 5 and a half feet walls, both our worthy neighbours kick start their huge,diesel/petrol run expensive generators

chota bhai:(glides down the stairs) Kab wapis aay gi? (when is it expected to return?)
Papa: Jaldi ajana chahiyay (it should come back soon)

and so the merry conversation goes on as we entertain ourselves to the nearby jazz,blues,country music of the generator, delightful at the consuming darkness around. what an ambiance!


Tazeen said...


sounds like a conversation we have everyday

Anonymous said...

hahaha and there I was thinking who is she who is the centerpiece of discussion since everybody was busy asking regarding her soon-to-be departure

of course, who else it cud have been, it is the infamous Ms. Bijjli who is so picky, unpredictable, mischievous and downright cruel these days now :S

very clever mubi :)

ڈفر said...

no doubt
fantastic description of daily life dialogue
very nice :)

m.h.a said...

Oh Acha ye tm log ho jo bijli janay ka intezar karte ho. Tm logon ki wajah say jati bijli...hmph...

Abdul Sami said...

i blame her too !!!

Lunatic.... said...

hahahahaha first I thot it was the comerical of some paint saying aye gi nahi aye gi badbu :P but turned out to be our arogant bijli lols!

Anonymous said...

LOL...well-written, Mubi!

uglyduckling said...

Lol =( Pakistan ka koi haal nahin hai. =P

Anonymous said...


[I cheat a little-since I can't understadn english written urdu well, I read through the comments and then reread the post.That helps me understand it better.]

Mubi said...

tazeen ya not only everyday but more than once in a day :p
exqui and lunatic i think somewhere in my subconscious i had ad idea in my mind i think *hmm*
thanks duffer
lol mha we not only wait for it to go but also for it to come. i mean dont u get concerned when the light doesnt go out? :p
smacula blame who :S me?
purple aw thanki sis:)
beaugly so right, and for the first time you are saying something relevent to the post :p :D
rainy aw, i think i will add the english to it too :)

sista said...

Not very encouraging for someone headed that way in the dead of winter cold. I hear gas is the same. Yikes!

Anonymous said...

LOL!! That was funny!! :D

Calm Cool said...

lolz :D
shukar hy k chali gaye, agar na jati tu waqae depression ho jata :p

Calm Cool said...

waisey yarrr its vry true.
kon kehta hy k hum advnce nahi hen, we r most advance than west world...
look...for e.g: we daily wait for loadsheding, & if it not appears @ rite tym, we get worried, so we r not at al slaves of modern technologies like gora people, who even can't breathe without it :p ;)

[[[ x Smiley x ]]] said...

omg! all the way thru i was thinking who on earth could this person be??!

LOL, very clever indeed Mubi :D

the famous line: chali jaye gi, oh how could i forget that?

boba said...

aw, I really wanted to read this, but I don't understand it!!!


E.T said...

HAHAHHA i knew you were talking bout electricity! Thats what happens at my place! LOL

Anonymous said...

yeahh thats my Pakistan: )
and it isn't going to get any better in the near future despite the fact that our wazir-e-bijli-wa-paani has promised us that load shedding would be gone forever by next who on earth would believe on this bulls**t eh? do you?

Daanish said...

Nicely put,do you guys listen radio(on battery) more since this loadshedding tradition begun?

lost in rome said...

lol lol

"Mama: chali jaye gi, fikar mat kero
Papa: (coming out of the washroom) kab jana hai? i am waiting... ( i wonder about what?)
Me: *groans*"

i thought ur mom dada were goin somewhere u didnt wanted to go n were takin u along....seroiusly i thought that k ya kya likh rahi hai.

lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

Anonymous said...

ohh my god.... this is so funny .. n check this out we dont get elecricity and animals ( came to ma knowledge the other day _ like bakri and gadha are dying of electric shocks...stunning... this is like the convo of every every household in pakistan ... the sad state are country is in ..i was talk to my bro yesterday and we were like the stunnin thing is tht even in summers with Ac's and all their wasnt this big a shortage it is now... but it is shocckin.....

Rashi said...

makes me smile


Mubi said...

first to hfm and boba now it would be easy to read, i have translated it, blue font :) happy reading!

sista, yes my mum was reading out the other day that even gas is something we will be deprive of :S
soul, lol thanks
calm, hehehe waqai depression ho jata:p

smiley, i am glad i was able to maintain the suspense :p
boba i hope to return to see the change :)
e.t, awwww so you knew :D welcome to the blog :D by the way, are you same cute alien from the film E.T ?:D
illusion, i am still holding onto hope, i guess i will, or else how would i live till the next year without any hope in their dodgy words :p
no, daanish we dont really listen to radio like sitting together, we are too busy discussing when will the light come or go next time :D :p
lost, hahaha, seriously i was able to build up suspense in the first few dialogues..but believe me the conversations at my place are actually like this :D
nando, well the power failure is something we still havent able to comprehend,,you are so right. :S animals being given electric shocks in PK?
rashi, thanks for dropping by, hope to see more of you here since there will be a lot to put a smile on your face :)

m.h.a said...

Oh my my so many comments MashaALLAH...yar its 12 hours now! :( twelve each day man...its getting depressing...the last minute of every electricity lit hour feels like doomsday is approaching and them if it doesn't go for five minutes, we wishfully think that probably it wont, not realising all the clocks at my place are ATLEAST five minutes ahead. Its funny how we forget stuff at times.

And nando
Lmao @ bakris getting shocked...Uff...uh oh sorry, animal rights :( but it is funny.

E.T said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. There was no email addy mentioned hence i am thanking you here. And yeah I do sell my cards, usually people i know or friends of friends ask me to make them stuff; cards etc So i do earn, but not as much as not lotta ppl are nice and they start commenting "array is may 150rs ki kya baat hai?" anyhoo i always tell ppl to get in touch with me thru mail and we can always talk about budget. but then i know who would buy my stuff and who are just there to set me off.
ok thats a long comment. tc

E.T said...

and yeah.. that alien was anything but cute! Gawd! khair, i really cant keep on telling my name and give outm y email addy... after all this is Pakistan. I love it, but have to watch out.

boba said...

Oh, the bijli.... (thats about the only urdu word I know, haha)


Anonymous said...

yeh mubi ..on geo a couple of days ago ...
''karachi mein ek gadha ki halat electric shock lagney se tasweesh naak hai '' breaking news

''karachi mein gadha electric shock lagney ki waja se wafat pa gaya''''

oh geo ....

m.h.a said...

Uff hadd hoti hai bhai...btw, people, if you're bothered by the loadshedding come to uet, its a loadshedding free zone MashaALLAH MashaALLAH :D

Anonymous said...

pray m.h.a u havent jinxed it ... pata chaley kal se aisey loadshedding ho ... tht those who are at uet will run away frm it

Abdul Sami said...

so that generator is finally doin wat it was supposed to.. wah ji wah ... :D !!!

Anonymous said...

generator n u.p.s..both doin wt they were made for ... generator cums with an inflated diesel bill cuz the petrol and diesel here r so expensive... n ups dont chagre tht much thus during he evening n when the bijli is out ..after 30 mins it starts dyin out... i once stayed up till 5 am cuz of this loadsheddin since the ups wasnt workin so well...but this is pakistan for al of uss... ppl in lhr i am plannin to have an arson attack on a gridstation .... we need to spread anarchy ....

Abdul Sami said...

nando ji uet built its own power generator sometime bak n while i was there it was not perfected and they were still relyin on wapda for energy... but now i think its able to support all of uni with no breaks... !!!

indusvale said...

I got on to your Bijli conversation at the very start I must admit, and must say it got me smiling in the beginning and then giving out a laughter !! (you must take it in good stride I was laughing with you!) Sort of reminded me of a FIFTY FIFTY (the PTV comedy series) stint back in the 80's of something in the same stride (way before your time..)but not as on spot as yours.

Mubi said...

lol, Boba, you know the word bijli :D hehehe. what is bijli called in bangali? i hope you enjoyed the conversation ;)
lol, mha, amna and smacula! its about the generators in UET and generators in general. i just hate them..i mean we didnt have enough noise pollution already..ya ya i know there are those modern technology generators that dont cause noise and all :p
indusvale lol, i remember fifty fifty! the only one i remember distinctively is the one where the bride is crying and in the end it turns out that she was peeling onions :p thanks for dropping by.

Mubi said...

and amna hail anarchy :p "peacefully" (you know what i am talking about right :p)
btw on a serious note, its quite disturbing how only a few poor people have been brave enough in true sense and came out in the streets BUT none from Jamiat e Islami or for that matter Imran khan step forward to lead these masses in these protests. these people need to channelize and only the parties in opposition can do that, they need to lead the people now that they are out in the streets for electricity problems..i am disappointed in Imran Khan too..after all its all talks...

Abdul Sami said...

oyay mubi tenoo nai pata te na bol :P

m.h.a said...

uet wala generator acha hai..itni dur hai k awaz nai ati...and as one of my friends says, "ye pollution wollution drama hai, global warming kuch nai, sara amreeka aur chaina ka chalaya hua chakkar hai"

not my point of view exactly but he's got a point :p

Mubi said...

:S what smacula?
mha, wah wah, if you cant hear the noise means there is no pollution? who is this 'smart' friend of yours? global warming choro, noise pollution makes sense, no? :S

E.T said...

yeah im sorry, i meant to post LOST a comment and commented bad.. Thanks for liking what i do! :)

Anonymous said...

mubi jee, did u see that horror flick ? :P


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