Friday, 31 October 2008

some good advertisement

i have to do this other detailed post on advertisements that annoy( like brido and laziza rasmali :p) and the ads that you love to watch. for the time being following are ads by Ufone( i m not promoting them, i dont even use their connection :p) but i love their ads! brilliant ideas.

first they came up with this

they had more creative ideas popping up, they probably couldnt resist and came up with another killer ad :p

and now this :D


[[[ x Smiley x ]]] said...

i liked the last one! :D
crazy ideas man. thanx for sharing! :)

Abdul Sami said...

i used to lov the salma walay adds... jo shoroo mai hotay thay ufone k ... they were the best !!!

Anonymous said...

i like the last one too

when that guy pops into the party... hilarious!


Anonymous said...

I love Ufone's ads. They have kept one thing constant -- They have got to be FUNNY!!

Love that ad where they both jumped from the plane and then the captain also jumped and asked, "yeh uuper darwaza tum nay khola chora hai? Hein?" LOVED that "hein?" !! LOL!!

And their Paanch Kay Pandra ad! Those Star Plus bizti programs ads. Loved those as well! :D

Mubi said...

m glad you liked em too smiley :D
haan smacula, i love those ones too!!! you dont like these ones :/
ya in the last one, i love adeel hashmi's entry!
me too, soul, i love their ads! o ya i forgot the plane ad! HAHAHA, the 'hain' is the best. whats amazing is that the roles faisal qureshi takes either in music videos or ads they turn out to be so funny.

in the second i ad i love it when faisal the bday boy :p says i am naseem or blah :D

ڈفر said...

ye ufone ads are fantastic
i hope if you love ufone ads, you'll love these more

uglyduckling said...

Lol! Ufone ads are good. =D

Lunatic.... said...

oh i love ufone adds hehehe!!! the last one is the best!!

indusvale said...

Nasim Rehman, that's the best one !!

Amina said...


Mubi said...

duffer thanks a lot for sharing that link :D i had watched the Carlton draught ad before!!!! i cudnt stop laughing, such a simple yet brilliant idea, no beer though :p
beaugly, lunatic, indus and amina, knew you guys loved it too :D
and amina hope to see more of you here :)

Mubi said...

btw the ripoff or not, makes one smile :p i didnt reealize ufone's idea isnt original after all :p heck i love em ;p

SAWJ said...

I think the one in which Faisal Qureshi drops from the airplane and says "Upar darwaza tum ne khula chora hai?" is the best of the lot.

m.h.a said...

Uff sorry for being late but i just love the ad where adeel hashmi pops in at the end. Its the best ad i've seen in a long long time. The concept is just genius. You know, the ufone ads are directed and created by ahsan and amina. No wonder they're always so awesome. But this one has no match. And i absolutely LOVE the song. I wanna look for it but dont know what the song is called. If someone knows tau help me out please. I love it when mekaal says "Aajaaa"
then that ad was awesome too where they're singing that song. We need such marketing geniuses and we need to part with the old sucky ones like ones who create Meezan Cooking Oil ads and Minto Toothpaste ads.


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