Friday, 17 October 2008

A 100, wohoo!

This is my 100th post *yay* *jumping around in joy and delight* :D i wonder what crap i have been writing all along. not a very good day to write about my first century post but then i thought of all the blog peeps who have always been coming here and encouraging me with their comments. since January i have been going on and on about one thing or the other

times running out..light's about to go

its to be continued

the suspense was just building up. *sigh* i love this :p

can we afford an hour's BRB (be right back?)

Rather than going back and editing what i began with above, i thought of continuing this post( as if its some masterpiece) Well i would have re written the whole thing had i not been dumb enough to post the raw version, which by the way was done in a haste, special thanks to WAPDA. Nonetheless the comments so far have been something i have immensely enjoyed. The post wasnt meant to be some dramatic Oscar winning speech of course though i wanted to make it funny. I mean i was writing the above emotional lines of how blessed i am to have such great readers and followers who boost my self esteem(which is so true,seriously) but all in good humour. I wanted to make it melodramatic, deliberately. Not that i dont appreciate the efforts of my dear blog friends for making an effort and browsing through but still...heck!
By the way the BRB turned out to be only a day long, not that late am i? there are certain privileges of owning a blog page, right? :D

Heck! another power failure on its way!

i doubt if anyone would want to have a desire to read this super star, Oscar winning, emotional post anymore, so to wrap it up before my dad's laptop's battery dies out

Thank you for always coming to the blog, fellow bloggers and followers, shukriya :)

awww, i am so sweet *sniff sniff*

p.s i might edit the over emotional bit


Anonymous said...

*Groans* Do you have to do this?


Congratulations on your 100th post =]

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the 100th post.

How you tease!

ڈفر said...

[...]what crap i have been writing all along[...]
thank God you realized :D
just kidding, many many congrats for the achienvement :) :) :)

UTP said...

but of course...

Calm Cool said...

hey congratz for a century :)
i think u did it all well, not crap :p
hmmm wanna reason.......
i've more than one to say this...
*1. juz by chance one day i stopped by mubi's comment @ life a la & what i found...
the Header: scarlet wings.; bst header i've evr seen for a blog's name.
*2. the Title: "when i'm consumed in..." ; my deepest wish & feeling quoted in words @ the title of ur blog.
*3. the Post: i started reading them & feel the simplicity, sensitivity, the flow & maturity.
*4. aftr life a la, this is the only page i love to read.

although i'm new to blogger, only a few weeks ago i started reading u & don't know exactly who u r...

u r worthy enough for a huge applause.
keep posting :)

Abdul Sami said...

i def agree with calm cool

awsom headin :D !!!

congrat mubi

n u r being a typical larki by waitin the guys wait... suba suba post ker k bhaag ygee... ghantay ka keh k :(

[[[ x Smiley x ]]] said...

i have yet to experience such a pleasant feeling!

congrats on ur 100th post! :D

ufff, Mubi ur soo old! Smiley is only twenty four :D

*snatches ur walking stick and runs away*

Anonymous said...

Congratulations: )

Anonymous said...

congratulations and wow, spidey senses... u can anticipate when the next outage wud be :P

be back already :D

Lunatic.... said...

oh congrats :D:D

uglyduckling said...

Aap ko mubarak ho. :P

lost in rome said...

oh wow mobe lend me ur brain fr smtym, im braindead!!

keep it up grl!

Mubi said...

pearl, aw dear, that was exactly my thought too :D

hfm, lol though i didnt have any intention to..

duffer, achievement's a big word actually hehehe
utp, those words were indeed encouraging :D lol

calm cool, OMG *reading and fainting* regaining conscious *fainting again dramatically* you are just being too kind to me :D the title you talking about, thats from a great poet Keats' poem and i love it so much! thank you!

smacula, hehehe oo that must have been fun( make ppl wait *vicious smile*)though i so wanted to come back to make amends to my ridiculous post :$ alas too late

LOL, smiley, i enjoy ur trips and comments to my blog. old is gold:p you will be there in no time esp with the stick you now have ;)

exqui, its so bad, lights here one hour, gone the next hour. is it the same in khi too? alternative hours of light only? so its easy to calculate when the next power failure's going to happen

illusion and lunatic, thank you guys! pleasure to have you

beaugly, khair mubarak :p
and lost in rome, stop flattering me!

a collective, big, warm thank you to all the humble comments for this not so humble blogger ;p


Anonymous said...

I really thought it you were gone for an hour. I came back a couple of times in the last 24+ hours to see no change. But hey, now there is =D

I know I'm new so I probably didn't contribute to boosting your self esteem, but it's good to know that if I hang around for a while, I may just be doing that =D

Anonymous said...

Oh an I am planning on hanging around for a while. A loooooong while, I hope :D Haha.

Anonymous said...

congrats on ur 100th post!! Isn't the feeling great?! :)

and no worries even if someone you have been writing crap for the last 100th posts (which it most definitely is NOT!) but I am of the opinion that one's OWN blog shouldn't be pressurizing one for quality or things like that (althou Sami Pai Jaan disagrees with me and cares about the quality of posts at his blog :P )

Congrats again...and keep up the good work!! :)

Anonymous said...

yes, pretty much the same bleak picture here in khi too :S

and those oscar speeches are overrated anyways...

we, as bloggers, demand genuine emotions , whatever that maybe, thru the excessive usages of emoticons... =)

Abdul Sami said...

shughal shughal mai og ne meri bistee ker di :(

uglyduckling said...


uglyduckling said...

What flattering? :(

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your 100th post! Keep writing, Mubi.

PS: We'll be around to read.


Anonymous said...

Lu jee, Pai Jaan, mein khadoon tuwadi bizti kitti? :O

Mubi said...

pearl, i like ur plan :D

Soul! welcome back here :D, thanks, ya i guess the feelings great after the comments :p well i think i tiny amount of quality at least is a must lol

Exqui, :D lol, i thought this post has turned out to be like one of those oscar winning speeches :p

smacula, i dont see where that happened, OG's innocent :D

beaugly, someone's in a good mood eh? and no the other reply was for 'lost in rome'

purple thank you so much!

Calm Cool said...

calm cool, OMG *reading and fainting* regaining conscious *fainting again dramatically*

hihihi :D lol :p

Daanish said...

Congratulations on this achivement.Keep it up!
Your simplicity and spontaneity are your wings in this blog journey,see you around on 1000th blog celebration..........

Anonymous said...


i though ur hundredth post would be abt me..but guess not... still

congrats for maintainin this blog...where the only interestin post accordin to me was nando vs nadal./.......LMAO

Mubi said...

amna aw i love you *hug* and that post my friend was the crazy post ever lol
daanish you have put such good things about me *blush* lol, well 1000 is a long way
pearl ;)

[[[ x Smiley x ]]] said...

lolll! :D
u actually think am gonna use this walking stick! pfffttt
*flings it over my head into the trash basket*

*realizes that was old Mubi's walking stick*

mayG said...

hehe.. happy 100th :D
may you have many more!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be so late...but congratulations on your 100th post! Feels great, doesn't it? :D

Keep typing away!

Mubi said...

lol smiley take that stick as a magical wand :p
mayg and specy thanks for dropping by on this 100th post :D
and specy as the saying goes in urdu "dair aay dorust aay" ;)


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