Friday, 31 October 2008

some good advertisement

i have to do this other detailed post on advertisements that annoy( like brido and laziza rasmali :p) and the ads that you love to watch. for the time being following are ads by Ufone( i m not promoting them, i dont even use their connection :p) but i love their ads! brilliant ideas.

first they came up with this

they had more creative ideas popping up, they probably couldnt resist and came up with another killer ad :p

and now this :D

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Of l.i.f.e and e.f.i.l backwards part 1

What do i know about life and myself. Twenty years! Its a big word to write even( esp when you keep typing w before t)

People say life happens. You blink your eyes and a lot of time has already flown by. Time waits for no one, thats scary and true. Life and time, both are a bit dodgy or perhaps i am just a bit tooooo lazy. yawn. But the question stays, lingers, loiters, dances a bit and waves at me. Oh my good gracious God, what is life? No matter how many wise quotations you pour inside your head and try to feel what the person coming up with the quote went through and say 'yes! thats exactly what life is!' No, lifes not what already dead or perhaps living wise men have summed up in one line. That one line was just a point in their lives.

Let me think of one such point in my life. I think life is that plane where sometimes the front pocket of the seats dont have the vomiting bags in time! ew. thats true, sometimes its that deceiving. (btw i have never seen a front pocket with the bag missing!) bad example.
Life is perhaps like that chocolate bar on the other side of the glass window. You cannot buy it because either you are too poor or too late to find the shop with the closed sign on display! Interesting is the fact that if you are too poor, chances are that you will have enough money at least once in your life to taste that bar. The latter possibility isnt that hard to achieve is it?
How many times have i heard people say 'life's boring'. Please think again. Life is boring why? Maybe we are too myopic to experience the delicacies of life.

I took a workshop a few days back. Was it an eye opener for me, the Queen of Lethargy? Well no. In that particular environ, with ACs on, well lit auditorium, among the rich( not everyone, the word goes too well with the sentence) i felt that yes, now i know how i should take rein of my life. Now i know how to handle stress and work with others and finally give a toast to myself for my self discovery. It only lasted till i moved out of the AC, the wel lit rooms, the rich. The next thing i knew, i was keeping ahead of the stress management session. Good eh? Once back home i was in a furious skirmish with my brother, ah the delights of life! Thats life i guess... I mean what is life without stress? Stress rises your chances of heart attacks said the guy from The IT Crowd(check the credibility of my source, but heck thats true!) Well life without too little stress is 'life's boring' dialogue slipping out of your empty taste buds.

to be continued, till i am alive...(deep)

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Some scrawls, some scribbling wanders off my page...

Hands cupped and face slightly down, she whispers to a force unknown. The dawn is about to spread its wings, the cold outside is sneaking in through the open window. A tear falls and drops, as if deliberately into those delicate but pale hands...

The tall trees stand majestically around her and the cold winter's fresh, virgin mist veils itself around nature. She takes small steps on the footpath crawling in front of her. The morning hours and the melodious silence hums as she walks past the red brick building. Soon off the footpath, the wet, cool grass beneath tickles her warm feet. She submits herself to the ambiance, closes her eyes, takes a deep breath and exhales a quite prayer...

Crouching like old men we walked in silence as if performing a pantomime. One wrong move or a tiny clatter or noise would spoil the whole act. It was indeed an act, a play, fragment of imagination being played in someone's mind...

The fleecy clouds lay in alternating layers above, beneath a raging fire, cold and numb. The air full of contradictions added to the twists and turns of nature. They both walked past each other, each drowning in their ocean of thoughts, meditating in the storm of nostalgia...

The magic in the eyes, the charm of the smile and the sound of the voice was distant but could be felt. Some connections are made as distances increase and the charm remains...faces fade out but the feelings stay fresh, new and young...a bubble bursts and nothing remains...

to be or not to be :p

We sit in our cozy little home and indulge ourselves in some SERIOUS talk of the month now and hopefully only the next year to come. The table is set with cakes and pastries. The curtains are drawn, chandeliers hang majestically( not lit) ( not even there,hah!) Nah!
we are just there, talking, yes indeed on something highly significant. silence please. listen or else you wont be able to digest the intellect :D

Mama: chali jaye gi, fikar mat kero (...dont worry it will go in no time)
Papa: (coming out of the washroom) kab jana hai? i am waiting... ( i wonder about what?) (but when will it go precisely?)
Bhabi: Lagta hai janay ka plan nai..ajeeb baat hai (looks like there are chances of it going, thats wierd)
Me: *groans*
mama: jaye gi (it will go..)
Bhabi: nahi jaye gi (no i am certain, it wont!)
Bhai: (with great wisdom) jana ho ga tu chali jaye gi warna nai jaye gi, kia masla hai (if it has to go it will go, whats the problem in that?)
Me: *rolling eyes* *stepping on an ant*
Papa: Roz kis time per jaati hai? (what time does it go everyday?)
Mama: koi time nai, apni marzi hai, jab chahay chali gaye, ap ko kia? (there is so specific time, it goes when it wants to, when it feels like, what do you have to do with that?)

the clock ticks 7
we wonder and wait
the clock ticks 8
we are worried and uncomfortable
the clock ticks 9
we want it to go! by the way still *wondering*
the clock ticks 10
we finally switch on the tv since we can no longer bear her company
the clock strikes ELEVEN!

Mama: Laddo bantoo? (should i distribute sweets and celebrate?)
Papa: Nai reh saki, chali hi gai (it couldnt resist, it went...)
Bhai: (scratches his head and yawns)
Bhabi: Ab shor much jaye ga (Now the noise is going to start)
Me: Ab tu chali gai, now we have nothing to talk about :( ( now that its gone, we have nothing left to talk about)

Somewhere beyond the merely 5 and a half feet walls, both our worthy neighbours kick start their huge,diesel/petrol run expensive generators

chota bhai:(glides down the stairs) Kab wapis aay gi? (when is it expected to return?)
Papa: Jaldi ajana chahiyay (it should come back soon)

and so the merry conversation goes on as we entertain ourselves to the nearby jazz,blues,country music of the generator, delightful at the consuming darkness around. what an ambiance!

Monday, 20 October 2008


Oh, I wish, I wish, I wish
For words that never come—

Distracted, lost, they fade away
Into the tangled thickets
Of my mind;

Here I go again!
Meandering about,
Round and round,
In search for the perfect words,
Just the right ones,
To rhyme and chime
At the same time;

Oh, I wish, I wish, I wish
For poem and piece
Yet again;
For rhymes and reasons,
Reasons that we need to live,
Through all seasons;

Oh, how I wish, I wish, I wish!
For the moments long lost
And the moments long held,
The time yet to come
And today, that’s slipping away;

Oh, how I wish, I wish, I wish
To be a child again;
And worry no more
About world and wine,
And live my life
With those curious eyes
That saw no wrong,
That basked in unending joys;

Here I go again
Left out without words
In the middle of a poem
With thoughts all flown
To curtain the stage
Where I sat and sang

The awful song that didn’t come better
For the world to hear…

Friday, 17 October 2008

A 100, wohoo!

This is my 100th post *yay* *jumping around in joy and delight* :D i wonder what crap i have been writing all along. not a very good day to write about my first century post but then i thought of all the blog peeps who have always been coming here and encouraging me with their comments. since January i have been going on and on about one thing or the other

times running out..light's about to go

its to be continued

the suspense was just building up. *sigh* i love this :p

can we afford an hour's BRB (be right back?)

Rather than going back and editing what i began with above, i thought of continuing this post( as if its some masterpiece) Well i would have re written the whole thing had i not been dumb enough to post the raw version, which by the way was done in a haste, special thanks to WAPDA. Nonetheless the comments so far have been something i have immensely enjoyed. The post wasnt meant to be some dramatic Oscar winning speech of course though i wanted to make it funny. I mean i was writing the above emotional lines of how blessed i am to have such great readers and followers who boost my self esteem(which is so true,seriously) but all in good humour. I wanted to make it melodramatic, deliberately. Not that i dont appreciate the efforts of my dear blog friends for making an effort and browsing through but still...heck!
By the way the BRB turned out to be only a day long, not that late am i? there are certain privileges of owning a blog page, right? :D

Heck! another power failure on its way!

i doubt if anyone would want to have a desire to read this super star, Oscar winning, emotional post anymore, so to wrap it up before my dad's laptop's battery dies out

Thank you for always coming to the blog, fellow bloggers and followers, shukriya :)

awww, i am so sweet *sniff sniff*

p.s i might edit the over emotional bit

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Top most gratifications

I am in full form and spirit to sing to all about my not so guilty pleasures * not so embarrassed*.Extremely delighted and ecstatic at the thought of being tagged, i take another plunge into the realms of tagging and the excitement it brings :D
well i have been asked and tagged by exquisite to list down some of my guilty pleasures(perhaps not very guilty, i hope i am allowed to twist them to my own genre/ recipe of pleasures?). Here they are as they come in swiftly.

1) Ok i have had a hard time deciding which one is going to take the first place on my 7 deadly pleasures' list. It had to be a tie since i just could not bring myself to leave out either of the two. Chocolate and Cheese remain to be two items of food that i cannot imagine my life without. From Nutella and Ferero Rocher to even a local Jubliee bar, it just has to be chocolate! As for cheese just let it be cheese any kind. Immense pleasure, life's good.

2) Second pleasure is something of a fantasy. Since i was born with a love for mountains and seas (my first baby word was sea!!) i often picture myself on a bright sunny day, indulging in a good book under an umbrella, white sand cushioning me underneath while the entire ambiance dances away to a synchronized rhythm of the distant sea waves. Well it would give me a high dose of pleasure but right now its just a thought.

3) I love amusement parks and i am deeply and tirelessly in love with roller coasters. Though i didnt have any of those rides in recent years but i did experience one of those tiny butterflies feeling. It was last year near river Thames where they have this trampoline bungee jumping thing. In one word it was thrilling! I live for amusement parks and intensely dangerous rides ( i might invest in one of these theme parks soon)

4) Well there has to be fourth one. i am notorious for exceeding BEYOND the word limit in essays and i feel obliged to exceed here as well in order to maintain my signature style. Horror movies. They have turned out to be a recent passion. Goosebumpy pleasure all the way:D

5) This one might count as a real guilty pleasure. sniffing books before reading them or right after buying them is one of the pleasures i cannot deny but only get some uncomfortable glances for. The smell of the smooth textured pages, specific scent of the paper and the binding is just lovely.

6) I spend fortunes from my meager pocket money to invest in good branded shoes. well make it joggers (as we say it here) / trainers etc. There is a rush of adrenaline and shoe full of pleasure, of course extremely guilty conscience haunts me later. But its worth the money, i mean then i use them for years :D pleasure justified :p

7) Excessive use of emoticons is perhaps one of the sins i am now ashamed of but nonetheless use them as is evident *evil tongue out*. i wonder if MSN has designed any new smiley for *evil tongue out* hmm( thoughtful absorption.) They really add some spice and flavour while typing and then hitting the magic buttons in the end to see some really cute, yellow cuddly emoticons popping up.

P.s. these are not typed out in the order of preferance. ( wow, that was a precautionary note or something? ) :p I tag Nadia, summer cutee, A.joe, illusion, smacula, beaugly, sista( if she accidently drops by here) . Also i invite all my followers and blog readers to please accept the open tag invitation( i think most you have already done this post) and dive hard in your guilty pleasure stories. Looking forward to surfing all the blogs to take a peek :)


AHEM...dead tired but determined, i m finally here to knuckle down for some posts today. After the last crazy post (which i enjoyed :p) but felt so insane i thought its time i pull up my socks and get done with some pending work. Without further delay and blabbing out words after words and thoughts after thoughts as they jump around in my crazy little evil brain, here is what i am here for.
The tagging season is in its full bloom once again and i have been tagged twice this season. I'm overwhelmed. For now, however, i would rather indulge in a different post that i think would soon be followed by the two tag posts :D I just need to warm up a bit( i really dont know why)
Since the posting-your-cute-lil-cats-pictures season is on its high as well, I'm here precisely to do that. I dont really have cats as pets but i do have a lot of stray cats roaming around almost like they know me. Before moving on i am not a cat person. Actually i am a bird person. i LOVE birds!! I have had birds as pet and mostly Budgies and African Fischers lovebirds. A few months back i set them free because my head was buzzing with an entirely different theory. I hope everyone's already there and if not, thats even better. This is where i stop meandering about and let you see a few of my clicks, meow!

I present to you the mother cat, came to say a meowy hi.
she decided to stay a while to have some chai paani (tea and snacks) So she took her majestic pose while we chatted away a lot of meows

ok, she was being a bit wild here, thats normal for cats...being wild :p

After a few days she left 5 of her kittens out of which 2 got lost. These adorable tiny creatures were sunbathing when i caught them off guard but they didnt give a meowy shit about it. sleeping is all that matters :D
In between the plants, the gamlas they found their favourite spot. Too small to move on their own they found sunlight, warmth, shelter and some free photosessions all in one place.
Ah, here they are again, adorable adorable babies now wide awake, fresh and *wondering*, exploring their tiny world in and around those plants and gamlay :D

Thursday, 9 October 2008

the deciding poll!

Torres aka ginger head

Nadal aka naddi :p

who is more gay? or is either of them any near to being one?

note: this post is dedicated to nando villa aka Aami

Saturday, 4 October 2008

a tiny post

It was grudge. The movie Grudge?. Yes, the horror film that i wanted to watch since long! To my disappointment, it didnt scare me (even with the lights off). I still have to watch its sequel and reach a final conclusion. By the way reading a good humorous book after a dose of some horror movies together, 4 to 5 of them in one go is a good way to kick out the remains of any goosebumps or stuck up breaths.
I was expecting to have some nightmares while i slept reading the book but no, it was totally and alarmingly a peaceful sleep. So either its grudge, ring, saw, the exorcist, diary of Emily rose or any other horror flick, it has failed to scare me to the point of freaking me out. Umm... ok well we can reconsider that (some time later).
I want to watch more horror junk so i go around town, the internet, the sms-ing technology asking people to recommend me some good, scary, chilling and deliciously spooky stuff. I am able to get hold of some names and without wasting any time they are already on my to be watched movie list.
As i type this post, i get this fabulous idea of googling for a list of horror movies. voila!!! I deserve a pat on my shoulder for the brilliance in me. As i step into the world of googleland and make a perfect landing on various sites; i am overcome with exuberance and nearly on the brink of crying ( ok now thats highly dramatic and unnecessary, lets just cut this out). Just plain excited at the sight of some supposedly good horror, i note down the names to my ages old list. The best part is that the results on google gave me huge lists of not only good horror flicks but of worst horror as well. How considerate of them :D So now i have 'top rated horror' and 'bottom rated horror'. then there is "horror movies sleepers" and from this i presume they meant good horror that could subsitute your lullabyes, is it?. There are categories for 'haunting movies' and 'horror movies that should have never been made' *wondering* Funny they have so many different categories for horror/scary genre *count my teeth as i smile a big wide one* The site has listed SAW under "scariest horror ever" hmm i never thought of SAW as was more on the lines of being disgusting *wondering more*...

Wait I can hear some funny, no weird, no creepy sound behind me. the rest is as follows...

...even the headphones couldn't muffle the "boo"(a melodious boo) and some vague, incomprehensible murmuring sounds. I jumped with sudden shock,tried to maintain my balance but nearly fell on the floor. shite my brother just freaked me out!!!! well he dozed off back to sleep despite my shrieking and freaking out at him and waking him up. thank God his murmuring and other sound effects faded out...

My friend said with such suspense going on around my room, i really dont need horror movies.
lesson: Real life offers enough horrors :p

Friday, 3 October 2008

to the show off gurus, i follow!

I tossed and turned and blinked and stared hard at the ceiling fan. Sleep wont come last night. Restless, i kicked my summer blankie, punched my pillow, lied down straight on my back but sleep wont come. SIGH. I am thinking to myself "why didnt i do it today, in the day time..."
Realization and shame crept my body and tickled me in the ear and a voice said " how could you put your show off gurus to shame? "
Thus after much time already gone by and eid almost an old news now, i am here with my mehndi design!!! why its so important is because i applied it myself and i am no henna expert. The last part of the sentence is stressed on! People hide and run to save their precious hands on chand raat from me for the fear that they would regret it later. While i hunt hands and more hands to put my experiment to practical application *evil grin*
To my disappointment and to others vicious relief, chand raat came unexpectedly, sudden and short on time for my evil plans to work out well. Alas i just had my own right hand at my disposal. Without further ado, here i present to you all, my right hand and self applied creative henna design by me, me and only me :D Behold and stare in awe and delight and be mesmerized by the beauty of the pattern and the magic of my hand.

P.s. I couldnt sleep another night with the haunting voices of my show off gurus ringing in my ears. Just couldnt let the gurus down. i had to, had to, all in the extreme show off intentions. peace!


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