Saturday, 20 September 2008

This has no name

I promised myself i would not write anything about what happened yesterday in the capital city Islamabad. I decided i would close my eyes and think its alright, this is going to happen again, i have been helpless and its going to be the same when it next happens. Its me staring at the television screen while bombs, dead bodies, fire, ambulances haunt me or it could be me next, among those lifeless souls...
While i drift into this and more i realize i feel nothing. detached, not even guilty. as i wrote comments and feedback on other blogs i realized how quick my fingers went typing, how disgust came to life and yet my eyes were dry, my heart didn't skip a beat, not even when i saw the 'live transmission' of the (horrible,horrendous,inhuman?) act. what does that mean i ask myself.
Yesterday as i watched the hotel blazing with fire on the TV screen exhaustion and tiredness took its rein..the images kept glaring out at me, reaching for me, grabbing me, clawing at me; i remained calm for secretly i knew that's not real.i am here, sitting in the comfy t.v lounge, sipping a cup of hot tea after iftari and that's life,,isn't it? Then i remembered how many times i have done this before, sit there, gape at the screen, or hear a distant bomb blast, or listen to others talk about the disaster and? period.
Its ironically an entertaining thought and somewhat of an accomplishment as well that we have become so good at doing this, writing our heart out on blogs and shed our catharsis and be done with it. its quite an achievement on my part that i, having gone through last night's episode of terrorism wake up next morning, rather heroically and talk and write about the incident
A few seconds spent on deciding what i am going to title this post as and voila there i am with 'this has no name'
Who and what has no name? the act of terrorism?, the people going out and blowing themselves? the people who died yesterday and were soon reduced to mere number of deaths or me, a guiltless, unharmed person who jumps on the blog world and is happy with it?
As my senses shout out to me from somewhere inside, i realize that this time i am angry (im glad to still have the ability to express this emotion) at the media, our 'free and flourishing' media. how many hours after the act were they still throwing out the gory images and talking non sense as if gods? how many reporters were there out on The Site and babbling out their reports non coherently? The last thing i saw and wanted to smash the screen was when the reporters went into the ruins of the hotel and said " Nazaareen ap dekh rahay hain kay kis buri tarah say computers bhi taba ho gaye"( as you can see even the computers have been completely destroyed in this blast) or "yeh dekhain idhar mukhtallif mumaliq ki timings waali clocks display theen" (look here, this was the wall where clocks of different countries were displaying their respective times)
After such a traumatic incident, i ask, did we really need to know such insignificant details of a place in ruins now? Do we really have to see the same clips umpteenth times every other second? Lets raise the banner of 'oh how free our media is' but sadly not mature and decent enough.


Anonymous said...

A valid point you have raised. Is it the media fault by displaying so much violence, sex, and manipulative campaigns that sadly we have become exceedingly insensitive to such circumstances or is it our fault to just sit back and absorb whatever is thrown at us? Or Both of us are to be blamed?

I think there should be some sort of TV regulation. Yes, free media is a must but with appropriate responsibilities. If I remember correctly, not a single body was shown on tragic incidents of September 11 and the London bombings and over here, our media struggle to show mutilated bodies even out of context. What lengths they have gone to raise their viewership. As Ordinary Girl mentioned in one of her posts, nothing was covered in great depth by our media regarding the Large Hadron Collider beside the Pakistani involvement because that would not be appealing to the audiences.

m.h.a said...

I swear mubi, its so horrific!
And i'd like to add just one more thing to wat you and exquisite said, its really pathetic how the electronic media, lead by Geo, has promoted themselves using Breaking News. They've totally changed the meaning of the term. And the worst part is they show a marquee of different images, all horrific, and at the end the caption says "GEO SABSE AGAY"...wat the hell, its disgusting!

Anonymous said...

And I hated it how Nawa-i-Waqt always has this little clipping at the front page of their newspaper about their TV channel, Waqt, "Dhamakay ki khabar sab say phelay Waqt TV nay dee"!

Anonymous said...

crime against humanity ..if these god damn talibans realised tht islam which they talk abt is against takin innocent life be it an insect here we r talkin abt humans who juss happen to be God most favourite makhlooq ... these idiot should die ... the mess this country is we wont be able to tell who is responsible off the top of my head no i am sure its india and the classic feedback game we r playin , we bomb them , n they bomb us ... huh ... they finance these screwed up messed up ppl n we do the same ... wt r we gettin to ... wht have we got to ..muslims fightin muslims ... n check this out THe PM was having an iftari at his house ... awww juss imagine the shock horror tht would have caused to tht good for nuthin scum bag ... hmmm ..... guess we live another day .. and wait for another such attack to take place .... and be as selfish as possible tht dont let it be our loved ones ... tht how sad our life is now ... the only thing this teaches us is life n death is all in the hands of God ... and everyone has to die ... it was thse unfortunate 60 ppl yesterday geo ary ..for the next such bombing ... the world is cumin to an end n by this end my rant .....* peace*... this media is libertarian theory gone bad ... and soo bad tht it has become unacceptable ...gone r te days when it was just abt informin now its money makin and gettin the biggest market share even if its somebodies dead body u r showing * shakes head*

A. Joe said...

am I the only one who believes that we oughta look in ouselves before we play the blame-game? :S

Mubi said...

@ exquisite
the problem with our media is that its still in its years of infancy..
in the past the media was under govt's control and even then different regimes used to ban and gag the was one extreme
today its another extreme with lots of channels mushrooming up but with almost a free rein. they are backed by their newspaper groups who reflect one political influence or another
as for the media is their fault..isnt it common sense to get to kno how much the media should retain and how much should be displayed in such times of trauma? same was the case during the massive 2005 earthquake.
thanks for coming btw :)

@mha and shysoul they show all sorts of images and use language to sensationalize the scenes and then to top it off,,they claim about being the first ones to bring it to the public. that is lack of professionalism

i agree to all that you say..we all would. its not about islam anymore,,,its something you said,,its revenge on revenge and in such battles blood doesnt matter to those who are the masterminds.

@ a.joe
we definitely should look at ourselves before pointing fingers at others..but what blame game are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

Infancy and immaturity and a few unmentionable words that i won't be listing here, are the characteristics that goes with our current media...

what a 'childhood' our media has chosenn for itself... it would go down in books as 'bigara howa bacha (ya bachi, depending on how you see UR media)':P ...

maybe someday they will act like grown ups and start showing some sense of professionalism... but i know this is just wishful thinking

quite frankly, i like to rely on online news media for my daily dose of current events... at least that way i can be objective and think for myself...

TV is a powerful tool... with both useful and damaging potentials...

take care

Poisoned Apple said...

Totally agree with you..

nomch@ said...

yeah I agree, the mere display of the bomb scene 24 hrs a day on TV screens has actually inflicted fear amongst ordinary citizens. the very next day i went to a restaurant for a usual aftari here in lahore. it was very sad to see all the restaurants almost empty!

Mubi said...

@ nomcha
there have been smses going around warning people not to go to restaurants and hotels..perhaps the reason that they are deserted now..fear and insecurity etc

and hey thanks for peeking in :)

nomch@ said...

no problem...see mine as well when u have time


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