Saturday, 27 September 2008

Pop rocks!!

POP ROCKS!!!! awww, i used to eat so many of them when i was a kid :D :D :D
I got an email, totally on a different issue but it talked about pop rocks and there i was saying "oh haan, pop rocks,, how i was an addict once..." and so went the trail of memory of the days long gone by. How i used to buy them on my regular trips to a tiny grocery owned by a malwari/malbari guy.
Bringing it back to the car... the anticipation, the excitement while opening the wrapper all used to come in quick succession.I knew that every time i am going to put a few pops in my mouth, its going to go sizzling and tickling and kind of electrifying my tongue but it was always something i experienced for the first time :p There were thoughts on how do these candies look while popping and sizzling on my tongue. To overcome my curiosity my tongue was sometimes out to see the marvel happen. however, the tickling always made me squint my eyes.
Back in those days, the 90s, there was a rumour or some kind of urban legend that eating pop rocks followed by coke would lead to sudden stomach explosion/death of the person!! I was too scared, thanks to my brother(who also made me shave my doll's hair :@!) to try doing that. I loved my life even then :p since i am on that,there are a few good things he taught me, well my early science lessons come from him. He was the one who told me that the earth is always rotating. I was AMAZED,SHOCKED, flabbergasted! On various occasions he told me to feel that we are rotating, moving, revolving.
Right now i so want to eat them once again!

p.s i have a history of eating pop rocks A LOT, refrigerating chips, hiding Polo in my toy basket only to find Bert and Ernie victims of fungus, and swallowing (it slipped!!) chewing gum many times as a result creating a panic situation for mama :p

p.s i wonder if we get pop rocks here hmm


Summer Cutee said...

lol...gurl we do get them here!!
yea i lurv em too...i once stuck my tongue out in the mirror to see if they really jumped about as they felt in my mouth...but imagine my despair when nothing happened...even the sizzling and the cracking and popping became less :(
btw tried that coke thing when i found out abt the urban legend...nuthing happens except ur tastebuds threaten to go on strike...its dyamn disgusting then!!!
i want to know more abt the head-shaved barbies though ms cruella!!

Summer Cutee said...


Abdul Sami said...

the 2nd ps is referred to as pps.... the third... ppps... and so on... !

you do get them in pakistan... i m sure u do... but yea my 1st experience with them was when sombody would come from abroad bearin us such gifts...

i did look at them tho... they r not really jumpin up n down... :P

Mubi said...

@ cutee and sami
hawww!!! we get them here? and i always we dont, never saw them in the market...but thats great:D :D i can have them lol

@ cutee
well ya i kinda remember you saying something similar about the approval thing hmmmmmm *thinking* :p

@ smacula
like duh!! i know p.s and pps and blah, but does it matter? no :p
aww, i knew they dont go crazy in the month, just a fake thing for a couple of secs lol

m.h.a said...

I loved the different flavours we used to get them from HKB when we used to go grocery shopping with mom thing was strange, they always gave me such a strange sensation around my ears. Used to Piss me off a little bit literally but anyways i liked them.

Mubi said...

lol,,well i dont really remember the ear sensation :p

btw its strange everyone knew that we get these candies here except for me :(

Summer Cutee said...

btw...y are u all talking in the past sense...dun u guys eat them anymore :-O

Summer Cutee said...

yay mubi i likes...

[[[ x Smiley x ]]] said...

awwwww how cute! i can soo remember these!
all that sizzling and popping and [static] electricity on ur tongue!
sooo cool!

Mubi said...

@ cutee
the past..coz i never knew we get them here :( and i dono about these chaps

@[[[x smiley x]]]
haina?! i m gona buy some soon :D:D:D

btw what do u think of the comment approval thingie? :p

Anonymous said...

we do get them here... oh u were missing out of this excitement for how long now ?! :)

nonetheless, the first time is always an enchanting discovery… that exhilarating sensation, that tingling feeling and to accompany these findings with those Urban Legends… hahaha I heard that one too , where allegedly your stomach goes boom when taken along with carbonated drinks… hahahah gooosh I have been fooled many times now :)

have to agree with everybody on this, the comment moderation is a bit too authoritative :)

Mubi said...

@ exquisite
lol, its been long, actually i had forgotten all about these candies :/ but ya i have been in ignorance for like a decade now :p
ehehe, authoritative! lol, the only reason i still have it partially 'on' (like you wud have gone thru it again) is coz otherwise i dont get to know about what i got comments on :$

Lunatic.... said...

ahh old days!!! I loved em!!! I still eat em if i get a chance :$

Anonymous said...

ohh this took me back to my younger years.. candies , suckers ohh i loved em all .... i went to alfatah recently god n i went back to bein 6 though HKB was more my parents choice then ... god i was makin a beeline arnd the sweets corner but too bad nowadays i dont like eating sweets but still ... u r never to old to indulge urself in a chocolate or a candy or sucker for tht matter. i think u would mubi have u tried lookin for them ... n i was wondering tht werent the magnum's good enough for ya

Anonymous said...

ohh yes... regarding comments... i too get behind and in fact it is sometimes a struggle to keep up with them... i do realize how rude it is to be ungrateful for your reader's comments...

i too would try moderation but then no one would bother leaving me any feedback, but apparently you have won over quite a dedicated viewership beside the strict regulatory monitoring ;) ... mashAllah!

take care

Mubi said...

good to see you :) and now thats the thing to do,,indulging in candies from time to time ;)

webbie to the blog :D :D
hmm point! i never really looked from them here actually...i think i will do then on my next trip to al fateh *ear to ear grin*

@ exquisite
thats decided then. no more moderation since i know it is a major turn off ehehe as u just said too. i agree :D
and ya, alhamdolilah :D readership of bloggers is not only regular but entertaining and so much fun..i mean comments motivate you to write, no matter now bad (like me)

P.s i am glad i brought this up on my blog and to my surprise all my readers can relate to the pops :D
*ear to ear smile* again

everyone! since exquisite mentioned it so rightly, i should too say keeping coming to the blog and thanks :) (now thats humble of me hm?) ;]

pop rocks rock!!

Anonymous said...

Democracy has triumphed :D

hurray for no more restraints ... we shall run free, responsibly of course :P

Calm Cool said...

oh dat yum dancing Crackers... i love them too :)

Mubi said...

@ exqui
Lol! democracy..of the bloggers, by the bloggers and for the bloggers eh?

@ calm
join the club! good to see u :)

Anonymous said...

Eid Mubarak!

lost in rome said...

i hate chewing gums ma jaw starts to hurt after a minute.. ya n i luvd eating pop rocks bt i dont remember anything of that urban legend xcept dat its a movie series.


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