Sunday, 14 September 2008

Of love and love

I sit here,like i do every day and ponder. My mind strays off to things, random, some of value and some of no significance. People around me talk about love and happiness and power. I know none. The words, the thoughts, the void itself betrays me. I am left with none. I do not know what love is beyond that it accounts for our lives. That we fight many wars for love, that we sacrifice for the mere word. that we die for it. that love is not for everyone. Few have it, yet less than few can feel it and less than less few can truly experience it. so its established that love is a rare commodity. still there is little i understand of love and happiness. Do we really need to understand the feelings born out of these two...
The companionship of love with us is born the day we are born. It grows and nurtures along with our entity. It has been there when we were but a mere fetus. The love, raw and non existent but there, very much. What shapes us as we grow in the world, also gives contours to the existence of love within us. L.O.V.E.
The four lettered word is tested time and again by people, they put themselves and others to test for this word. I am told it is more than just a word. indeed, but what?

I had a dream of a flower. As the petals gently curled opened themselves to the rhythm of morning air, the dance of the dew; I realized that something between them three was born. it was love. Love of their companionship of only a couple of fragile moments.

Human love, does it make us selfish? if true love is pure and beyond petty things in life then how come we develop traits that go against the very idea of a pristine feeling of love.


m.h.a said...

I dont know if any man in the world can explain love to another mubi, and neither do you need to understand it to feel it. Love simply exists in all quantities.
I think, love is one of the two prime mover feelings (thats a mechanical term but i think is self explanatory, a prime mover is the part of something that causes movement) which means is that if love wasn't there, half of the things in the world wouldn't have been so rigorously fought for. Now, you might question how can love cause a fight? Well who said love brings peace to everyone. Love, whenever felt in the right quantity has been the catalyst for change. Infact, its been the prime mover, the cause of so many revolutions, battles, like you pointed out as well. Didn't Malcolm X love his people? Or martin luther king jr., or viladimir lenin, or che guevera? Love is what makes humans think beyond their time, beyond their generation. No other feeling is such far sighted.
The love of God, is the greatest form of love there is. People who brought the greatest changes, were all motivated by the love of God. Our Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), Jesus, Moses, Jacob, all these people held on to change for the love of God. Do you think anyone would step into fire if they weren't in love? Like abraham did. Or anyone would allow themselves to be crucified?

Therefore, love has always been there, its never been understood, there never was a need. It was as evident as the morning sun. Love between two people is not the purest form of love these days, feelings of lust, jealousy etc creep in before love does. But incase there is true love, you bypass all these feelings, i cant quote examples of famous people who bypassed these secondary feelings for love but it does happen.
I dont really know if i'm making sense coz its so early in the morning. But mubi, every person realises they feel or have felt love at some point of their lives. Some do it as early as they open their eyes, some take longer, but maybe there aren't any who never feel it.
You say this word is meaningless for you, but i can bet you've loved someone or something at every point of your life. In those moments, love empowered you, think about important decisions you made, the greatest things you did. Think about times when all of a sudden your fears about something vanished, when everything seemed good again. Fine, you did not realise it was love at that time, but it really was. Love isn't limited to an intentional feeling that a person feels towards the other, its the very basic feeling planted into every human. Even if you dont realise it, you've been living this feeling. This is one of God's greatest gifts, infact by giving us love, God gave us something out of His best loved qualities!! Something that he has in the greatest of proportions and most magnificent of states.

Just one more thing, when we say love takes away fears, it really does. I quoted the examples of Prophets, look at what they did. I quoted the example of all these revolutionary leaders, look at them, if they had even an inkling of fear, they'd never do what they did. Look at these sportsmen, if they had even the slightest of fears, they'd never try and be the best in the world, because the road to that milestone is always long and scary.
And finally talking about love between people, well like i said, its really difficult to explain how it takes away fears, other than the point that love develops the deepest of trusts in the other person. If you know your love is true, there wont be any fear, because true love doesnot fade away. The feelings of jealousy, selfishness, overprotectiveness, and all such negative feelings creep in because of the absence of love.

I think i've been blabbing a lot, its so early in the morning i dont even realise how long i've been commenting, but i know for sure all the above doesn't serve any purpose. There've been volumes said about love, and volumes will be said. But each and everyone of us will recognise love in a different way. Each one of us will find it in a different form and to each one of us it will have a different meaning. But one thing is for sure, even if you think you dont know this feeling think again, you do, you just have to observe more closely.

The great 16th century philosopher Kharistos BONO Maximus said: "ONE LOVE"

may the force be with you mubi :)

A. Joe said...

Remember the tag line on my blog? 'it's like a box with a false bottom.' Like all the things in life, thats exactly love is. Or so I think...and why do we go completely against what love is all about? Read Rumi sometime, that teaches you how not to :)
Lovely post.

sista said...

What the.....!!

Love is not pristine. It is consuming, neurotic, glorious, ugly, beautiful and everything in between and more.

And how does one divorce "self" from love? What exactly is "I love you" without the "I"...even loving the beloved more than oneself is done by some "I" who values that more...

rohma said...

okay first things first, mobe u need to giv a trophy to mha , mr philosopher,fr da longest post. abb kuch khana ko rah nai jata.

n girl u kno luv, u hav been luved n u luv too... bt i didnt get da prime mover which made u write dis post...
u mean dat u dont believe in da aj kal k luv which every other girl falls wid every next tom dick n harry.. tuo dat is just bull shit, its just a fashion statement.. its very rare dat ppl fall in true luv these days

ya ma na kya bakwas likhi hai.. if u get it do tell me what i was tryin to tell u n wat u askd in da first place...

rohma said...

"Human love, does it make us selfish?..... how come we develop traits that go against the very idea of a pristine feeling of love."

yes it does n it doesnt at tyms..dere r diff kinds of luv.. da luv of prophrts was unselfish instead selfless while a luv of a mother for her extremely sick son can make her do anything even steal, beg lie..u get da point.. n luv bt a man n a woman can be both dey can b ultra selfish n overprotective in luv n it can even let its beluvd go if he/she is not happy..

bt no i guess selfish luv is nt luv den... bcz true luv always gets back, it makes u fearless

Abdul Sami said...

can i say that i am confused :( !!! lol

it remind me of a poem i read way back in my college days...

i do not remember the exact words...

but it went somthin like...

is it love or something else...
for its more than i love i feel inside...

my dear readers... this is the question i present to you... what is this more than love ????

Mubi said...

@ mha
lol, as rohma said you deserve some award for writing the longest comment on this tiny post eheheh.. in fact i was thinking to add your bit as part of my post :p
well to start with you came with a lot of valid points that i wasnt even thinking of. you took love on various levels and that helped a lot.really. the love of prophets, revolutionary figures is completely different, it does make you fearless, ambitious, courageous. with that you talked of love of God, that i think is the pristine love i was talking about..but then sista doesnt seem to agree,,pristine..wrong word?
ya i too mentioned that love that we die for, fight for indirectly merging with the point you elaborated on in reference to the historical figures, religion etc. :)
when i say the word is meaningless for me, i was trying to start from scratch and realized i actually dont know anything about it :P and i agree to most of what you said about not having realized it, the feeling but having it within oneself all the time
your comment was longer than me post :D

@ A.joe mean to say that there is no hope in love either? "like all things in life, thats exactly love." i need to borrow ur rumi book :D

hmm i can see i triggered off your reaction to...'what the hell is she talking about..':p
but there is a 'you' in i love you. if you say that its coz of the I that we cant separate love from selfish, where does the 'you' go? what is love without 'you'? you got a point there too

@ rohma
lol, ya i acknowledged him for his contribution here ehehhe
i get what you are saying and most of it is exactly what everyone is trying to tell me here :p :),i was just talking of it in general terms but now after all the comments there is so much i didnt write about in the post, when i already had it in my mind.
and nothing particular made me write this. i think i will come up with a detailed version of this post, including mha's 'babblings' as well :p

@ smacula
lol, me too :p
now you are taking this thing to a new level arnt you?
more than love is probably something splendid, something even more intense

uglyduckling said...

I'm confused. =(
I'm in love. =D
Oooooh I'm a believer. =D

Abdul Sami said...

okay.. .1st things 1st

my last post was written in a state of high frustrattion... dehydration and hunger...

all of these still remain but at least i remembered the words

said i loved you but i lied...
for this is more than love i feel inside

m.h.a said...

award very thankfully accepted :p waisay i cant believe i wrote such a long comment. That too from my cell phone.

thankye for acknowledging, i dont know why and what i kept on writing about. It was right after sehri waisay. Right now i'm totally blank on the topic, lets wait for your detailed post :)

Anonymous said...

I think love is not a thing to be's just something that can be experienced, given, received and felt.

Anonymous said...

Love is a feeling of gratitude. It is a necessity and a frail excuse to ecstasy. It is a shapeless entity, which can only be defined once the true love overpowers and dwells in the heart of its heir. Love is everlasting, love is a journey and an experience beyond our humanly words. Love is an infatuation and abomination.

I guess what I am trying to say is that Love is simply something that we ourselves describe it to befit our needs.

Good day!

Mubi said...

@ shysoul
hmm i think you have a point..its kinda beyond our reach to describe something that live for all our lives..but at a certain stage we are made to think of things like love and happiness, things that are ideal in themselves.

@ exquisite
thanks for dropping by :)
i like when you express love as "shapeless entity"
it definitely is "an experience beyond humanly words"

m.h.a said...

"kuch nae hota ye pyar wyar"

Mubi said...

@ mha
now you're confusing me
first you write this long post about how love is so divine
and now you write this filmi line hmm?

Abdul Sami said...

i think bacha mind ker gya!!!

m.h.a said...

ainwaeen filmi line bolne ka dil chah raha tha yar kya ho gya hai. Kehne may kya harj hai hmmm :p dont be confused the first post still stands and i stand by it

Anonymous said...

Well, I read somewhere that "muhabbat kaa phela qaida 'ahtaram' hota hai"...usay aajkal koi consider nahi i guess I would also have to agree with m.h.a that waqai yeh pyar wyar kuch nahi hota!! :)

[[[ x Smiley x ]]] said...

wow! i already found the post cooo fusing, and after reading the comments im even more cooo fused, and totally forgot wat i was gonna write in the comment!

i think love is something we can not put into words, to describe how this feeling takes away ones heart, and only those who have experienced it would actually know. I dont mean todays love, todays love is like u can walk down the street and fall in love, no, not that kinda love, the actual love, true love, rare love.

And the greatest kind of love is to love for the sake of God

indeed a lovely post :))

Mubi said...

@ mha
*phew* lol
funny thing is i thought this post was the most stupid thing ever coming from me ehehe :$ and as it turns out theres a lot of thoughts coming from you guys :D
@ smiley
lol,,,mission accomplished *evil grin* since i was confused,the post had to be and now so are you:P
thanks for visiting though :)

Anonymous said...

Nah! Mubi, it just shows we all love to talk about love....but none of us is brave enough to give ourselves over to it (it being the true love)!! :)

Abdul Sami said...

i did...n u kno wat...

fool me once shame on u...
fool me twice n shame on me :(

m.h.a said...

actually love is such a universal topic and we're all rohma said...we've put plato to shame waisay :p...

Mubi said...

now u have raised another point, not brave enough to give ourselves to love. hmmm thats thought provoking..
no one comes out of it woundless huh?
lol, seriously! but we arnt that bad...we did a fairly good job..esp you mha ;)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! The discussion on love, no matter how cliched, still holds its charm and that passion which lights up as a sparkle of youth in even the most aged & worn-out heart...

This place has transformed into a very interesting dialogue platform... Good job mubi :)

Anonymous said...

enough being said already..I can't stop smiling after reading sista's goes like:

"Love is not pristine. It is consuming, neurotic, glorious, ugly, beautiful and everything in between and more."


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

i have got like nuthing to say abt this apart frm the fact the M.H.A ur post is longer then mubi original post .. so lol at tht... Love is overrated well tht is wht i have got to say

Mubi said...

@ exquisite
heheh ya thanks, cliched but charming so true. m glad readers are enjoying it ;)
@ illusion
:$ lol, well shes the most senior of my blog readers,,shes got a point *smiles*
@ amna
and finally you arrive ;)
agreed, love is overrated :/

[[[ x Smiley x ]]] said...

u ebil ebil ebil pershun!


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