Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Eid celebrations

I thought i'd come on blogger and simply write "eid mubarak to all my readers and fellow bloggers" and ta da! thats it. Then i thought that would be too dry and too short a post for a festival such as Eid.
Though i dont have any foreign, goray (notice my sad lil pouty face on the lack of this, gora syndrome eh!)or people coming from other religions visiting my blog still i better shed some light on what is Eid.
Well, Eid ul Fitr, famously known as choti eid to us Pakistanis, is a religious festival, a holiday that ties the final knot to the Holy month of Ramazan.That also brings us to the end of our 30 days of fasting and thus the term fitr which means breaking the fast. Highlights of this festivity include congregational prayers for men, cooking delicious food especially sweets, while the younger ones ask for eidi from their elders that comes in the form of gifts and money. I forgot to mention the big hugs we give to each other on account of eid milna. In short Eid holds something special for everyone.
Today, sadly though, the meaning of eid is to an extent lost, blurred out. The essence of the celebrations long forgotten.
Till now even i was blabbing out "ah,i am not looking forward to Eid *grunt*" I am ashamed to realize how wrong i am. Instead of being thankful for the blessed gift from Allah, here i am being one ungrateful person. I remember that Eid with my Nano (grandma) used to be so much fun though i never realized it then. There used to be some kind of a charm in getting all dressed up, going to her place, meeting all the relatives, the gathering, eating paan( this used to be one family ritual we never missed on) then going in front of the mirror and looking at our red tongues. The crisp note of 10 rupees and a warm, cozy hug from my Nano was everything. This all i miss...
Eid is still the same, just that i have drifted away. Just that i have stopped looking at the fun filled side of it that still awaits my attention. There is still wearing new clothes, applying henna late in the night, buttering up and sometimes nicking out eidi from brothers, eating the mouth watery delights mum cooks early in the morning...
On a lighter note, i am not very fond of henna but being part of the henna applying gang is much more fun. Besides its time when you can get creative with designs only to see them turn out disastrous in the end (as always). Since i am a Khusa lover/collector, Eid remains one of the reasons to shop for at least a new pair every year, sometimes twice during the bari Eid as well:D. By the way i got a pretty set of multi coloured bangles from my khala that blends well with my Eid suit. Hmm let me reconsider this, make it suits. Like always i have two Eid suits and thus the decision which one to wear on which day is mind boggling *ear to ear grin*. One is beige with multicolored embroidery,bead work etc, while the other one is deep, dark purple with ferozi (a shade of blue) thread embroidery and tiny mirrors on the front and the sleeves. The decision is going to take long ehehehe. As for those of my friends who lost their eid suits to the wild scissors and unknown mishaps of the tailors, i offer my deep condolence :p

EID Mubarak to everyone, those who are already celebrating it, have fun and eat lotsa sweets, and please dont make it a sleeping day.
heres a link( the owner doesnt allow embedding request) i came across while you tubing
eid mubarak song

Eid in Pakistan is either tomorrow or day after tomorrow, we still await the suspense by the moon sighting committee :D bless.

P.s if you were annoyed by the frequent colour change, theres nothing i can do for your lack of taste. Also there is some problem with the two lines that i cudnt colour for some weird reason :S


Anonymous said...

Your posts are always so original and so much fun to read and bravo for going so different and taking a unique approach :)

Never underestimate your blogosphere community… I am sure there will be a goora or goori reading this very post right now (note: I was not implying this to myself, I am a hardcore desi :D )

I wish Eid to be announced for tomorrow but then again, our moon sighting comitte always ought for 30 days fast…

For some reason, I think u might be going with a “dark purple” dress basing on the preference of color you have picked for this paragraph, either intentionally or subconsciously :)

And finally,
A very warm and happy Eid Mubarak to you too! …

Raghu Ram Prasad said...

Eid mubarak to you also....here in India also going smoothly...and your blog is heart touching

Anonymous said...

oh my god...its eid again ... boring borin is what cums to my mind..the only different in this n the other eid is tht u dont see as much blood and smell wih this one .... the only decent thing abt eid is tht i have almost a week of frm university ..tht is tht ... nuthin else ... u precisely see the same ppl who u manage to see on any given day ....nuthin new nuthin different.. .. call me a sad person but tht is wht eid is to me ..n perhaps i am being wht mubi said ...being an ungrateful person ... ohn the suit u r talkin abt is sumthing tht i didnt even bother with this time ..thus i have no absotuletly no mind boggling decisions ot make ( mind boggling is this even a word or am i bein all inventive) .... the only decision to make is whether to have macdonalds or the love of my life chinese food for dinner... hmmm ... chinese macdonals...macdonalds chinese ...any suggestions.....

Mubi said...

@ exqui
aww, you are just being nice,hm?
thanks anyways :)
lol, as for the goras or no goras or people from other religion,countries..well! guess what i have raghu ram prasad coming and commenting the very day i mention not having the likes of him :D so you were right..shudnt underestimate my blogosphere :$
and by now, i know, eid is on the 2nd :)
*thinking this guy has great observation* lol, i think it was more on the subconscious level that i highlighted that paragraph as purple!! :D

thank you for your appreciation,
eid greetings to you too. teme how is it being celebrated in india? i assume you have some Muslim friends?
hope to see more of you :)

@ nando :D
you know, i felt the same about eid not very long ago...
Oi, both the eids have more to them than just blood, and smell!!
yes mind boggling is a word, that i first misspelled lol.
as for suit, choti eid is all about henna, choriyan, jewelry and all..who am i saying all this to:p

and go for chinese :D

[[[ x Smiley x ]]] said...

Eiiiiiiiiid mubarakkkk Mubi :D
hope u have a wonderful day filled with happiness, laughter and sunshine!

loved ur post! You sure did make it a different one.You deserve a pat on the head! :D

no, i didnt have a problem with the colouring in fact i really liked it, kinda helps my eyes. Thanks :)

sista said...

Maybe no goras yet, but Eid Mubarak from an atheist has to count for something!

Have fun while its still mom making the food (its not as much fun when you yourself have to do it- sigh!) but I do still enjoy taking the mohalla kids out to Lasertag or Chucky Cheese or some fun place as their Eidee - they look forward to it more than they would cash (which is why I maintain that us Pakistani kids were way smarter than these North American Immigrant kids!)

Grandparents are super special. Good for you for having had a close relationship with one.

Eid Mubabrak.

Anonymous said...

Eid Mubarak :)

and i told u so (regarding a foreigner, hehehe)

m.h.a said...

very cute mubi and very true. I wish i knew how to color text like that, i wanted to do that too but alas.

Eid mubarak yaara!

Waisay i can vividly picture you as a little girl jumping up and down because she's really excited because of eid. I swear, i had that image reading the colorful post...

Eid is the best! Haina?

Once again, this is one excited/exciting post, awesome.

Lunatic.... said...

EiD Mubarik
I loved this change of color :)

Anonymous said...

آپکوبھی بہت بہت عید مبارک۔ اللہ تعالٰی ہمارے گناہوں سے درگزر فرمائے ، ہمیں شعور عطاء فرمائے اور پوری امت مسلمہ کو دائمی خوشیوں سے نوازے۔ اٰمین

Anonymous said...

Eid Mubarak to you too mubi..do have loads fun & make the most of it..loved reading yet another candid post of yours..have fun:)

p.s. don't know why but i'm missing ramadan:(
Eid's are boring..they've become way too much boring..ramadan was awesome..it was the best ramadan after a long long time as i made the most of it..now when its gone i'm missing it very badly..i don't know why i'm even talking about all this..lol:S

Mubi said...

@ [[[x smiley x]]]
aww thanki for the pat on the head and the eid wishes and liking the coloured post :p..
Eid mubarak to you too girl! *hugs*

well indeed it does mean something :D
eid mubarak and thanks :)
lol, i think i will have to agree, money matters :p smart kids huh..
aw thats nice, too bad i am not one of ur mohalla kids :D
bilkol, somehow grandparents keep the families united...


thank you ,,lol. m glad everyone enjoyed the post..so the colour did bring magic to post haina :D
and hehehe, i still get excited on eid day no matter how much i say "eid bari boring ho gi bla blah"
Eid is eid, no denying that.

thanks girl! and Eid mubarak! hope you have lotsa fun this eid
hope to see more of you

@ duffer
ameen to your prayer :]
keep visiting and EID mubarak!

:D thanki so much!
EID greetings!!!
well ramazan has its own place and specialty but come on eid isnt that bad..i mean every year i say eid boring ho gi but somehow or the other it turns out way better :) and mashAllah that you made the most of ramazan..my Allah accept your prayers and along with that ours too.ameen

Anonymous said...

yeah eid's good but still it was boring *yawns*
i hope you're having fun..cheers mubi:)

Destitute Rebel said...

Eid Mubarik to you Mubi, hope you had a good eid.

Anonymous said...

so was it the purple dress ? :P

Poisoned Apple said...

Mubi mere gudday =D
Eid Mubarak *huggie*
Hope you had a GREAT one..
meri toh kaam kerte kerte mehendi bhi utar rahi hai =(
Ab huggie doh. Achi wali. =D

Mubi said...

@ illusion
ya,mine was great alhamdolilah :D

@ rebel
OOOO!!! waqai eid ho gai..one of my early blog reader!...here you are after such a LONG time!!!
Eid mubarak!! :D :D hope to see more of you again..

@ exqui
it was purple yesterday :D lol

@ apple pie :D
shukriya larki!! haan my eid was great :D aww dobara laga lo mehndi :D i applied myself on one hand! nows thats an achievement on my part lol
and ya now *achi wali HUG* :D

Anonymous said...

Eid Mubarak, Mubi!

Love the colors. :D

Daanish said...

EID MUBARAK,but do you think that celebrating eid on different days is a muslim-divided theme or just a tradition,we should accept that and move on:lets enjoy!

Scribblers Inc said...

aapko bhi eid mubarak!!:D

Scribblers Inc.

Mubi said...

@ specy :D
m taking liberties with ur name ehehe
thanks for visiting and the colours lol, yay!

@ daanish and scribblers Inc.
good to have new ppl to the blog :D
eid mubarak to you guys!

@ daanish, well its more on the difference of opinion and the clashes we have, but this time it was great...one eid and unity :D

@ scribblers
from india...hmm i think i should mention it more often that i dont have readers from outside my own community :D

Anonymous said...

Eid Mubarak to youuu.
Slightly late sorry!
But I really hoped your day went well.
I love the colour change, it's so pretty and I'm a sucker for all things girly and pretty!

lost in rome said...

abt drifting away that happens bt u r nt drifting away, u do da same thing its just k it starts to get boring, if i can put dat way.. wasy i pity ppl who dont celebrate eid. don get up early, get dressed n meet everyone get eidi n hav fun.. really those who spend it sleepin r da losers bhi its ur religious/ native bhi kha sakta hain, festival.. own up to it, n hav pride in it n celebrate it in its true spirit!!

Calm Cool said...

EIDDD Mubarak
(belated belated)


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