Friday, 12 September 2008


Clouds have always fascinated me for which reason i end up taking lots of pictures of the sky. I took many pictures of clouds in the sky last month which was marking the end of monsoon. Luckily i was able to get some good clicks at the right time. The best part about these pictures is that the colours and shades in the sky were intriguing when i took these amateur shots. Here have a look.

ps: click on the image to have a closer look. Do you see a black spot in the second picture? i think its the sun!

i had to quickly rummage through my folder and upload some more,,crucial time!


Abdul Sami said...

awww... u kno wat i love doin that as well...

if u go to my facebook albums theres loads of pictures of the sun/clouds and all that :D !!

a few which i am really proud of actually!

uglyduckling said...


I'll upload my cloud pics too. :D

Mubi said...


beaugly, waiting for u to upload some.

Abdul Sami said...

does this mean i should upload mine too :D ??

Abdul Sami said...

actually.. i jus did :D !

Anonymous said...

Acha jeeeee....just wait till I upload some of MY pics! :P

Love the last 2 pics :)

Mubi said...

@ shysoul
lol,,its amazing how smacula and beaugly both turned out be copy cats :D *evil grin*

and now its you too :O :D :D
haina? i luv the last two too, the first two have these sharp sun rays giving a great effect to the sky and all

m.h.a said...

i have one two cool pix too just lemme see, but i wish we had denser clouds these days its so hot everyone needs some shade :[

m.h.a said...

hey hey i uploaded my cloud pics too...i dunno if i was able to capture the real scene

uglyduckling said...

I'm a sky person. Hmph.

I love the blue wali pic =D

Mubi said...

@ mha
you too? copy cat :P :D
ya its hot :/

hm thanki :D
im more of a cloud and star person :p

rohma said...

i don tak pictures bt i do at tym play dis sort of game, u can call it dat.. i look fr any shapes in clouds i.e clouds resembling tym doorr sa dey look like mighty mountains n da roar seems to get lost in dem.

[[[ x Smiley x ]]] said...

Random pictures sure do come out guuurd!
i agree, the last two are lovely!
they give out such a natural touch :D

Mubi said...

lol, ya i can never make out the shapes :p

@ smiley, hey thanks for the stopping by :]

Anonymous said...

Loved the last one..its beautiful in every would've been nice if that power cable/telephonic wire wouldn't come in the shot but still nevertheless me loves it:)
I love taking shots of clouds & skies as you might have figured it out by now;)

Mubi said...

@ illusion
ya that cable wire is such a hindrance :/ and any other angel wud cut out the clouds and all
o ya i remember your cloud waali post :D and the flickr ones

Anonymous said...

ok so i got here n al ihave to say is ok pictures ...though if their were mountains it wuld have been a different story

Mubi said...

@ amna
welcome my dear friend :P
obviously aami mountains or sea for that matter would have changed the whole story :(
no wonder i have been wishing for at least a sea in lhr :P
thank you for your humble comments unlike the ones you have been going on abt in uni :p


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