Tuesday, 23 September 2008

score-rity and sovereignty

After much contemplation here i'm to confess? or merely declare that i have run out of ideas or blahs to blog about? Ummm for that matter i have a number of drafts still awaiting their publication yet i find myself out of energy to on blogging. My friends A.joe and rukh said there comes a phase. well the latter said "shukar hai" or so is my vaguest recall of what our conversation on blog was about.
AH..a sullen air prevails and i dull myself into the comfy sofa. something on the television catches my attention and there i am laughing to the repetition of the word "security". one, the word has no meaning in the current scenario and second, the word itself got twisted and corrupted as it came out during a street show as "score-rity". Every person on the street is saying 'scority' this and 'scority' that and the lack of it, absence of it altogether and blah.
I hover my fingers on the keyboard for long, then i move them like Medusa's (or was the mythological figure sedusa?) hair. finally i rest my fat,'teri meri' fingers on some random (such an overrated word) alphabets that soon took the form of some more randomness, this time words and sentences spread neatly on this white box.
Soon all i can bring myself to say is bullshit for the following excerpt from a news story.

Us respects Pakistan's sovereignty: Bush
President Bush said: "I thank you for coming. And I have really been looking forward to this meeting; after all, Pakistan is a close and important friend." He offered his deepest condolences to the victims of those who died as a result of the terrorist attack in Islamabad.

what about those dying in the tribal areas? both ways its mockery on our faces!

He said Pakistan is an ally and he looks forward to deepening the relationship. "We'll be discussing, of course, how to help spread prosperity. We want our friends around the world to be making a good living.
that concern is least that we want

President Zardari thanked President Bush and said: "Thank you for your kind words. Thank you for your thoughts. As always, you prove to the world that your heart is in there for us Pakistanis, we respect your feelings, we respect the American ideals. And we bring to this the whole concept of your promise to the world of bringing democracy to Pakistan. Democracy has come full circle and it's been the help of all the friends around the world and we are thankful to the world for helping democracy."

i didnt even want to take that name again but somethings you cant really help..

In the end, it all gives me a laugh, score-rity/security and sovereignty total bull.


Abdul Sami said...

well at least that proves (excuse my french...) that licking butt can get you any where !!!

m.h.a said...

bush respects our sovereignty= BULLSHIT

these two TWOFACE bastards! Bush and Zardari, sorry for the swearword but thats the voice of everyone of us...subtle discussions are of no use...just plain raw swearwords...

i cant believe how pissed i am at these people

Mubi said...

on a lighter note thank you guys for sharing the same reaction as mine :p

but its getting worse..with the kind of 'leaders' we have i dont really see any betterment in the coming years...but who am i to say all that and do nothing?

Poisoned Apple said...

Bush can and has, never respected Pakistan or it's sovereignty, or any other Muslim country, ever.
Zardari has never cared about Pakistan, he only wants money. Both of them are vultures.
But what are WE doing for Pakistan? Bush is doing what is good for his country, he's getting the money, he's got the power, it's what's good for America. What about us? How can we improve Pakistan? We have to step up and get involved.
Bush will try it's best to take control of Pakistan, unless our leaders and our people don't care about Pakistan selflessly, we're getting nowhere, because, let's face it, our speech is doing nothing.

Anonymous said...

Paranoia seems to be the key to control the masses and why would it not be? Terror and seeding fear into the hearts of general public is now the obsession of our contemporary political practice.

If we examine the past relationship between Pakistan and USA, we have always been at the afflicting end of it. Pakistan was and is still being used like a miserable subordinate that becomes neglected soon after being taken advantage of.

And this is partly our fault too, we have to stop being such naive sycophants and start working for solutions to our own problems.

Sadly, we never happen to learn our lessons and maybe, this is our greatest weakness.

Mubi said...

@ apple
i agree when you talk about our failure being evident and that our mediums to voice our opinions are proving to be ineffective. but
bush is not exactly doing good for his country. there are a lot of Americans who in simple words loathe him and there are so many problems being faced by them just that they are economically strong( though not really after the Lehman brothers collapse).on the political front things are a lot messier and ugly than we actually know..

well you have this thing of putting things so aptly that i cant seem to disagree.
the reason we never learn is the lack of nationalism?

this reminds me of how pathetic our politicians are, those who are actually representing Pk abroad. Zardari and his sidekick sherry rehman both met the republican Vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin and guess what sherry rehman asks?
how are you so beautiful/what do u do to keep urself so beautiful? (something on these lines)

keep in mind that they were in an official meeting.

sad, sad and sad!

[[[ x Smiley x ]]] said...

these guys talk brilliantly well from their rear end!

can it get any worse?

Anonymous said...

@mubi: Even Americans are ridiculing Palin and McCain's campaign for utter stupidity and here our country's representatives have traveled all the way there to ask Palin for beauty tips... wow!

Heck of an expensive trip for such a trivial quest but who cares, as long as it is on the expense of the poor tax paying Pakistani citizens

lost in rome said...

u kno yesterday again da us fighters flew into pakistan..

well i think da best we can do right now is to pray to GOD to put some sense in to zardari n our other leaders so dat they can actully do smth to save dis poor homeland of ours... i kno its asking a bit too much but do we hav an option.. da goddamned bastard is our president.. so GOD help us.

Mubi said...

@ smiley
lol, liked ur comment ;)

we have a different definition for tax here, dont you know?

@lost in rome
yehi! we have already left a lot on God, thats our problem! lets stop praying for zardari and some sense in him, lets be more direct :p

also we have become so bitter haina? i mean this post or the comments isnt going to help us, our contempt and anger towards them...in total vain


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