Thursday, 4 September 2008

7 weird things going on to more

Seems like weird-things-about-me season is blossoming at a high rate on blogs :D and so i have been tagged recently (i am on cloud nine, seriously!) by a dear blogger Shysoul. thank you :) here i unleash my weird side of insane personality

1) I share this first and foremost weirdness with my friend Amna aka aami. we have set out a day, Hysterical Wednesdays, especially for letting ourselves go mad,entirely and completely and of the highlights of The day is lots and lots of laughter for no apparent reason. And it comes all by itself..some magic you see.
2) I suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and a proud one:D here is only a few of my OCD's unveiled, so Behold!

a) Cannot tolerate badly folded sheets, clothes etc. if someone folds my sheets, clothes and i find them even an inch wrong, i would unfold them and redo the whole thing :D (definitely a way to drive the person crazy :$) declared guilty

b) I make my bed to the point of extreme perfection, not even a single crease ( yes, my mother is happy with me making my bed meself lol)

c) I have marked the tag of my blanket with my initials so that NO ONE else uses them, also i make sure that the side of the blanket that comes toward my feet should always be at my feet and not towards my face :D
3) I don't do my eyebrows :D i have God gifted shaped no hassle of running to the nearby saloon ( i read someone else (blogger) writing this too :D)
4) I can, however, pluck eye brows of others only if anyone wants to volunteer, i can prove it :D
5) Zero tolerance for dog-eared books especially when someone borrows them from me. i give them a bookmark along with a long instruction of how to use the book while reading.
6) Proudly a self acclaimed loser :D just a few hours back i told Smacula to tag me (only indirectly) and he did too, thank you ehehehhe
7) I can eat more than 4 magnums at a time and still have an irresistible desire to have more.
8) I can listen to songs umpteenth times and yet not be able to memorize the lyrics.
9) I stare people. A lot.
10) I have no sense of direction. its been two years in university and i still forget what way is which classroom. sigh!
11) I have discovered a NEW weirdness about me though not very weird but irritatingly weird, i have been transformed into a slow reader. i completed Angels and Demons in around 6 months!!
12) I can watch Saw 1, 2, and 3 all at a time and still not feel disgusted.
13) Total neat freak, my drawers, book shelves are always highly organized. i never get a chance of spring cleaning :p
14) I have a fast typing speed, i can type without looking at the keyboard like many people, BUT the weird thing is that i cant seem to remember what lies next to alphabet A, or what button lies under Tab.
15) I can turn my tongue to the left, completely side ways but not to the right (probably coz i am lefty??)
16) I can touch my nose with my tongue :D
17) I watched complete 15 movies on youtube this summer
18) I have a record of losing my spectacles three times in a row by simply dropping them off my lap while getting out of the car.
19) Every time i am late for university,i reach before time :S
20) I always spell weird to 'wierd', every time i write or type it. For years i didnt even realize i have been spelling it wrong.
21) I have this craze for colourful pens (yes i am an adult now). Writing with purple, red, green and the likes is the best part of jotting down notes.
22) I dont remember a single poem by heart that i have written.
23) I never forget birthdays. I can remember birthdays of as many people as possible. I am ultra good with that :D
24) Climbing one stair at a time bores me.

i had a dream last night and my devil informed me i had missed on a few imp weird rituals/thing that i own to my name. so here i am again, cursed by this temptation :p

25) When i was a kid i used to eat raw lady fingers and in return my dad used to give me 5 Dirhams to complete the challenge successfully
26) On most days to university i try as much as i can to wear matching socks!! and just the other day i got a 'compliment' from a teacher and i was like,,ya that my signature style :p
27) I used to have 3 imaginary friends in my childhood (probably thats not weird)
28) Cannot imagine my life without cheese!
29) There was a time i used to wish for a sea in Lahore :/
thats it for now i guess. PHEW!
I wanted to tag so many people but most of them are not only tagged,they have already published their weirdness list :D
therefore i now tag M.h.a,Rukh, Illusion, Nav, Aima


m.h.a said...

Haha, you really are wierd or weird but wait let me get my list compiled...but pardon my ignorance, what is tagging exactly here?

m.h.a said...

About your OCDs mentioned in 2- well so many OCDs could only spell trouble for anyone around you but the best one is blanket wala lol. Although it sometimes occurs to me too that wat if the place where i place my feet one day may be the part on my face on another, but then, how do you keep a record?

3- well i've always found it weird that girls get their brows touched to look good i mean kya farq parta hai so in that case, you're not really weird :p

4- Ewwww or well i haven't tried that yet

7- 4 magnums? Are you crazy or something, chocolates, understandable, but magnums? Thats not weird thats insane...yar dil bhar jata hai

9- lol lol lol lol lol lol really do? *serious face* thats normal

12- welcome to the club, saw is great

15- after reading this i am trying to turn my tongue to both sides, thori thori ho jati hai lol

16- sorry for being a little disgusting but that helps in times of flu, doesn't it? No need for tissues :p

20- me too, i still dont remember how to spell weird, and words like that

21- uff i've been a pen freak, i still am, i had such a nice collection of pens, but the good ones dakus took :( i was so possessive about them

23- now thats an art, you're so lucky, waisay my mom remembers so many birthdays, so does my sis, i remember almost none

uglyduckling said...

"19) Every time i am late for university,i reach before time :S"


Anonymous said...

@ OCD's, halloo seestah! I share all of them too... number 3, that would be me; the fellow blogger?

How did you do #17?!?!

Summer Cutee said...

lmao...u cudve written that in ur essay!!

Mubi said...

tag meaning like i chose u and rukh to write about ur weird list..i guess thats about it.
the initials on the blanket is the mark to remember which side comes to the feet and which to the face :p
hehhehe,,ya well 4 isnt THAT it:$
@ 9..ya i realized that only after i got into college:P
lol, mha you dont need to try number 4 :p
haina? SAW is great.. high five dude!
16..eww come on i do it when i dont have flu..OK!

hehehe, its weird but its so true!

@ specs
yes! it was you, i got to you thru shysoul :D well out of boredom?? but it was fun given that the net is fast

lol..han! but till then i wasnt tagged :p and did u start working on ur list? :p

Abdul Sami said...

hehe.. u begin wid completely freakin me out by ur ocd and cleanliness freakliness !

but the magical bit is... coloured pens... every body used to borrow my registers for workin because everything was written in colour coded manner... at least 4 colours were used every where !!! and more at times! lol

i don remember my poems too... duz anybody? if they do... are they not self obsessed?

and i totally lov cheese too... i remember we once had a discussion on taht :D !!!

Mubi said...

@ smacula

Lol, OCDs are to freak others out :D
cheese has no replacement!
o ya? coloured pens you too :p one ofthe joys of life for me..a few days bk my friend gave my a purple pen,, was i happy or what LOL

uglyduckling said...

I like purple. :(

Anonymous said...

27) I used to have 3 imaginary friends in my childhood (probably thats not weird)

No thats not weird at all..I had none in my childhood though I always fancied Alice in the wonderland & her fellows to become my frainds:S
Now thats weird isn't it? haha..I don't care:S

Mubi said...

@ beaugly
haina :D i love purple
@ illusion
lol, wanting to be friends with alice is weird hehehehe. do u plan to write ur own anytime soon ? ;p

Anonymous said...

mubster i dunno like wht to write ... i mean i have like soo many of these things .. oCD washing hands , straightenin bedsheets , folding clothes ... OMG i dunno wht to say locking everythin up at night , omg switchin one specific light up in the lounge like very day frm the past 5 yrs ..been 5 yrs since moved into this house .. lol at tht .. another thing i dont sleep with my head and toe totally covered in bedsheet cuz tht kinda reminds me of dead bodies how they r covered and tied up .. a bit freaky and scary ... colored pens r me .the purple pen i gave ya ...and i was thinkin tht we get happy with such small things in life if we were to get the big one ( like diamonds, range rovers in my case the punch of it wuldnt be the same as hysterical wednesday or using colored pens ...yh tht is me being totally bullshit if i got one of these i would be like over the world) ... the best bit was i am runnin late for college but still on time , oMG i struggle by all accounts when it cums to time keepin good news the teacher changed all the mornin classes .... but check out rukh man .. i mean she is like not attendin classes but now knwin the reason i guess its valid and tht her uncle recovers like fully .... remembering the convo today after the HRM class n i got home and zaradari today moved into the presidential palace was like walkin in under quran accompanie by his dughter .. ..... WTF .... khair ..juss forget abt tht .... dont do eyebrows either .. magnums pure pure evil ... ppl she was mute a few days ago couldnt speak n now these days she is havin these craving or magnums ..evil mubster ..i dont like eat meetha at all ice creams n halwas tht much cuz if i do i get sugar high .. starin reminded me of faiza remember last semester u me zd in saddaf's class lol ... the day hysterical wednesday was born .... cant do the tongue twistin .. direction lol .. this girl in college asked me the other day where is rm 19 n i was like erm erm erm .... n she was lyk wht semster u in n i am like 5 n she is like u have been here 2 n half yrs n still dont knw room numbers ..she was freshers .... bistofied me soo well ..hahahahahah ..... khair matchin socks at time we all unintentionally wear matchin color clothes and socks ...n it gets a bit funny... typin lol ..... i can do it unintentionally n when i do it like deliberately i wont look at the keyboard i always make mistakes then .... got a bit long ....

Mubi said...

@ amna
LOL...OMG..yu come here last and with such a feast of comment :D
and do i need to say that we make a double dose of weirdness around the campus and we are already notorious :( lol
and wanting to have magnum is no evil.
i told you not to take you know who name :p

Anonymous said...

after today ..there r no tw owys tht we r like weirdos and extremely notorious ppl on campus .... wht did we laugh on ...ssshhhhhhhhh and loser ...... hahahhhhhhhahhaaaaaaaahahahahahahhahahahahah .... poor faiza .... :-)

Abdul Sami said...

lol... i would so have loved to have da sea next to lahore... tho i hav lived next to canal for most of my life !!!

Mubi said...

@ amna
i dont know what i was thinking :S :/

@ smacula
hehehehhee, at least u had some form of water near ur plc :p

Abdul Sami said...

lol... yea only added to the humidity it did !!!

plus once it flooded... was so scary !!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for late commenting, can't blame anything other than my own laziness! :)

#2b, how my mom would like to have u as a daughter :)

#7, FOUR mangnums....mera tu aik badh hee hashar hoo jata hai, meetha dimagh ku char jata hai yaar! :S

#17, Ah! fellow youtube junkie! Isn't YouTube best of internet? :D

#25, BINDIIIII...i can't eat them even cooked, raw is completely out of question!

#29, now won't that be fun? :D

Mubi said...

@ shysoul
so it was you missing here :D
hehe sea n lahore..a lot of bad geography huh..still fun? YES!
bindi a No when cooked, but it isnt that bad now lol
youtube..hail hail! high five :D:D:D
ya well four isnt THAT much ehehe
at that might be an overstatement ehehe :$

Abdul Sami said...

maybe 4 magnums is a lahoreee thing :D

Anonymous said...

I also fold my own clothes (never satisfied with someone else doing it) and very particular with the blanket that I use.

I forget birthdays, so I have saved everyone's birthdays in my phone, with an alarm (just to make certain I don't miss it).

Mubi said...

@ smacula
lol,,ya perhaps hmmmmm
@ purple
i was wondering how annoying we must be to ppl who hav to bear with our stupid habits :P ie if they see us redoing everything hehehhe

m.h.a said...

It really is annoying, i cant fold tee shirts, dress shirts, or shalwar kameez can you believe that? Matlab proper folding to may kar hi nae sakta na yani k. Yani itni demented sa fold hota hai and its frustrating. I can fold pants, atleast they're simple enough...

Anonymous said...

well yeah i am also planning to write about it..ab daikho kab likhta hoon as i've been tagged by so many people:S

rohma said...

uffff LOOOOL wat do i write moby.. u demented obsessed weird bandi...i luv ladyfinger, just got ma dad to bring dem in today but seriously moby ...raw lady finger, i cudnt hav thought abt dat even if i it was for ma dear life.

n ya i can vouch for her cleanliness.. is ka ghar ja ka depression ho jati hai... itna saaaf!!
hann i hav dia habbit of washing ma hands quite often..

okay 4 mangumns!! no comments on dis.

haan i remember ur alevel ki english ki note books...

im not good at rememberin bdays but at tyms ma day savin brain does remind me in tym,esp tumhari, it just dwned on me k u r da only frind jis ki i hav never forgotten!! mobe, u hav just been honoured!! wink.

pata hai i reached kolg twice or thrice dis last week on tym just to get told k i hav been markd absent in da first klass of da day!!

yar i still take tese imaginary trips..remembersir omer ki klasses.. bt don ask abt the trips.. public forum hai..

uff cheeese, de only dat i ever eat is on pizza baas


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