Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Tuberose 'flaaarz'

a lovely day calls for something beautiful to talk about. before moving onto today's entry, i would like to give a weather report :p
ITS BEEN RAINING FOR AROUND 6 HOURS HERE!!! :O, :D, *jumping around with joy smiley*, *dancing around with joy*, :/,*scratching my head* , *-), *hmmmmmm*

okie dokie back to the entry. Tuberose. i never knew the name of my favourite flowers or (as we call it in our desi lingo) 'flaaarz' until i read shoaib hashmi's column last sunday. He mentioned a little about these flowers called tube roses that i recognize so well and exclaimed to my amusement: 'yay! so thats what those scenty, tall, elegant milky white,beautiful flowers are called'... but then like shoaib hashmi i too wonder why the name 'tube rose' when they neither look like a tube nor like a rose!

i took this picture recently,a month back, when my love for them was still blossoming.

Originally they come from Central America. and now something interesting about these aromatic flowers is the following.
The legend of the tuberose in France warns that young girls should not breathe in its fragrance after dark for fear that it would put them in a romantic mood.
In India, tuberose is known as raat ki rani, [The Mistress of the Night] for similar reasons(and raat ki rani is a famous name in our part of the world too). In Ayurvedic medicine, attars are held in high esteem not only for their exquisite fragrance, but their healing properties. Tuberose is known to improve one’s capacity for emotional depth. By opening the crown chakra it improves psychic powers. Tuberose also amplifies artistic inspiration as it stimulates the creative right side of the brain. And it brings serenity to the mind and heart.

i had a great time reading into the details of tube rose. the best characteristic of this flower is its scent that keeps producing itself unlike other flowers that lose their scent soon after they are picked. and also its magical quality believed to stimulate our creative abilities.


sista said...

I miss them - my father's favourite and mine...one of the few things I miss about Pakistan....

Love, simply love, white roses as well

uglyduckling said...

Main houn raat ka raja. B-)

Mubi said...

@ beaugly
you can be either duckling or the raja:p not both at the same time ehehe.

m.h.a said...

Hey i wrote a comment too, or didn't i? I keep forgetting...anyways i'm surprised that these flaaaars are called tuberoses, not that they're my favourite. I like cactus, no flowers :p

Mubi said...

@ mha
err, no comment for this post before..there was one abt ur post but i ended up rejecting it lol,,usay kerna tha accept?

oh cactus.,i have had a lot of bad experiences with this plant...once i fell on this huge cactus plant while i was on my bicycle..oohhhh~ it was painful,,got all its needles stuck in my knees and arms..uff it hurt :p
and then at another time when we used to keep a lot of cactus in our house, one small plant fell on me LOL...

Abdul Sami Mughal said...

scanning quickly throo ur blog... i read tarboooz !!! and i m like... why is tarbooz followed by flaarz... and den a topic about tube roze.... and i kinda realized my brain had been at it again... lol

Abdul Sami Mughal said...

wesay u do see a lotta flaaars around england but i don think i hav seen these bad boys around... mo prolly coz its day time aall da time here aaj kal... but will keep an eye open... u do see a lotta roses n what not !!!

Pracs said...

Yeah I read Hashmi's coloumn and was intrigued as well, sought of had written off these variety and I thought it was some odd variety highly viable to sell commercially !! I suggest you send your blog link to baba Hashmiji,,.. he should be pleased!!

Mubi said...

@ smacula
LOL,,tarboooz???? hahaha. well you know i could also write something about this wondrous fruit :P

@ pracs
haina? even i bought them many a times little realizing that they were the oh so famous raat ki rani
ehehe you i think i shud?:P

Abdul Sami Mughal said...

lets hear about tarbooz den :D !!!


Anonymous said...

hein? The plant we call Raat Ki Rani in our home has totally different flowers than these tube roses. I don't think tube roses and Raat ki Rani and Tube roses are the same :S

I love these flowers too, althou sometimes their scent gets so strong that my mother wants me to put the vase outside before I close the door of my room, lest I am found unconscious in the morning! :D

Mubi said...

@ soul
i personally i have no idea, i read in a couple of places and it said they are raat ki rani...and at one site i saw the picture of motia flower and the person who had taken the picture titled it raat ki rani :S btw what of kind of a plant do u hv at ur place?


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