Sunday, 3 August 2008

Letter from a 'potential girlfriend' Uncensored

The letter below was an effort written by (naive, no experience of writting letters to potential dates) Mubi and Rukh (for a class assignment for a given situation, creative writing module,unfortunately the instructor never got to read it:p) and i thereby dedicate this letter( i found under my bed in the stack of raadi) to my dear friend rukhie :D and this letter is all uncensored as you may observe.

Dear Paul

Sweetheart Paul,

Yesterday night was

At the party last night

I do not know how to pen down my feelings.. When Sarah introduced us, I never thought that you could be The Mr. Right (I hope your first name is not Always) but after spending some time with you, I realized that my search for my knight in a shiny armour(did you polish it?) (ugh, cheesy? Old lines..) had concluded. A few minutes in your company relaxed me and I couldn’t believe it we have so much in common!!

I never believed in love at first sight Even before we met I felt a connection, certain strange vibes between the two of us and I know you feel the same way( and if you don’t, you are dead!) though I enjoyed talking and dancing and spending a lovely evening with you; I wish we could meet somewhere much more intimate and romantic.

Imagine just the both of us on seashore (can you swim? Coz I may drown you) having a candle light dinner (bring your credit card along) with a full moon serving as a classic backdrop for a perfect evening out. I feel as if we are two sides of the same coin. You are the man of my dreams and I want to take this acquaintanceship to a further level.

What are you doin tonight This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

What are you doing tonight?

With love (muah)


p.s: this wasnt written in a 'sane' state of mind.


sista said...

...I hope your first name is not Always...

...I like!

You seem to be awfully young! quite pre-teenie early teenie notions....How old are you?

Maybe for commenting on your site I should switch from sista to aunty.... Sigh!

Anonymous said...

OMG u made this public...pure pure evil mubster..khair ...i remember this class wht fun it was ..

Mubi said...


ehehe *embarrassed* sheesh i wonder what makes you say im 'awfully young'?
:$ i just entered my post teenage year actually :/
lol, no lets keep it sista!

@ aami
hmmmm ya its not too bad is it? though after the 2 comments im having second thoughts..perhaps a bad idea

m.h.a said...

Haha...good one...yar tmay to itna nae janta mubi but i can say this that the letter is so characteristic of Mahru, and some parts make me feel she's saying all that (esp the stuff in the brackets) that means the other stuff represents you? :-P the cheesy stuff i mean...
The best part is when in the letter you say "you're dead"...i can bet it was Mahru, lol, coz only yesterday i got to hear it but in a totally different context obviously...
But nice nice nice...i think young women should practice more of that kind of letter writing...esp young heartless women like you :P..

Mubi said...

@ mha
LOL!! hassaan actually the bracket parts are the only things that i wrote..the rest was rukhs :p
lost the bet i guess:p shes more vocal in saying all that i just ended up writing that ;)
the line 'we are two sides of the same coin' guess thats rukh and me LOL..ahem

m.h.a said...

"My night in a shiny armour (did you polish it?)"
Itni bari sarrri mubi? :P

uglyduckling said...

I wanna fall in love now. =[

Mubi said...

@ mha
i didnt get that?

@ beaugly
lol, yehi letter likhna :p

uglyduckling said...

Kissay likhoun? =[

Anonymous said...

sista i hope u read tht fact tht it was a creative writing lesson and it was all done intentional ....i mean i wrote an even more childdish letter is up to u if u want to change urself frm sista to aunty or to a granny mode but the reality is tht u dont need to be so ironic and sarcastic......


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