Tuesday, 5 August 2008

googleland found mubi :D

its a summer afternoon..i am free as a bird, have nothing to do so i type in google.com
hmm contemplating, thinking, thinking more...umm what should i google...eyes on the screen i type in 'mubi' just like that. just randomly. but Voila! what a brilliant response to that :D :D :D

following are the results ;)

i am AMAZED, according to Britannica, mubi is a town, northeastern Adamawa state, northeastern Nigeria. It lies on the west bank of the Yedseram River, a stream that flows north into Lake Chad, and is situated on the western flanks of the Mandara Mountains. So wow, mubi is in Nigeria...never knew that, partly coz i hv always been bad at geography :P and the picture of the mubi river is incredible, beautiful!! here it is

then strangely enough but quite there on the googled page is something very Alien yet familiar. Naruto Mubi...:S :S :S i have read of it somewhere and YES then suddenly i remember that duckling mentioned something about this weird name Naruto. LOL. So there is some fictional character in Naruto by the name of mubi :D funny but its a HE AND i even found out how mubi looks like. here you go

SEE? so Mubi naruto is an interesting,very interesting character in some hi fi cartoon series which i am planning to start watching ahem ahem. the most fascinating part is that mubi is a genin, a ninja in other words :D i found this wonderful site where they have it all in detail about this ninja:D ( i have bookmarked it for later reading) for now well i have some really big plans of changing my name to ninja mubi :P

once, a long time back, once upon a time i stumbled upon moby not mubi but moby dick probably everyone knows of the book and ignorant as i am i DIDNT :$ sigh. however, my ignorance saw the light of the day and i read into the story about this whale called moby dick :D heres a brief description of the whale
Moby Dick is a mottled Sperm Whale with a white hump, of extraordinary ferocity and size, but also possesses ineffable strength, mystery, and power. The color white is explored in the chapter "The Whiteness of the Whale". courtesy Wikipedia

so by the end of this tediously easy research i conclude that i am so far a river in Nigeria that flows in mubi town, i am a ninja notice my *grin* from ear to ear(though i dont like the way they drew me) and i am a whale!!!, a classic one ;)

p.s if there is more on 'mubi', leme know ;)


Abdul Sami Mughal said...

my fav mubi is a person who keeps a blog called scarlet wings :)

uglyduckling said...

Mubi Dick.
Naruto is cool. X|

Anonymous said...

check this out -> http://www.mp3.com/artist/stino-mubi/

Mubi said...

@ sami
aw thanks :p

@ beaugly
ehehe you think? i really hv to watch Naruto then to get a deep anaylsis of the other me :p

@ illusion
wow, a congolese musician hmm
lol, thanks

Abdul Sami Mughal said...

beagly.. i like dat name... lol !!!
reminds me of duck tales :D !!!

naruto k links do youtube k :D :P

Anonymous said...

i typed in mubster n guess wht i came up with .....nuthing ...reallity i didnt type anything lol .....

Mubi said...

@ amna
LOL, ya coz you came up with this weird nick for me:p no wonder no results came
plus mubster sounds like ghost busters :p

Abdul Sami Mughal said...

and yet you find so much information when you put in SMACULA :D !!! go me !!! lol

uglyduckling said...

Laikin I couldn't take a pic =[

Anonymous said...

if i type in chanel boots the over the knee ones i would find alot of things..this is like soo unrelated but i like typing random things tht cum to ma mind...ahhahahaahahaha

Mubi said...

@ sami
nothing good on smacula like there is on mubi :D *evil grin*

@ ami and beaugly

lol! funny but both the comments are not so related to my post :D
and beaugly aw nevermind, but hey GREAT! and i saw a pair of pretty butterflies chasing each other in the morning too! rare is not so rare i guess

Abdul Sami Mughal said...

sombody... is jealous :P

at least all da smaculas... and da abdul sami mughals point to me :P

Mubi said...

:P alrite then lets have a post on you aka smacula on your blog. what say?


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