Friday, 8 August 2008


Finally i was able to get my lethargic self out of bed for fajar prayer! AT LAST! and since i was up early i thought a little fresh air wont harm and so a stroll in the lawn was fulfilling..
the rest of the day was consumed with chores around the house( i am domesticating these days :p) and then it was food, tv, book, random trips on the net, talking to friends on the phone.
Its friday, i mean it was friday yet i was hysterical for the rest of the night. A friend and i share hysterical wednesdays together. totally out of control wildness at its worse display. total madness. one fateful day(wednesday it was thus the term mentioned above) some peculiar events led to our extreme emotional condition followed by laughter pangs( is there anything such as that i wonder hm). end result lots and lots of hysteria with a capital, bold H. well i had to catch up with our past wednesday hysteria :D felt good Ah!!
At dinner there was something to ponder over..the food. i just couldn't bring myself to swallow my roti which became exceptionally huge, the more i ate the more there was left..ugh,,load shedding and hot weather with generators blaring around does that to your state of mind and state of appetite. alas the dinner came to an end..chocolate..i needed to fulfill my addiction. sadly i couldnt. no chocolate,,the best i got was bourbon biscuits..its got a layers of chocolate inside,,and so i licked it :p
I have suddenly, totally out of the blue, discovered my hidden forte of....screaming! YES, i never knew that i could scream at the highest pitch ever until yesterday when i was THIS close to a lizard! eww (i m highly biased against roaches, lizards and their counterparts) surprisingly i let out a shrilling, long, loud, SCREAM. phew. well one things for sure, screaming does help release all the built up tension or fear :p Please note that screaming intentionally or otherwise on thrilling rides is an altogether a different genre of art *blink* reading habit is declining fast,,i started a book in march? and i completed it only last say last month :p anyone wana compete for the slowest-book-reader-geek category??? anyone? but i am reading another book now, something from the rusty dusty shelf of the classics.its Wuthering Heights again..and i am falling in love with it!
Bored? whatever, stop reading, go to bed, have some dreams! oh that reminds me of something, yes dreams of course. i hardly ever dreamm...and when i do,,its always nightmares, nightmares that i go on to remember for a long time. its scary.

I abandoned myself from politics and news and all the crap that the news channels have to offer. it was break time and enough of my journalism huh. but the clowns cant stay in the closet for long and also i see them everyday, every single day and dread to have ever gone to cast my precious vote! so the clowns are out in the open again,, yes the two despicable, rotten onions are partying to fake up their coalition. and somewhere in US a poor, human is suffering a fate she so doesnt deserve. Dr Afia Siddiqui. A woman, a mother of 3, and foremost a human with a soul. jailed for 5 long years, tortured perhaps.and charges? involvement with terrorist groups, and shooting M4 firearm at some US officials...
and did i mention that amidst all chaos and bedlam our *Brand New* prime minister flew to China; couldnt afford to miss Olympics 2008 when his country faces hardships, divided opinion of people belonging to the same country,share the same culture and the same history, girls' schools being torched in swat and valuable people manhandled by foreign forces.
what can we expect of a man who cant even deliver a live speech, extempore, WITHOUT a paper, a written speech by someone else! he definitely doesnt know the country.

SIGH... i am half asleep and half awake and thus the above ravings and blabbing.


Abdul Sami Mughal said...

and for this very reason to me every time a new face appears he seems a liar to me... a big fat bloody liar... :( !!!

hysterical wednesdays... we used to have pizza wednesdays at work... i miss em :( !!!

Abdul Sami Mughal said...


Mubi said...

lol, i wonder what the * is for but i accepted it anyway ehehe

o yum, for pizza money is required, for hysteria...well ;P

Abdul Sami Mughal said...

lol.. dat was a typo and i was actually gonna delete it even if u were gonna accept it... and... well... u did... lol... and made a point.. so i m gonna leave it

hmm... well yea... for pizza u need money.. dat i hav.. for hysteria... u need a soul... and friends... those i lack :(

Anonymous said...

hey ..i loved ur post ..
1) these politicians frm zardari's colgate smile to nawaz shairf fat nose to the embarrasment of our prime minister in frnt of bush ..i have had enough ..they could blab on and on n giv us nuthing ..the favourite sentence tht the coalition have is we have inherited issues n problems then goddammit solve those problem ..all i have seen is this git of a prime minister attending wedding and tht tart sherry rehman with all tht makeup and her hair extension her blood red lipstick ....yuck ... they r all usless we need a revolution and it should be fast n maybe u n i can do it cuz this is juss sooo sad ..watching these idiots .....
2) hysterical wednesday mubster was friday but when i talk to u or rukh i dunno we laugh aot n dont really knw the reason ...i guess thts the way we r ...... hysterical wednesday is sumthing tht i pray neva goes away cousin was like u have a strange habit of laughin when nuthing is going on n i am lyk thts me
3)doctor affia is sumthing i havent been following i have juss taken a break frm politics like u no news channel .if it isnt these dumbwits mentioned up it is musharraf and his loser elahi , sheikh rashid omg who has time to talk to em idiots or shujaat if not then swat.... n soo joursnalism is sumthing we have to keep up with the next 3 semester soo we would wanna take a break once in a whlie ...
4)we r unpaid maids arent we ....we doo chores but have no return n if we talk abt goin out n working then as franco (my dad) said no way
5) olympics is a big fat no to all chinese products tibet .....

hahahah enough of my rant ..i meani can go on forever n forever tht is tht

uglyduckling said...

I read something about books and wednesdays and olympics. =[


Abdul Sami Mughal said...

we ll keep sayin we r avoidin politics n yet we keep quoting everything dats happenin around us... :(

Abdul Sami Mughal said...

put em on ur blog :D

Mubi said...

@ sami to-be-nobel-prize-winner:D

m sure u have a soul hmm
n we really cant close our eyes and think everythgs gona be fine,thus no matter how hard we try to shell ourselves we are bound to know what our politicians are upto

@ amna
lol, girl luv ya :D
just 8 more days to go and hopefully more hysteria on its way ;)

@ beaugly
oh wow, show the pics!

Abdul Sami Mughal said...

lol.. yea i kno we get to kno em... but i hav lived like dis in pakistan for 20 odd years n den i came here... not knowin a single thing... (or so i claim :P)

Anonymous said...

Well apparently it seems that Mr. Gilani's speech hasn't gone down too well amidst people isn't it?
To be honest he sucked big time & watching him give his speech infront of press was so embarrassing..these days i am trying so hard not to write about all this political circus going on but i think Mushy's impeachment might force me to atleast say something about it.
Coming to the lighter side Wuthering Heights is an amazing book mubi..its one of the best books i have ever read apart from couple of books written by Khaled Hosseini & Paulo Coehlo..lastly i believe screaming saps the energy of you & besides whats the point of screaming when the person coz of which you're screaming doesn't gets your point:D

Mubi said...

@ illusion
im glad you talked of other things mentioned in the post like the book :D and the scream! AAAAAHH!
the book, yes i read the abridged a long time back bachpan mai, and then i read austen and dickens a lot but never came bk to bronte...this time i did and as you said its great, i am enjoying it,loving!
paulo and hosseini, their genre is completely different from bronte and the other classics of course... LOVED their writing, and Kite Runner by the latter remains by fav, i could feel the pain as i read thru the book!

and about the impeachment. hah! cant say more :(

m.h.a said...

Well, obviously i got a lot to say. Firstly, yes i agree with nando on the point that we need a revolution. We've beyond repair right now and it has to be a complete revamp of absolutely everything. Actually, everything you mentioned in your post, except your hysterical wednesdays is curable by a revolution. We just need some energy in the youth and some strong leadership but the problem is that all the youth is not like us. I mean, i'm not being a snob but go out in your college and start asking random questions about your country and you'll find how pathetic or rather "APATHETIC" the situation is. No one even cares. This goes for everyone. We're so lost in our little worlds that we've never been able to fix and that we'll never fix that we cant even break the cycle to look at the bigger picture that is our nation or the world. Maybe this is not our fault. I too decided to avoid news channels for the simple reason that whenever i see the word breaking news on geo i picture a moustached fat b***ard with a fake smile, taking pleasure in putting the people through stupid pain of imagining now what the hell could be wrong ( no matter how good looking the newscaster is). And if the news is bad enough, its combo happiness for the guy i pictured!

Anyways, Dr Afia Siddiqui is a sad sad episode. Infact, its not about one person, but once again, this goes on to show the zero value of any human in this materialistic world (that human being from pakistan). She was picked up like a store item, hidden away for years, brought back to the scene and charged, justice wat they call it. We've no words for that. But i think the Americans are angels compared to our own politicians. Atleast they dont kill their own people now do they? They dont permit others to jack up their people, hide them for years and when they are made to reappear, they turn a blind eye to them! Our politicians are worse than the Czars, atleast they had some dignity. Our primeminister goes to the US, is recieved by the deputy secretary of the state only! Remains apologetic all throughout the tour. Disses his own people. Does a combined press conference where he reads out to the press while Bush is winking at the media at our premier's stupidity. Its seriously true!

They cant even take a stand on the US bombings in our northern areas. Not even on the arrest of afia siddiqui. Damn it. And they blame us for being angry. For being against our leadership and the US.

m.h.a said...

And as far as hysterical wednesdays are concerned everyone should have them in their schedule. Infact yar we have them everyday sometimes lol, and it goes so out of hand that its becomes scary like it did on our recent trip to abtbd and surrounding areas. The best part was the shair o shairi sessions, ufff. Adding faraz and uqab at the end of the stupidest of sarian. But then, to enjoy life, you gotta have that ability to go hysterical when you need to, or when life goes too normal. Everyone can, you just have to believe in yourself :P with great power comes great responsibility :P i know wat you did last summer :P

btw, you mentioned dr afia siddiqui to be a human with a soul, tell me, how many humans with souls are there in power to recognise that mubi????? Lets pray for the brave woman.

Abdul Sami Mughal said...

i prefer kite runner to thousand splendid suns... it was short but so much mo intense... and real... i suppose...

i hav read the alchemist... and going throo al-zahir these days... its turnin out to be quite interestin !!!

Anonymous said...

mha ..with great power come great resposiblity was frm spider man ...and if we were to turn a blind eye to tht git the fat nose idiot and tht bastardo ( zardari----oops i have been under my bro's influence who has been watchin alot of godfather ) they would sell this country and god knws wht would happen ....and if i were to ask any woman in my college abt it they would prolly say tht ask us abt how we look ,our bags ,our gucci and chanels sunnies..such oversize tht their brain size is smaller then the size of sunnies our makeup our capri's than our political condition ..i dunno abt ur college but our college would be n embarrasment if i asked em such a thing ..politics and politican to them surround only three things 1)lal masjid 2) CJP fiasco 3)abdul qadeer
ask em anythin n they r bound to quote these..thts how pathetic our college is..and as far as hysterical wednesday i think u havent got to a point when u start calling ur own friend ur enemies name...or have ya ..poor zahra she was being called faiza rafique( ops why did i say her name now she is a tart who can giv sherry rehman sum competition sorry mubster but guess u talk to zainab ali so i can is a one off...shit stop amina...oohhhhhh ..ahahhahahahhahahah) allrite ..rant over

OHHHHH i forgot ...mubster i would never say no chinese foood a big fat no to all chinese product but not to chinese food , it far too much ....

geo has no good looking newscasters....sorry MHA ...but tht is plain and pure pure wrong.

Mubi said...

@ mha
revolution is not as easy as we say it. its bloody, requires a lot of courage and many lives, and most importantly a leader(which we unfortunately lack)
nah, the american govt as u sed are no angels(not even in comparison)..theres a lot unfair going on with the people there,,watch michael moore's documentary sicko...theres a lot that their media never shows.

and about the missing ppl and the nonchalant govt attitude...heres an exmaple to learn Indian was charged of abetting terrorism in Australia and the indian govt followed up for that person, fought for him and he was freed.

lol, where did this fit in "with great power comes great responsibilty" and 'i know what u did last summer" :P

m.h.a said...

I wrote a long long long comment and my cell ran out of battery so i've to write all over again, damn its a dejavĂș...
yar obviously i didn't mean the western governments are angels, you know they're still much much better, atleast they've some dignity and selfrespect and they can use poor gullible people like our politicians and us for their own good. Look at our own politicians, they're doormats, literally, now isn't that demoralising for a nation that has a history of never surrendering?

exactly my point yar, no matter what college or uni, the youth is so disinterested. And you're so right the girls are all interested in how they look and stuff. My uni is a little better coz its been under political influence for too long but a little better is not good at all. Still the general opinion is apathetic. Its so annoying to see people not even wanting to understand what's going on in the world around them. Unless we all realise how important our participation is nothing's gonna become of whatever we say. Anyways, chinese food is awesome. And the olympics rock too...

i used the movie punchlines coz i learnt somewhere that you should end your speech with a powerful quotation :P...this time its gonna be
"how much blood would you shed to stay alive?" incase you're wondering, thats from the movie saw.

Mubi said...

@ amna
LOL, chinese products make up the delicious chinese food you love :p
and come on why did yu take you-know-who's evil name?/ lol and hey i dont talk to z.ali, its the z.tariq i talk to,:P no more such names wud my blog tolerate again :p

3 cheers to ami and mubi ;)

rohma said...

uff all i wannna say is dat..shit i forgot... haannn jabb revolution lani ho gi mujhe zaroor batana yar, lol mobe like ypu im also too distracted, which u might hav figured.

hai wasaw i was thinkin agar tum aur amii, rukh new reopters ban jao.. tuo hamari newz kasi ho gi... hey write a post on dis
hint: more like nandos first ud hav da highest ratings!!!

Mubi said...

@ rohma
lol, a bit lost huh? :P
and hehehe rohma we wud be kicked out of our jobs the very first day if were to become reporters :D

Abdul Sami Mughal said...

lol rohma seems like u were typin wid cold fingers !! lol

Mubi said...

lol nai i think she was more distracted than cold :p

rohma said...

no kiddin woman n man, i was now i think ov it, we already wat it wud b like.

Abdul Sami Mughal said...

she jus called me man... yaaaaaaay :D


Mubi said...

:O so arnt you a man?!! :p

Abdul Sami Mughal said...

no no.. u r missin da point...

woman AND man :P

waisay on a serious note... sounds interestingly funny and sarcastic at da same time :D... oyi u... man !!! lol

gosh its a womans world out there :D


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