Wednesday, 13 August 2008

a day to celebrate it was.....

This day deserved better...not another terrorist attack... like my blog friend m.h.a, i too wanted to write something positive about about THIS DAY. its 14th of August. OUR independence day! do you know what independence is? its about owning a country, having an identity, living a life of security, opportunities, experiencing the beauty of life in a safe haven of your own, which one proudly calls home. i think we aimed for all the above while we fought for A country, a place where we would see all our dreams come true. sounds great but it didnt really end us up in exactly this way. things went bad. and today as we prepared to celebrate 61 years of our nation's existence, another bomb blast hit Lahore, Allama Iqbal Town, a densely populated residential area, at exactly some minutes before 12 'o' clock. this incident is unfortunately nothing new to us as Pakistanis since we experience it in one way or the other, it has become a part of our lives...but what is exceedingly excruciating is that instead of being able to see fireworks dance in the dark night sky we saw smoke, smoke of betrayal and more hatred and more destruction.
As the news hit the channels my heart raced several beats, fear engulfed and my thoughts went back to Rohma,mona and fati(friends), my mamoo( uncle) and my Khala(aunt), all of who live in Allama Iqbal Town.
but this attack was never the idea of post today. i had various other ideas to celebrate this day a bit differently for all my blog readers and share with them a special bond not only of the bloggership that we have but also of the same identity of being...Pakistanis

I remember coming to Pakistan as a child of around 7 or 8 and hating it. literally. the hot weather, the load shedding, potholes, loud traffic, donkeys idling themselves in an empty plot right next to my house was irritating. i couldnt find a single good reason to believe that this was the country i could live my whole life in. and now it hurts to see so many of my brothers and sisters die everyday. it hurts to see my country becoming a ruin. it hurts to see a place i now call home withering away...i have not only begun to feel it my homeland, i have also developed a strange tie with its soil, its air, its water, its people and even the donkeys that i have come to love so dearly!
the scars are new, the wounds are fresh, the blood still warm and the hearts still pain..with fear...with doubts and uncertainty and the spirit of celebration fading away...but

lets pray, and remember/recall one good memory of ever being in Pakistan.
my best and recent memory is the ritual we perform every single year. my elder brother started it and now we carry it forward. as 1st of august approaches we take out our huge green and white flag, buy some ropes, pick the tall, thick danda and make our way to the terrace and then to the paani waali tanki. this year it rained at 12.00 am as we were putting up the flag. drenched in rain, with patriotism at its high and the flag soaring in the air, it was just so great being a Pakistani :) Does anyone remember all the old patriotic songs sung by Mehdi hasan, Noor jahan, Nusrat fateh ali,Junaid Jamshed's Dil Dil Pakistan, Shakey and Alamgir? i totally love those songs!! One, because they are so original, secondly because they arouse this strange yet a pure feeling of love, enthusiasm, and goosebumps :D and so here i am posting a clip we all relate to(watch this space for more old patriotic numbers)i just found another golden song that so has to be posted. so heres two lovely songs from old times :)
and what is your one good memory of ever being in Pakistan?

Azaadi Mubarak(and i hope to live the experience of real azaadi, azaadi in its true essence soon one day)

heres another one with Alamgir, featuring the intriguing Benjamun sisters, the temptation got the better of me hehe


uglyduckling said...

It's not Azaad as in Azaad. =o

rohma said...

cant think of anything to, say not even azaadi mubarik..

m.h.a said...

Thats a really really strange question you asked mubi, coz i've lived all my life in Pakistan, and have never ever been to any other country. So every good memory i have, and i have loads and loads mashaALLAH, its been in Pakistan. But still, being a sport i'll answer the question. I'll tell you one great memory when patriotism was in the air.
We found out that there was a pakistan singapore football match in Lahore, and decided to go there. We reached the stadium a little late and pakistan was losing 1 nil. It was sad although it was expected as singapore was a much higher ranked team. All the crowd was quiet one suddenly, we scored a goal. Everyone went crazy. We were four friends and we were shouting and screaming as loud as we could. We were dancing like we had won the world cup. But this was nothing compared to what came next. Amid chants of pakistan zindabad, our striker scored another goal and woah, the whole stadium shook with jumping and screaming. That moment i'm sure everyone would've felt like screaming Paaaaakistaaaan because everyone including us was actually doing this. All the feeling was accentuated by the fact that football is already a very emotional game and add to that patriotism, it was lovely. We couldn't believe what we were seeing. It was just wild.

Anonymous said...

I have few stories to share with you too but for the time i'd like to wish you a happy independence day..i hope you had some fun & would've celebrated it in a much better than me:(
I hope your relatives are safe & sound..take care & see ya later.

Mubi said...

@ beaugly
do u mean not azaad in its true sense?

@ romha
girl show some spirit :(

strange as in a good wala strange or a bad wala srange?
sports does make one emotional..happened with me once too but it was in a negative way...when we lost against india cricket mai lol..and i was so amazed at myself for displaying such emotions for a game hehehe
thanks for sharing your memory :)

ya perhaps in detail in one of your own posts? :)
and thanks for your concern, they are fine alhamdolilah

sista said...

Mubes! Thank you, thank you for the last song! I love it! Actually rendered a spirited version of it in my Islamabad school days with myself on the guitar and two other friends I roped in on the piano and the drum (a band drum being improvised as a regular drum!) was fantastic.

I have sung patriotic songs my entire life, have recorded them for Radio Pindi as well and continue to sing them to date around my house and even out on the streets of Canada with exactly the same emotional goosebumps that you describe.


uglyduckling said...

It's just not the same. =s =/

m.h.a said...

Yeah sports does make one emotional. I remember i cried like hell during the 1996 worldcup when we lost to india. I was kid back then but check this, we watched the 20twenty worldcup final in our uni auditorium...remember that match? Who can forget that, pakistan vs india. Check this, the auditorium was jam packed with more than 700 people, people had to stand on the stairs and balconies. You couldn't hear your own voice, it was louder than its actually in the stadium or equal to that atleast, it was surreal...and when misbah ul haq played that stupid shot, damn, . Everyone thought it was a six. But then he got caught. you could hear a pin drop... Shyt we were shocked like anything, everyone just stood there and watched india celebrate for a minute, in total silence. Noone was talking, and literally, we were all teary eyed, my friend hamza stayed inside the auditorium after we all walked out. That was so bad.

Mubi said...

@ mha
LOL!!! hassaan i talked about the same match in my reply above.. mai bhi ussi match per roi thi twenty20 india vs pk hahaha so not so silly of me huh ;)
i know that match went SO INTENSE..seriously my bro and i watched teary eyed at the screen as we lost the almost won match!!!

@ sista
my pleasure
oo i love that song too!
now thats some news to me, you singing songs for also the radio..nice :)

m.h.a said...

Yeah sports is a passion many people wont understand. So it was perfectly normal for you to cry :p log to kuch kuch hota hai daikh kar b rona shuru ho jatay hain :p :p

Anonymous said...

na yara kaafi likh patriotic posts likh leen..maybe some other time;)

Anonymous said...

the current story of my country is pretty sad ...*nods head*...

Abdul Sami Mughal said...

you know how i found out about dat blast... one of my very close friends survived it... he was just a hundred feet from the epicenter... pata nai Allah nay kaisay bacha lia us ko...

and thats where i used to hang out yaar... thats where i ate my fav shawarmas and had my burgers and chips and cokes and thats where i had my chinese... (yes its an outdoor serving area....) ... so so so many memories about that place it just hurts me to even think of it in such a state...

screw these idiots :(

rohma said...

ya trying...... belated happy independence day !!

Anonymous said...

I dont know about good memories, ALL my memories are with this country.

all this sports thing...but the fact that you have a country to cheer for, you are not confused about which country to cheer for is something to be grateful for :)

And I love all those 80's patriotic songs. They give you goosebumps. Wonder why can't the recent patriotic songs do that? Maybe the singers themselves aren't singing them with the same jazba!


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