Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Biggest lizard: Komodo Dragon

This post is dedicated to Amna aka nando villa, my friend and a regular blog reader :)

The thought of lizards and cockroaches makes me utter 'eewwww' but this biggie is a WOW! Alright some funny stuff before i move onto the real stuff about the lizzi. I had a stupid cum funny conversation with two of my friends over this lizard.Umm lets just not get into the detail of that crazy convo ;). At first i felt it looked somewhat like a turtle by face :S lol, but now NO, it looks more like a snake, doesn't it? :p and this is where my friend disagreed hehehe. OK its the largest living species of lizards,called a Komodo Dragon to be precise inhibiting in the islands of Komodo, Indonesia!

for a detailed study of it, if you're interested, google it :p :D

p.s Aami thanks for the picture ;)


m.h.a said...

I remember reading about it when i was a kid, i still am but i read it when i was small...i was fascinated by it, for the simple reason that its called a dragon!!...i even thought for a moment or two back then that it breathed fire...but obviously not..btw, in our native village, there are "Goes" i dunno how to spell it in english but it looks so similar to Komodo Dragon, infact i think its the same thing, any idea? If it is actually the same thing then i'm lucky coz i've seen it on a road once...and i heard its feet have fantastic adhesive powers infact in olden days thieves used them to climb walls, but i think thats too fantastic a story...but do you have any clue as to whether Goe and Komodo dragon are one and the same thing?

Mubi said...

OK..mha you come up with things that i have such funny stories to relate to!! LOL...ahem about the Goes/goed lizard i have a really funny story. but komodo is not that coz i have seen a goe/goed in my own lawn one fine morning :p (thats just a brief intro into the funny incident)
ya and i heard about their bring thieves tools from the security guard (who came to our rescue:p) and told us about the characteristics of this lizard(goes) adding to our amusement :p

Abdul Sami Mughal said...

ps ami sounds like u spelled sami wrong :P


goe's are different i beleev waisay !

lizards always make funny stories around females... lol... reminds me of a few funny incidents relatin to my class fellas !!! lol

Anonymous said...

lol sami ...mubster this pic was taken in an australian zoo and i have another one which is as creepy as this one i will mail it soon ...muhammed said the same thing to me tht they live specificaly on this island in indonesia and they eat up ppl as well n i remember havin this convo with my cousin n she was like how can it eat ppl n i was like in a similar way as anaconda did in tht movie ...i will mail ya the pic ...n thnx for the dedication it is well n trully appreicated and deserved ....this pic actually made me realize wht i wanted to do in the future ..take up a job either at nat geo or animal planet travel the world specially to aussie land and make a documentaary on this komodo dragon thing .... i was talk to ma friend who send me this thing n she was lyk gr8 ur makin this public and this lizard who has been stuck in this zoo for god knws how many yrs is gettin publicity then i came up with this brilliant career line ...will be considered thoroughly .....

Abdul Sami Mughal said...

nando:...that job would require a lotta money... and to get that money you will need sponsors... and to get that money you will need to be good at that already... and to be good at it you will need a lotta money... hence the loop... lol !!!

waisay go to aussie land... i heard its brilliant... for outdoorsy activities and animal activities :D !!!

m.h.a said...

han han ask mohammad k ye insaan jitni bari to hoti nae to phir kaise insaan khati hain? They're totally harmless creatures, and i heard they breathe fire too, well sometimes...hence they're used to light fireplaces in the cold weather...and come to think of it, they're just a little harmful, you know they're the ones that cause the forest fires!! Perhaps you can go investigate that...

Sorry lame

Mubi said...

@ smacula
yes goe's are different.i m considering of publishing my and my family's encounter with that geo sometime lol

@ amna
LOL..girl since when did u become so interested in wild life? wow, but great idea :D dont forget to take me along ehehe

:O do they really breathe fire? thats fascinating lol :p

Anonymous said...

very lame M.H.A......since u wanna knw how it can eat human here is sum info as to how they eat their larger preys'

''Komodo dragons eat by tearing large chunks of flesh and swallowing them whole while holding the carcass down with their forelegs. For smaller prey up to the size of a goat, their loosely articulated jaws, flexible skull, and expandable stomach allow it to swallow its prey whole''

i dunno mubster wabt e n wildlife but i dunno why i have been soo inclined to watcin nat geo n animal planet of lat e..and any job which gets me to travle around the world is well appreciated ..this is the reason why i choosed masscom ... n dream of havin a job at ARY one world ...

Abdul Sami Mughal said...

omg dis is so turnin into a ... adventure wildlife journalism inspired post !!!

waisay if a bunch of ants can eat through anythin... i do not doubt the lizard eatin humans... and besides... look at humans... we will eat anythin we can chew... and if we cannot chew it... we will cook it to a state where we can... the only thing we still are not eatin is soil/sand and stones... but kab tak :P !!!

m.h.a said...

"tearing large chunks of flesh and swallowing them whole while holding the carcass down with their forelegs"

woah are u serious??? damn they really are fascinating, and on top of that they breathe fire as well..!!

SAWJ said...

Komodo dragons have more than 50 bacteria in their mouths. If you get bitten by one, you will die within a day. It's a blessing they are limited to just one island.

Mubi said...

thanks for coming to the blog. that was an informative comment :)
and now i guess the qts in the house is answered..yes the komodos are deadly!!

@ Amna
good one!! :D
lol, you got a point there ehehe
hehehe, are u sure on the fire part ;)

Anonymous said...

yes M.H.A i am very serious it is how they do it ....

m.h.a said...

See, one more reason to be thankful for pakistan, we dont have these creatures here

SAWJ said...

You are most welcome. Plus they are huge lizards so they can't climb walls. :)

We have Zardari...


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